Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
Title: Moultrie County
Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891


Like the 1881 volume, Combined History of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, this is a vanity "who's who" publication, padded with biographical information about previous presidents, Illinois governors, and other contemporary political notables. In this transcription, I have omitted these, as well as those of the Shelby residents, and have thus included only the biographies of Moultrie residents.

Though I have found no confirmation, I suspect that this book was financed and published along the following lines:

As a result, we may be able to judge our ancestors' resources and/or self-esteem by these entries. (Interestingly, while the quality of the portraits is high, that of the residential views is decidedly inferior to that of those in the 1881 publication.)

The prose is odd, in that on the one side, it adopts a pompous, "sophisticated" elocution, but is filled with errors in grammar and punctuation. I have corrected obvious typographical errors introduced by the printer, such as "teh"/"the" and "Shelbville"/"Shelbyville" but have otherwise left the original writer's (or, more probably, writers') text as nearly as I can discern it. The few notes that I have inserted are contained in square brackets ([ ]).

Adkins, Rodney
Anderson, Samuel S
Bail, E. T.
Baker, Joseph
Ballard, George W.
Barger, George W.
Bean, John R.
Binkley, Thomas
Boggs, Peter S.
Brabham, John P.
Bradley, John E.
Brown, Curtis W.
Bushart, John
Chase, David C.
Cheever, Byron
Chipps, Abia
Clore, Allen
Cochran, W. G.
Covey, William G.
Creech, A. S.
Croudson, Charles W.
Crowder, David M.
Crowder, James H.
Crowder, John A.
Crowder, Marshall M.
Crowder, Thomas H.
Daugherty, John D.
Dick, Charles W.
Dixon, John Sr.
Donovan, Jeremiah D.
Dumond, Jacob H.
Eberhardt, Catherine
Eden, John R.
Eden, Joseph E.
Elder, William
Ellars, James
Erhardt, Michael
Ferre, George
Fisher, Henry C.
Fleming, Lester C.
Foster, Andrew
Foster, James
Frantz, Calvin
Freeland, John Andrew
Freeland, Thomas J.
Fulton, Barnabas W.
Gammill, Samuel F.
Garrett, Wesley H.
Glasscock, John P.
Goetz, John
Harbaugh, Frank M.
Holderman, Jacob G.
Holton, William Calvin
Hoover, Walter K.
Horn, Isaac
Hostetler, Noah
Hudson, Isaac
Jennings, John E.
Jones, Jacob
Jones, James H.
Kanitz, William
Kellar, Abram L.
Kern, John A.
Landgrebe, Martin
Lane, Charles M.
Leggitt, Thomas L.
Lewis, Aaron J.
Lilly, Samuel P.
Linville, John F.
Linvill, J. A.
Logan, William F.
Loving, Frank M.
Loving, John T.
Lowe, Martin L.
Martin, Ivory J.
Martin, John R.
Mattox, John M.
Mayes, Thomas E.
McClung, Robert.
McClure, John R.
McCoy, Charles H.
McGuire, Joseph H.
McGuire, William P.
McMennamy, Benjamin F.
McPheeters, Addison W.
McPheeters, Rankin P.
Meeker, Jonathan
Michael, J. H.
Monroe, George W.
Morthland, Samuel W.
Mullen, Vachel D.
Patterson, Absalom
Patterson, Daniel M.
Patterson, D. R.
Patterson, Jonathan
Patterson, William
Peadro, Robert M.
Peters, Samuel S.
Pyatt, Eleazar A.
Rhoads, Samuel M.
Rhodes, Emerson
Richey, Andrew J.
Richey, Isaac
Roane, Charles L.
Roberts, Joseph S.
Schuetz, Frederick
Scott, Alfred R.
Scott, Andrew Wilson
Seass, Levi
Sentel, Andrew
Shelton, John R.
Shepard, Henry C.
Shepherd, Edward Lewis
Shepherd, Manlieus T.
Shirey, William S.
Shuman, Charles
Silver, Gottlieb F.
Smith, William A.
Spitler, Frank
Spitler, L. M.
Springer, Titus T.
Stedman, William E.
Taylor, Nimrod
Taylor, William H.
Thunemann, William
Titus, J. B.
Townley, Thomas T.
Trainer, Frank
Vadakin, James H.
Vaughan, George W.
Waggoner, Hezekiah
Webb, William A.
Weidner, Daniel
Welch, James S.
Whitaker, John
Whitfield, Zachariah B.
Wilkinson Bros.
Winn, George W.
Wood, Henry C.
Wood, James Avery
Wood, John W.
Wood, William N.
Woodruff, Squire
Wright, Samuel W.
Wyman, Albert