Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Charles H. McCoy


CHARLES H. McCOY. Centuries ago, the work of an architect only began when the idea, the plans and specifications for his work were impressed upon his mind, and confided to parchment. After that he himself, with a myriad of workmen went into the forests, hewed down the trees that his judgment told him were the best adapted for the work in hand, and set about putting them in such shape with his chisel and saw, as could be used in his building. Today, in architecture, as in every thing else, there are a hundred, yes, more, specialties, to which as many men bring the concentrated power of their intelligence, ability and skill. Of these specialists, no one takes a more important part than he who furnishes the well-seasoned timbers that go to make up the skeleton of a frame work, the odorous, piney shell, and the beautifully grained, marvelously shaded woods for the interior finish. The trade of a lumber dealer is one in which, if one have any artistic instinct, there is large opportunity for the fullest enjoyment of color, tone and form.

Our subject, who has just reached that age when success begins to be grateful was born in Mifflin County, Pa., February 10, 1851. His father was the late Samuel H. McCoy, a farmer by occupation and a native of Bucks County, Pa. where he was born December 1, 1818. Our subject's mother whose maiden name was Rachel J. Anderson, was born in Mifflin County, Pa. in July, 1832. After their marriage, they settled in the bride's native county, where together they pursued the course of life for many years, and where the father died June 8, 1890. They became the parents of five children, our subject being the second in order of birth. His birthplace was in Mifflin County, Pa. and his natal day was July 10, 1851.

Charles H. McCoy was reared to manhood on his father's farm, and remained under the parental roof until about 1873. After that time and until 1876, he was employed in different occupations in his native State, and at that date, he came to Piatt County, Ill., where for a period of two years he was employed during the summer months at farming and during the winter season he was engaged in teaching in Moultrie County. At this time he formed a partnership with J.C. McCord and launched into the grain and lumber business in Bement. This partnership continued until 1881, at which time the firm dissolved and for about seven months afterward our subject was employed as bookkeeper for a coal company in New Mexico. His experience in that territory was new and interesting, but he was not so attracted that his inclinations did not urge him to return to the Prairie State. Coming hither again he engaged in his former occupation, or rather, in the lumber trade, at Atwood, remaining there, however, but for a short time, selling out his business and in the spring of 1883 coming to Lovington, where he resumed the business in which he was formerly engaged but thereafter being sole proprietor, although for the first two years, that is from 1883 to 1885, he was in partnership with his brother, S.E. McCoy.

The original of this sketch enjoys the reputation of being a straightforward business man honorable in all his dealings, and it speaks well for his credit that he enjoys to the fullest extent, the confidence and esteem of his fellow-townsmen. His marriage took place in Bement this State, December 25, 1879. Mrs. McCoy's maiden name was Susan L. Tabor. Her parents were Edwin and Nancy A. (Boyle) Tabor. She is a native of Kentucky, being born in the metropolis of that State February 25, 1852. Their union has been blessed by the advent of three children whose names are respectively, Edwin T., Fred H. and Florence L. They are amiable and lovable young people endowed with bright minds and quick perceptive faculties. Our subject affiliates with the Republican party, and although he is greatly interested, as all good men must be, in local government, he is not in any sense a seeker after office. He has, however, been elected to some local posts, and has filled the important position of School Director with great appreciation of the responsibilities of that office.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 251/252

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