Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Charles M. Lane


CHARLES M. LANE. He who views the panorama of humanity with a broad and far-seeing vision finds much to interest him in the prospective greatness of young men. He loves to note the characteristics, habits and ambitions which point in this direction and to prophesy in regard to those who give promise of prominence. The future is of course hidden from human eyes, yet a shrewd reader can feel free to foretell much. Among those residents of Sullivan, Moultrie County, whose future is thus of interest is the young man whose name appears at the head of this paragraph.

Mr. Lane is doing a general law business in Sullivan, having been admitted to the bar in 1888. Upon November 22 of that year, he was examined at Springfield by the Appellate Court in session there and received his license from the Supreme Court during the January following. He had formerly been a student in the law office of R. Peadro. He has been all his life a resident of this county, as he was born in Sullivan Township, October 2, 1865, and received the training of a farmer's boy and a common- school education.

Our subject is the son of Archie and Esther (Lewis) Lane, both natives of Illinois, having been born and reared in Coles County, but coming to Moultrie County where they afterward met and were married. They made a fine farm here and the mother was taken away in the prime of life, dying June 2, 1871. She was a member of the old school Baptist Church and was universally esteemed for her beautiful Christian character, her broad charity and genuine friendliness. She left six children and two had preceded her to the other world. Their names were Margaret and Elizabeth and a son William passed away immediately after his mother's departure.

The five children of Archie and Esther Lane who are yet living, are: Louise E., the wife of C.P. Martin, a farmer in Whitley Township, this county; James L., who married Mary E. Martin and is farming in East Nelson Township; Lucinda J., who is the wife of W.H. Steven and lives upon a farm in Palmyra, Mo.; our subject, and Archie A., who took to wife Martha Miller and is farming in Whitley Township.

The father of these children contracted a second matrimonial alliance, choosing as his wife Miss Nancy Nehan. She was born in Illinois and reared in Shelby and Moultrie Counties. Since this marriage Mr. Archie Lane has been farming in Moultrie County and now lives in Whitley Township. Both he and his wife are active member of the old school Baptist Church and Mr. Lane is a thorough-going old-fashioned Democrat who has held various local offices and served as Justice of the Peace for years in Sullivan and East Nelson Townships.

Our subject is a bright and promising young man, well known as possessed of good habits and excellent character. His aspirations are for the best and highest ideals and his honorable intention and thorough integrity mark him as one who will ever have the confidence of his fellow-men. His political views have led him to affiliate with the Republican party and he is progressive in his ideas in regard to public matters. He is still living in a state of single blessedness and his best friends predict that when he does take the step which will double his joys and halve his sorrows he will make an alliance that will be a credit to his judgment and his heart.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 301/302

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