Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Frederick Schuetz


FREDERICK SCHUETZ, a prosperous farmer residing on section 29, Lowe Township, made his first settlement in Moultrie County in March, 1877. He was born in Prussia, Germany, January 19, 1840, being the son of Frederick Schuetz who lived and died in his native land. This son Frederick is the only one of the family who has ever come to the United States. He left his native land in 1864 and soon landed in New York Harbor where he at once took cars for the Great West, coming on without stopping to Bloomington, Ill. He was now utterly alone and among strangers, as there was not a man, woman or child in the United States who was known to him, but he found that although in an alien land he was not outside the bounds of human kindness and friendliness, and it was not long before he felt at home even among strangers. He first served as a farm hand but finally decided to be more independent and having learned the methods of agriculture employed in this country, rented land and began to work it.

The land which Mr. Schuetz first rented and which he took charge of in 1866 was located in McLean County, and he continued in that county for some seven years, after which he went to Piatt County and rented land there and afterward removed from there to Moultrie County. He was now prepared to purchase property and bought the land which he now owns, which was at that time but very little improved, being nearly all raw land. He now has most of this under the plow and in a richly productive condition and has placed upon his farm a pleasant, commodious residence.

The marriage of our subject took place February 26, 1867, that united him with Mary Railing, who was born in Prussia, Germany, March 9, 1844, and came to the United States alone, being the only one of her family in this country. To this worthy couple have been born ten children, namely: Minnie, born October 2, 1867; Otto born February 11, 1869; Emma, November 22, 1870; Mary, October 19, 1872; Fred, June 30, 1874; Sophia, August 6, 1876; Lizzie, July 27, 1879; Willie, December 6, 1881; Edward, May 27, 1885; and Lydia, December 5, 1887.

Mr. Schuetz has a handsome farm of one hundred and sixty acres, which is now in fine condition and very productive. It is in fact an ideal Illinois farm and well worthy the notice of the passerby. This worthy family are prominently identified with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which they are ever ready to assist in every good work and cast their influence upon the right side. The declarations of the Republican party embody the political belief of our subject and he casts his vote with the candidates of that party.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 339/340

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