Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Peter S. Boggs, M.D.


PETER S. BOGGS, M.D. Belonging to a family that is noted for the patriarchal years to which its members attain, our subject has proved to be no exception to the rule, for he has already passed the mile-post of four score years, and is yet hale and vigorous. His life, which has been equally divided between attention to his profession, which was that of dentistry, and during his later years, to farming, has always been so balanced as to leave a development and maturity of mind and body unimpeded or unobstructed by ulterior considerations. He is now a resident of a good farm located on section 25, in Lovington Township, Moultrie County, and so genial and kindly disposed is he toward all human beings, as to have gained the love as well as respect of those with whom he has dealings, and they hope for him many years still of health and happiness.

Peter Boggs' father was Alexander Boggs, who died a victim of the cholera in Germantown, Ind. His mother was Magdelaine Schaffer, who died in Milton, Ind., at the age of one hundred and six years, lacking a few days. The father was of English descent, and the mother of German ancestry. After setting up housekeeping, they were the center of quite a brood of children. Nine little ones grew up under their kind and protecting care, and of these the Doctor was one of the oldest members. He was born in Lancaster County, Pa., October 2, 1809, and he spent the early part of his life in Mt. Joy, being engaged in the acquisition of knowledge and the fitting of himself for collegiate work. When almost sixteen years of age he went to Philadelphia for the purpose of studying dentistry. He was so fortunate as to be able to gain Dr. Samuel S. Fitch as a preceptor, and of him he learned the profession to which we should all be so grateful for relieving us of pain, but one which is regarded with fear and trembling by the majority of people. On finishing his course of dental study under Dr. Fitch, who pronounced him competent and an expert practitioner he returned to his native State where he lived until 1833 and then removed to Ohio, where he practiced dentistry in all of the larger towns of the State. Thence he went to Indiana, in the winter of 1842-43 and was there also an itinerate practitioner of dentistry, pursuing his calling in all the large towns in the State.

In 1855 Dr. Boggs came to Illinois and settled on section 25, of Lovington Township. He continued the practice of his profession for several years and indeed has always been ready and willing to alleviate a pain by the use of his forceps. He is the owner of one hundred and twenty acres of land in this place, which he has cultivated up to 1891, when he gave over the active proprietorship of his farm to a tenant, and is now determined that the remainder of his life shall be devoted to the less arduous work of watching the ways and means of others as they conduct the necessary work of the farm.

Our subject was first married in Baltimore to a lady whose maiden name was Alice H. Pennell, a beautiful woman who enriched and sweetened his domestic life, and who offered an encouraging word for every discouragement he met in business transactions. Her ancestors came to this country with William Penn. She bore him three children whose names are respectively Mary A., Joseph P., and Lizzie S. Mary and Lizzie are both deceased. Mrs. Boggs died in Lovington Township in the summer of 1858, and three years after Mr. Boggs was again married in Decatur, Ill., in August 1861, to Miss Louisa Gehret, who was born in Center County, Pa., August 20, 1832. By her he became the father of three children, whose names are Walter P., Carrie F., and Edith A.

In his political preferences our subject is and always has been a Democrat, feeling that the principles of the old party which were framed and formed by some of the best and wisest men that the nation has ever produced, cannot have so greatly changed as to have degenerated to any great degree. Dr. Boggs is a strictly temperate man and has never smoked or used tobacco in any form.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 724/725

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