Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
John D. Daugherty


JOHN D. DAUGHERTY. It would be difficult to find among the farming community of Moultrie County a man who wields greater influence or has greater personal popularity than the gentleman whose name introduces this sketch. His life has been spent in the peaceful pursuance of his calling of a farmer and in a share of the local public affairs. His homestead upon section 14, East Nelson Township, ranks among the best in the community, while the entire amount of land owned and operated by Mr. Daugherty in this township comprises three hundred and twenty-eight acres. He is also interested in land in Whitley Township and is in various ways closely identified with the development of this section.

Virginia claims Mr. Daugherty as one of her children, and in Shenandoah County he was born January 10, 1823. Amid scenes which have since been made memorable in the history of our country, he grew to a stalwart manhood, aiding in the farm work at home and attending the village school in the intervals of harvesting. At the age of thirty he left the Old Dominion and proceeding Westward as far as Illinois, settled in Coles County, where he remained one year. The year 1854 found him in Moultrie County establishing himself as a farmer in East Nelson Township. He soon became prominent in local affairs and was well known as a man of honor and integrity.

Mr. Daugherty has made Moultrie County his home since his first arrival here, with the exception of a few years spent in Coles County during the late war. For many years he had the companionship of a most estimable woman, who was true to the interests of husband and children, and a good neighbor and friend. She bore the maiden name of Elizabeth Waggoner and was born in Moultrie County. Her union with our subject, which was solemnized in Whitley Township, this county, was blessed by the birth of three children, George R., who died in infancy, Anna E. and an infant who died unnamed.

The wife and mother passed from earth in November, 1889, at her home in East Nelson Township. She was a member of the Baptist Church and conscientious in all the relations of life, ever working for the good of others and living in her life the principles of the "Golden Rule." Their daughter, Miss Anna, is now a refined and intelligent young lady, upon whom, in his declining years, the father leans for support and advice. She is judicious in the management of household affairs and possesses good judgment. A good business woman, practical and thorough in her work, she is also intellectual, and in social circles is an ever welcome guest.

Believing that the principles of the Democratic party are best adapted for the promotion of the common good, Mr. Daugherty uniformly casts his ballot for the candidates pledged to its support. He has held the minor offices of the township and served as Highway Commissioner for six years, doing much to advance the interests of the community in this way and serving with credit to himself and his constituents. Religiously he is a member of the Baptist Church and is respected for the strength of his character and the industry he has shown in worldly affairs. His labors have gained for him a competency sufficient to insure him against want and enable him to gratify all reasonable desires.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 594/595

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