Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Hezekiah Waggoner


HEZEKIAH WAGGONER. The gentleman whose name is at the head of this sketch is the owner of a fine farm located on section 23, Whitley Township, Moultrie County. He is a native of this county, being born here June 5, 1838, and a son of George and Bethany (Haney) Waggoner, who came to this State in April, 1828, and settled on Whitley Creek in what is now known as Whitley Township. The parents of our subject were natives of North Carolina, in which State they were married and whence they came to Illinois. At the time of their coming hither there was quite an exodus from their native town, several other families accompanying them and all came through in two one-horse wagons.

George Waggoner entered land in Whitley Township, and started out in life without a dollar. In the early days of their settlement here in order to get some flour or meal ground, he was obliged to journey to Vandalia with his wheat or corn and patronize a mill run by horse power. The nearest market was St. Louis, and at that time the butter, eggs and other produce of the farm had to be taken thither by wagon and sold in exchange for the necessary commodities of farm life. These were the inconveniences of pioneer settlement, but in many respects life was not hard, for game was plentiful, and the ground easily tilled and astonishingly fertile and productive. Indians, it is true, were numerous, but were also friendly. Although Mr. Waggoner was all his life an industrious, hard-working man, he remained a poor man. He lived to the age of four-score years and died June 12, 1875. Our subject's mother had died some years previously at the age of fifty-one years.

The old people reared a family of twelve children, their names being as follows: Alvin, Robert and Cecilia are deceased; Sarah, William, Isaac C., Elizabeth, Isaiah, Hezekiah Narcissa, Hannah and Ira. Elizabeth married John B. Dougherty, she died in this county in November, 1889; Isaiah is a Baptist clergyman in Nebraska; Hannah is the widow of Thomas S. Dougherty. Our subject's parents were members of the old-school Baptist Church. He of whom we write was reared on a farm and received such early educational advantages as could be attained at the school which the district afforded in those early days.

He of whom we write was married in March 22, 1863, to Cornelia Bullock, a daughter of Stephen and Lavina (Hoyck) Bullock. She was born in Delaware County, N.Y., September 22, 1846 and came to this State with her parents in 1857, her family settling in Whitley Township on a farm. Mrs. Waggoner's parents died in 1879, her father having attained the age of three-score years and ten, while the mother was seventy-one years of age at the time of her death. The lady is one of seven children who were born to her parents and all first saw the light of day in the State of New York. One girl died in childhood in the Empire State and six came to this State with their parents. John died in this county; George resides in Lowe Township, as does also Reuben; Elisha lives in Greenwood County, Kan.; Cornelia is Mrs. Waggoner, wife of our subject; Milton resides in Lowe Township.

After marriage the original of our sketch settled on the farm where he now resides. There was originally but forty acres in the tract which he purchased and this was entirely unimproved land. He is now the owner of two hundred and forty acres of land, all of which is under most excellent cultivation. Mr. Waggoner has followed mixed husbandry and has been reasonably successful. He and his wife have made a pleasant home that is the rendezvous for the best class of people in the neighborhood. They are the parents of eight children, seven of whom have lived to be grown. Their names are Milton, Narcissa F., Quincy, who is the wife of U. G. Armentrout; Newton, Ruth, Cornelia and Richard. They are all bright, energetic and progressive. Those who have grown to be men and women take hold of the duties which lie nearest them and fulfill them to the best of their ability, which in itself, secures success. Mrs. Waggoner is a member of the Predestinarian Baptist Church. Politically he is a member of the Republican party, being a firm believer and adherent of every tenet and plank of its platform.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 302/303

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