Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
A. S. Creech


A. S. CREECH. Sullivan counts among its active business men, not only those in the mercantile line and men who cater to the physical needs of the citizens, but those who have also built up lines of business which provide for the higher nature. Art and music are having their full share of attention in this flourishing city and it is well supplied with marts of beauty and luxury.

The successful photographer and jeweler whose name appears at the head of this writing, is finding such success in his business that he has been encouraged to build for himself a place of business and dwelling, both of which are complete in all departments. His fine stock of jewelry is on the ground floor and the second story contains his well arranged and commodious photograph gallery. He has acquired his knowledge in both branches of his art by determined application and perseverance and for four years has carried on both lines of endeavor, independently of others.

This young man applies himself closely to business and is a practical workman in both arts. To no one but himself can credit be given for his success, as his natural talents in the mechanical line have been fully exercised and developed by his efforts to gain the front rank in his line of work. He is a natural mechanic and learned the trade in that line which he followed for a few years in his earlier life.

Our subject has been a resident of this county since 1871 and is a native of Indiana, where he was born in Owen County May 31, 1854. He is the son of Tennessee parents, his father, Christopher C. Creech, being a man who had come when young with his parents to Owen County, and had there grown to manhood and carried on the double avocation of farmer and mechanic. He married Miss Amanda C. Evans, who had come to Owen County with her parents at an early day. After marriage this wedded couple remained near the home of their parents until the spring of 1871, when they came to this State and made their first settlement in Coles County, and in the fall of the same year removed to Moultrie County. Here the father lived and followed his trade till death called him hence, his demise occurring at Oak, Neb., in March, 1891, when he had reached the age of fifty-five years. His widow is now residing in Bethany and at the age of fifty-seven years is a useful member of society and active in the good work of the Methodist Episcopal Church, as was also her husband.

Mr. Creech is the eldest in a family of seven sons and one daughter, all but two of whom are living, and all married but two. Our subject is the only one of the family now residing in Sullivan. He was married first at Bethany, Moultrie County, to Miss Martha Robertson, who was born and reared in Moultrie County and after becoming the mother of one son, James C., died at her home in Sullivan in 1884. This promising son survived his mother but died recently when nearly fifteen years old, his demise bringing great grief, not only to his father, but to all who knew him.

A. S. Creech was a second time married, being united in this county to Miss Flora Hoggett, who was born, reared and educated in this county, and is highly respected among all her acquaintances for her intelligence, her affability and her capabilities as a housewife. No children have come to brighten her home and she turns her activities in the direction of church work, being a member of the Christian Church and a helper in every good work. The declarations of the Democratic party embody the political ideas of Mr. Creech, but he is no politician as he prefers to devote his energies to business and does not care to be one of those who manage public affairs.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 624/625

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