Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Calvin Frantz


CALVIN FRANTZ. The original of this sketch is now enjoying the well earned rest from the hard \labor and responsibility to which he has for years been subjected. He is now living in retirement from farm work in Lovington and here gives himself up to the enjoyment of things in life, which, although he has appreciated hitherto, he has been obliged to deprive himself of because of lack of time and mental freshness to thoroughly enjoy. The life of a farmer, especially one who has the charge of a good deal of stock, is one in which every hour of the day has it duties; from the earliest dawn when the kine and calves, the horses and pigs and other domestic animals are each calling in their own peculiar language for breakfast and care, until the night, when it is important that each dumb brute should be safely housed and protected, there is something to look after, something to plan and much to execute. A farm is a small dominion and the farmer is the petty monarch of all he surveys, and it will yield him well and prolifically in proportion as he studies its needs and requirements.

Our subject is of Irish-American parentage. His father, John Frantz, was born in Somerset County, Pa., and his mother, whose maiden name was Rachel McMahon, was a native of Ireland. After marriage they settled in Somerset County, Pa., where they remained a short time and thence removed to Perry County, Ohio, where they resided a good many years, and early in the '60s came to Moultrie County, here living until death claimed them for its own. Both passed away at the residence of our subject in Lovington, They had nine children and of these our subject was the fourth in order of birth. He was born in Perry County, Ohio, January 23, 1830, and there he grew to manhood, remaining under the parental roof until 1851, when he came to Moultrie County and soon after engaged in farming in Dora Township, where he continued to live until March 1885.

At the date above named Mr. Frantz rented his farm and came to the village of Lovington where he has since been a resident. His chief occupation has been farming and he has devoted himself to this calling with a gratifying degree of success. He is now the owner of two hundred acres of land in Dora Township which is well improved and bears evidence of thorough and intelligent cultivation on the part of its owner. He of whom we srite was married in Lovington Township, March 19, 1854. His bride was Catherine E. Peniwell, a daughter of John D. and Isabella (Prodman) Penniwell. The former was born in Delaware and the latter was a native of Ireland. After marriage they settled in Pickaway County, Ohio, where the wife and mother died. Mr. Peniwell then came to Moultrie County, this State, in 1851, and settled in Lovington Township and later removed to Dora Township, where he resided until his death.

Nine children grew up about their parents and of these Mrs. Frantz was the fourth in order of birth. She was born in Ohio, June 7, 1825. Mrs. Frantz is an intelligent and amiable woman who has ever been the loving helpmate and sympathetic companion in all that interests her husband. She is the mother of four children whose names are respectively: Isabella, Rachel E., and Mary V. and one other child, the eldest, who died in infancy. Of these Isabella is the wife of Reuben Landers. She died in Lovington Township, October, 1888, Rachel E. died when only two years of age. Mary V. is the wife of T.D. Wilt.

The gentleman of whom we write has taken an active interest in political affairs for many years past, being a follower and adherent of the Republican party. He has held several offices in the gift of the township in which he lives, having been Collector, School Director, and Highway Commissioner, all of which posts he has held to the satisfaction of his constituents. Mr. Frantz is a gentleman whose high business capabilities render him fir for any position that might be required of him for the good of the township and the advantage of the people. He is a thoughtful, intelligent man, an honorable gentleman and a scholar.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 505/506

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