Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Jacob Jones


JACOB JONES. Although the competition in the agricultural business is vastly more year by year, new and improved methods and the aid which science has extended to the farmer, with the carrying facilities offered by railroads which are stretching out in every direction in an intricate net work that covers every needy agricultural region, make the production so much greater, and the choice of markets so much easier that the virgin freshness of the prairie soil an early advantage is more than counter balanced. There is not so much drudgery in the life of a farmer now as formerly. He can live and enjoy it having time to perceive about him the beauties of nature, and to enter into sympathy with every branch of his calling. Our subject is one who appreciates the new method of agricultural proprietorship, and the farm of which he is owner, located on section 25, of Lovington Township shows evidence that he has put into practice his theories upon this subject.

The original of our sketch is the son of David Jones who was a native of Cumberland County, Ky. His mother was Elizabeth Fiscus, also a native of that county. They removed at an early day to Morgan County, Ind., and there lived for forty years. Their decease took place at their homestead. Our subject was the second in order of birth in the parental family, which comprised eight children. He was born October 2, 1837, in Morgan County, Ind. and was reared in his native place, remaining under the home roof until he came to Illinois in 1862.

Upon his advent into this State, he of whom we write at once came to Moultrie County and settled in Lovington Township, where he has since been a resident. The next most important event in his career, was his marriage, which took place in the village of Lovington, July 26, 1863. His bride was Miss Mary E. Clore, a daughter of Allen Clore, for whose history see biographical sketch in another part of this volume. Miss. Jones was born in Lovington Township, May 1, 1844, and until her marriage lived at home, learning the accomplishments that were then fashionable for young ladies. But two children have come to gladden the home and be the prop and comfort of their parents' declining years. They are by name Stanton A. and Lucy E.

The original of our sketch has always devoted himself to the calling of a farmer and before he came to this State, while as a young man he had been well trained in the processes and methods by which agricultural life could be made financially successful, and since then by the introduction of improved machinery, he has learned how it can also be made pleasant and not so arduous as formerly. He is the owner here of eighty acres of land which is under good improvement. It is well located and fenced, and has a good class of buildings. The home is built for comfort rather than for show, and serves its purpose well. He has good barns and a fine grade of stock. Politically he is an adherent of the Republican party and the lines of argument in governmental affairs are such as appeal to him as being the most reasonable and those that will conduce to the general growth of every department of life in the United States. He has held several local positions in the Township, having been School Director, which position has been most satisfactorily filled. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are both members of the Christian Church, and are a warm hearted, generous people, ready to assist in any measure that promises to benefit either needy individuals or the general mass of humanity.

Mr. Jones enlisted in the War of the Rebellion, March 1, 1865, in Company H, of the Eighteenth Illinois Regiment. He first entered the army as a private and was soon promoted to the position of Corporal. He was engaged in service for one year and was mustered out at Pine Bluff, Ark., after which he returned to his old home in Moultrie County, where he has ever since been a resident. He is a member of Post No. 354 of G. A. R. in Lovington. A quiet and unpretentious man, our subject is one whose example and precepts cannot but have their weight in any community, and it is needless to say that they have been felt for good here in Lovington Township. He and his family are among the most highly respected residents in the Township.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 379/380

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