Cover: Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties
1891 Portrait and Biographical Record:
Samuel W. Morthland


SAMUEL W. MORTHLAND. Himself a lover of a fine horse, our subject understands the needs of the traveling public so thoroughly as to keep all grades and styles of animals to suit each whim and taste. For the young man who loves a level stretch of country and a good gait, he has in his stables roadsters that can keep up with any in the county. For the old physician who cannot get along without his forty winks as he goes from one place to another, he has the staid and reliable animals that will land him at his destination safely, without so much as a pull at the lines, and to the nervous lady who is afraid of a good, fast gait, and yet wants to travel behind a horse with some style, he gives a beautiful little mare with glossy mane and tail, and tender eyes that promise of themselves the utmost sedateness united with elegant dignity, for Mr. Morthland is a livery man and caters to the traveling public of Lovington, Moultrie County.

The parents of our subject were Joseph T. and Alice (McCardle) Morthland. The former was a native of Pennsylvania and the latter emigrated in her young womanhood to the United States from Ireland. They were married in New York City and came from there to Decatur, Ill., in the year 1859. Two weeks after his arrival in the last-named city Joseph Morthland died. His wife followed him a good many years later, passing away from this life in Moultrie County, August 17, 1889. They were the parents of five children, and of these our subject was the eldest. He was born in New York City, January 11, 1859, and was nine years of age when he came with his parents to Decatur, this State.

Mr. Morthland early knew what it was to take care of himself for in his young days he worked out for his board and clothing, spending four or five years in this way in Macon County, his mother having removed to Moultrie County and married again a man by the name of Levi Misenhelter. Our subject went to live with his mother and made his home under her roof until his marriage which took place in Lovington, December 18, 1872. His bride was Rebecca McCravy, who was born in Tennessee.

After marriage the young couple resided in Lovington for several months and then removed to Lowe Township, where our subject was engaged in farming for a period of about four years. At the expiration of this time he returned to Lovington and purchased a livery business in July, 1878, and has since continued giving his attention to this business. Mr. Morthland is a genial, whole-souled fellow who is a hail fellow well met with all the best spirits of the town. He is deservedly popular with all classes of people and enjoys the confidence and respect of the community.

Our subject and his wife have had their domestic life enriched by the advent of one daughter therein. Her name is Ida M. and she is the pride of her parents whose ambition it is that every talent that she possesses should be cultivated in the highest degree and that she should be an accomplished and intelligent woman. Mr. Morthland has served on the Village Board for several years and has filled the office of Township Clerk most acceptably. Socially, he is a member of the Masonic fraternity, and both an Odd Fellow and a Knight of Pythias. In connection with his livery business he also makes a specialty of Normans and roadsters, being engaged in breeding horses. He also sells many buggies and vehicles of all descriptions. Besides his business in the village he has a general oversight of his farm in the township which comprises one hundred and twenty acres and which bring him in a handsome revenue.

Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, 1891 - p. 288/289

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