Title: Moultrie County

All the news that's fit to resurrect

These newspaper items are of several varieties: the 'society pages', recounting the doings of our Moultrie ancestors, items of general Moultrie historical interest, and finally interesting side items which, while unrelated to Moultrie, reveal details of a past world unfamiliar to us now, or which throw a surprising, then-current light on things we take for granted today.

When an occasional item of general interest appears in the society pages and might otherwise be overlooked, I've emphasized it in bold blue text to attract attention, though this does not reflect the original typography. Furthermore, when I include editorial explanations, I put these in square brackets "[...]".

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1884 Newspapers for 1884
  • Moultrie County Press, February 13, 1884: Correspondence, including news from the Merritt School District, Arthur, Sullivan, Lake City, Williamsburg, Bethany, Dalton City, and a dissolution notice from Lovington.
  • Local and personal [including the establishmment of Albert Wyman's store].
1891 Newspapers for 1891
  • Decatur Review, September 23: Sullivan news [including an item about land that will eventually become Wyman Park].
1895 Newspapers for 1895
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 8: Sullivan news [including commentary on baseball].
1900 Newspapers for 1900
  • Decatur Daily Review, May 18: Cadwell news
  • Dalton City Echo, July 27 1900: Millsap child drowns
  • Decatur Daily Review, December 8: New Coal Shaft
1902 Newspapers for 1902
  • Decatur Herald, March 11: Lovington Mine, Sullivan watchmen
  • Decatur Herald, June 27: News from Lovington
  • Decatur Herald, September 9: Lovington: nine-year-old Walter Rose dragged to death by a cow
  • Decatur Herald, November 25: News from Bethany, Sullivan, Lake City
  • Decatur Herald, December 30: News from Lovington, Dalton City
1903  Newspapers for 1903
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 3: News of Lovington, Cadwell
  • Decatur Herald, January 20: News of Lovington
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 26: Sullivan coal thefts and other news
  • Unknown newspaper, March 1903: News of Allenville
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 14: Gives Away His Store, New Home Plans, Moving, Personals, Meetings, Lecture Course, Night Operator, Circuit Court, Real Estate Transfers, Marriage Licenses.
  • Decatur Herald, March 15: Generous Gift.
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 22: Illinois monument complete at Shiloh
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 26: News of Lovington house fire and coal mine
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 3: News of Lovington
  • Decatur Daily Review, November 26: News of Sullivan, Lovington
  • Decatur Daily Review, December 8: News of Sullivan, Coal deal at Lovington, Back to 10 cent shaves
1904 Newspapers for 1904
  • Decatur Herald, February 2: Lovington's new coal company
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 28: Sullivan news: Architects before the Moultrie Board, Body comes for burial, Commencement program
  • Decatur Herald, April 29: Moultrie County court house
  • Decatur Review, July 16: News of Cushman
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 19: First digging on new coal shaft
  • Decatur Review, December: Lovington news, including Christmas entertainments, Machinery all in, and Work on the mine
1905 Newspapers for 1905
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 1: Johann Hoch's wives now number twenty-nine
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 11: News of Cushman, Lake City, Sullivan, Bethany, including May have been a Hoch victim, Modern Americans strong at Sullivan, Moultrie Agricultural Institute
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 22: Big Birthday Party at Sullivan and other news
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 25:Laborers Finish Courthouse Job, other news
1906 Newspapers for 1906
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 12: News of Sullivan
  • Decatur Herald, May 29: Sullivan courthouse, news of Lovington and Dunn
  • Decatur Herald, June 29: Sullivan news: Robert McClung passes away, personal news, real estate transfers, trouble over stolen property
  • Decatur Herald, July 3: Work at Lovington Coal Mine
1907 Newspapers for 1907
  • Decatur Review, January 2: Lovington mine will begin work
1908 Newspapers for 1908
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 11: Sherman Potts Into Custody, Dropped Dead Near Dalton City, Moultrie Grand Jury Chosen
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 28: Lovington coal shaft strikes rock
1909 Newspapers for 1909
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 20: Shaft is Nearing Veins of Coal.
  • Decatur Daily Review, March 25: One Vein Reached, Republicans Choose, Big Grain Meeting
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 3: Citizens will Banquet Coal Company Officials, Mrs. Sutter's Funeral, High School Graduates, Town to be Lighted, Double Meeting, Debate Coming, Big Total Collected
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 5: Seventeen Feet Uncovered in Last Forty Feet in the Lovington Mine
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 10: Lovington's Mine Story Of Decatur Man's Push, Death of Mrs. Louis Looker
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 14: All Lovington Given up to Celebration
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 23: First Coal from Lovington Mine, Against Big Hats
  • Decatur Daily Review, May 5: Town With Great Coal Mine Wants 10,000 People
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 4: Lincoln Pennies Cause Woe
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 21: Body of Ralph Foster Buried
1910 Newspapers for 1910
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 19: Narrowly Averted Disastrous Wreck, About a Trade, Good House, With the Sick, Churches, Personal Mention, Takes R.A. Degree, Let Some Go
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 21: Sullivan's Worst Fire
1911 Newspapers for 1911
  • Decatur Daily Review, December 22: Long-lost Lovington Boy Found, Mine stockholders meet, Patron's Day Program, Lake City news.
1912 Newspapers for 1912
  • Decatur Review, January 26: Stockholders advance money
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 28: Lovington Coal Company Will Keep Up the Lick
  • Decatur Review, March 12, 1912: Burglars enter Sullivan office, Lovington mine case up, Coddington funeral. Cadwell: Elevator rumors, colt brings $300
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 5: Two Pioneers Die At Sullivan.
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 9: Sullivan May Have City Park.
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 15: Baseball And Shows Are Prohibited In Wyman Park, Realty Transfers, Licensed, Dies In Indiana, Not Excited Over Election, Daum-Butts.
  • Decatur Daily Review, May 8: Lovington news: Would Prohibit Sunday Base Ball, New Board Members, New Addition Laid Off
  • Decatur Daily Review, June 6: Lovington news: Sunday Baseball Opponents Lose, Buys a Tractor
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 22: Lovington mine owners to meet, Lovington boy out for Wilson
  • Daily Review, August 31: 2000 Attend Farmers' Picnic, Family Reunion, Briefs, A Day Of Picnics
1914 Newspapers for 1914
  • Decatur Daily Review, Febrary 12: Girl's Fall Breaks Neck
  • Decatur Daily Review, February 20: Lovington Coal Mine Gives Out Report
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 2: None Killed in Lovington Mine
  • Decatur Daily Review, April 11: Lovington news: Final Exam to be Held at Lovington, Mine Closed, No Clue to Burglars, and others; Bethany news: Brave Woman Routs Fire, and others.
  • Decatur Daily Review, June 16: Sam Newbould Is Clerk Of Board, Fourth Of July To Be Celebrated At Pifers' Park, Briefs, City Council Meets
  • Daily Review, July 6: Youngest Circuit Clerk Marries, Many On Streets Saturday, Child Bitten By Dog, Union Services, Goes To Indiana Town
  • Decatur Daily Review, August 8: At Pifer's Park.
  • Decatur Daily Review, September 26: Break All Records at Lovington Mine
1915 Newspapers for 1915
  • Decatur Daily review, July 3: Decide On Plans Of Sullivan Jail, New Wells, Church Services, Band Concert, Special Trains, S. S. Convention Ends, Held To Grand Jury
1917 Newspapers for 1917
  • Decatur Daily Review, May 16: Small Fire in Lovington mine, other Lovington news
1919 Newspapers for 1919
  • Decatur Review, June 10: Lovington Loses the Hard Road, Tells Different Story, Lovington Case Continued
1920 Newspapers for 1920
  • Decatur Review, April 5: Blood transfusion saves baby's life
1922 Newspapers for 1922
  • Decatur Review, April 7: New $60,000 Methodist Church at Lovington
  • Decatur Review, April 18: Hail damage at Lovington
  • Decatur Review, June 18: 10,000 people for Sullivan by 1920
  • Decatur Daily Review, December 28: Mine Inspector Missing in Lovington Coal Mine Blast
  • Decatur Daily Review, December 29: Mine Inspector's Body Recovered From Mine
1923 Newspapers for 1923
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 10: Lovington Mine Supt. Resigns
  • Decatur Daily Review, January 15: Lovington Mine Again Operates
  • Decatur Review, November 23: Much work yet on Lovington highway
1924 Newspapers for 1924
  • Decatur Review, November 23: Buys Mules from Lovington Mine, Mrs. Casteel Dies in Arthur
1928 Newspapers for 1928
  • Decatur Herald, January 15: Finish Sullivan Lighting System, Plan Factory, Survey Route 132, Hamblin Heads Farm, Dalton City.
  • Decatur Review, June 12: Wyman Park At Sullivan
1960 Newspapers for 1960
  • Unknown Peoria Newspaper, June 1960: E. W. Miller 55th wedding anniversary
1967 Newspapers for 1967
  • Raymond Herald and Advertiser (Raymond, WA), August 24, 1967: Harley Millsaps to Mark 40th