Title: Moultrie County
Newspapers: 1908

"All the news that's fit to resurrect"

Decatur Daily Review, February 11, 1908


Lovington, Ill., Feb. 11. -- Sherman Potts was arrested again yesterday after one of his talks on the street.

Mr. Potts has an idea that he is a missionary and has more power than any ordained minister. In fact he makes his hardest fight on the ministers of this place. His arrest yesterday was caused by the remarks he made about Rev. Charles Lyle of the local Methodist Episcopal church.

Mr. Potts returned from the asylum at Jacksonville last fall, but was again tried by a jury at Sullivan the last term of court and declared sane. Since then he has taken every liberty and has leen holding meetings in his residence and has quite a few followers.


Mrs. Bridget Kinney, Well Known Woman of That Neighborhood.

Mrs. Bridget Kinney, wife of John Kinney, dropped dead about noon Wednesday at her home four miles east of Dalton City. Whe was 70 years old. They are well known near Dalton City having lived in the neighborhood for about fifty years.


(Review Special Service.)

Sullivan, Ill., Feb. 11. -- The board of supervisors met Monday afternoon in their room in the court house to select the grand and petit juries for the March term of the Moultrie county circuit court and for the transaction of such other business as might come before them. They allowed a number of bills. They granted permission to Bert Fultz, tax collector for Sullivan township, to have his office in the coroner's room in the court house, and he has moved his books from the office of Dr. A. D. Miller to the coroner's room. The grand and petit jurors were chosen and the sheriff expected to begin serving notice on those chosen Tuesday morning. The members of the petit jury are kept a secret until notice has been served on them.

The following grand jurors were chosen:

Sullivan Township -- L. R. Garrett, J. F. Kelly, George Shirey, Cal Harsh, A. E. Foster.

Lovington Township -- C. D. McCravy, Robert Selby, L. T. Anderson, Mose Dixon.

Lowe Township -- A. J. Maxwell, H. L. Dick.

Marrowbone -- J. L. Bone, P. J. Bushart, J. M. Woodruff.

East Nelson -- J. E. Fleming, W. M. Shaw.

Jonathan Creek -- George Blair, A. J. Sexton.

Whitley -- A. M. Blythe, W. H. Lee, R. S. Kinkade.

Dora -- J. L. Belden, W. L. Bailey.

Decatur Daily Review, March 28, 1908


Vein of Coal Just Below the Rock Strata.

(Review Special Service.)

Lovington, Ill., March 28. -- The anxious days at the Lovington Coal company ended Thursday, when the steel shoe at the shaft was landed on sandstone rock at a depth of 149 1/2 feet. Just before reaching the sandstone six feet of shale was gone through.


The people of Lovington are jubilant over the fact that at last the large vein of water and sand that has given the sinkers so much trouble has been penetrated. Two shafts already have been abandoned. There has been scarcely any water and sand to contend with at the present shaft, and the success at this shaft is due to the diligent work of the superintendent, R. W. Campbell, who has been almost constantly on the ground. The shaft is located north and west ot the Vandalia depot in the Byron Cheever addition to Lovington.


The sandstone upon which the casing now rests is 80 feet thick; then a vein of coal two feet thick is reached. When the work of sinking is completed there will be two hoisting shafts 7 x 9 feet and one air shaft 8 1/2 x 9 feet. The work of sinking the shaft will cease now until the shaft is concreted. The concrete will be about 5 1/2 inches thick and will take about fifteen days to finish.


Notice of a meeting of all the stockholders has been sent to all certificate holders to the meeting next Tuesday, when the plans of the company will be discussed and a big meeting is expected. Every stockholder is expected to be present.

Mr. and Mrs. C. G. McCrarey will serve dinner on Tuesday to all women at the shaft.