Title: Moultrie County
Newspapers: 1911

"All the news that's fit to resurrect"

Decatur Daily Review, December 22, 1911


Sheldon Rhodes "Silent" for Fourteen Years.

Lovington. Dec. 22. -- Sheldon Rhodes, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Hillery Rhodes, prominent people living a few miles south of Lovington, has been located in Lewiston, Mont., after a period of over fourteen years since he left his home here. Sheldon left home in March, 1897, then aged twenty-two years, and until within the last few days, in spite of a great effort of his parents to locate him, his whereabouts had remained a profound mystery.

Although hia parents still had faint hopes of hearing from him, they had about given him up for dead. Fourteen years of silence is a long time to maintain in this little world but "Sheldy," as he was called, was eminently successful, if, as his parents now have reason to believe, he has been located.


Sheldon left at about the time of the Spanish-American war excitement and it had always been supposed that he had joined the army under an assumed name, and judging from his long silence it was thought probable that he was killed.


About six months ago Arthur Rhodes, a cousin, while visiting in Nebraska came across the long-lost Sheldon. Although Sheldon was but a youth when he left home, Arthur had no trouble in recognizing his cousin who had now grown to manhood. Sheldon did not deny his identity but promised to write home as soon as he got permanently located. They then parted, and Arthur heard no more of him until a few days ago when he received a letter written by Sheldon from Lewiston, Mont. stating that he had settled in that city and was engaged in the real estate business.

The parents were then notified and they have already started an investigation to verify Arthur's story. Arthur is very positive that be is not mistaken and in all probabilities he is not, for since so long a time has elapsed it is barely possible that some person should be impersonating the missing son.

Mr. and Mrs Rhodes will have positive information as soon as the mail between here and Montana can make the rounds.


The capital stock holders of the Lovington Coal Mining company held their annual meeting at the company's offices in Lovington Tuesday. All the present directors were elected, viz: J. M. Duncan, Andrew Swenson, John Benson, J. C. Stocks, W. H. Silver and R. S. Knapp. On the third Tuesday in January the directory will meet at the office of Mr. Knapp in Washington. D. C. where the election of the managing officers will be held. The present officers will be re-elected. 700 of the 1000 shares were represented at the meeting here Tuesday.


The business of the company is now in a very satisfactory condition, from 350 to 400 tons of coal being mined each day. The Wabash railroad is one of the largest users of the coal, their requirements now running to 167 tons a day.


The following is the Patron's Day program given at the high school building this afternoon:

Chorus -- "The Call to Arms," high school chorus
Song -- "Kentucky Babe," Boys' Glee Club.
Address -- "Can the Teacher Alone make the School," Dr. W. K. Hoover.
Chorus -- "Serenade," Freshman chorus.
Vocal solo, Prof. O. C. Bailey.
Piano solo -- "Gondolura," Mrs. Homer Shepherd.
Address -- "Music In the Schools," J. M. Shepherd.
Chorus -- "Morn Rise," Girls' Glee Club.
Reading -- "Edward Alexsander MacDowell," Ada Hostetler.
Piano solo -- "Polonaise," Mrs. C. A. Gregory.
Vocal Solo -- "The Robbing Sing In the Apple Tree" and "A Maid Sings Light," Marie Childs.
Piano solo -- "Sea Pieces," Miss Norma Rogers.
Chorus -- "Chrismas Carol," High School chorus.

The program will begin at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.


James Oder of Decatur visited relatives here last week.

Mrs. Sherman Bandy and Mrs. Verna Winings and baby were Decatur callers Friday.

Miss Cecil Sinclair and Margie Black were Decatur visitors Saturday night.

Sidney Miller of Shelbyville is visiting his sister Mrs. Forest Blue.

Mrs. Frank Smith and baby were Decatur callers Saturday.

Mrs. Lizzie Shepherd and Miss Fern Todd of Riverton visited Samuel Ward and family here last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Mose Sherman returned Tuesday from a three weeks visit with relatives in Colorado.

Mrs. Roy Wilt, Mrs. Max Reinholt, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Bresnan and Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Redfern and children were Decatur shoppers Monday.

Mrs. Samuel Ward and daughter Elizabeth were Lovington callers Monday evening.

"Uncle" Whit Foley left last week for an extended visit in Florida for the benefit of his health.

Mrs. Charles Mitchell and daughter Mary, Mr. and Mrs. John Dwire [sic, should be 'Dwyer'] and children, Mr. and Mrs. John Martin, Mrs. Jim Brennan and Miss Anna McDermott were Decatur shoppers Tuesday.

Mrs. Tibbett of Decatur was a business caller Tuesday.

Ernest Dickson was a Decatur caller Tuesday.

Miss Emma Sears of Hammond is visiting relatives here.

Miss Florence Bandy and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cripe and children were Decatur callers Wednesday.

Mrs. Joseph Brohard was a Lovington caller Tuesday evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dickson were Decatur callers Tuesday.

Day Redfern was a Decatur visitor Monday.

Curt Alldredge is visiting relatives here.

Bert Cook of Indiana visited friends here Monday.

Mrs. Curry of Lovington visited relatives here Wednesday.