Civil War Participants


This page is not just a simple transcription of those who enlisted from Moultrie.

Instead, it is an attempt to document the origin and fate of all who participated in the American Civil War and who -- at some point in their lives -- lived in Moultrie County, or who are buried here. It therefore includes not only those from Moultrie who served, but also those from elsewhere, from North or South, who moved to, or passed through, our community after the war.

      The lists

I've assembled the entries in three groups:


The material here is not a transcription of any single document, but rather a reconciliation of corresponding, and sometimes conflicting, sources. The starting point for these lists was:

This material has been compared with other sources:

      Caveat and Plea

Alas, these lists are not (nor will they probably ever be) complete. Not only are there holes in specific records, but -- in addition -- some of the entries are probably in the wrong "served"/"didn't serve" category. I welcome additions and corrections.

And, in addition to your suggestions, I greatly appreciate any photos that you can provide. Most precious are those of the faces of these men, but I also seek pictures of their graves. I will pay for reasonable reproduction expenses, though you must agree to free publication on this site.

The image in the top left corner of this page is that of the Illinois Memorial in the National Military Park, Vicksburg Mississipi.

Moultrie soldiers of the 8th, 41st, 116th, and 126th Illinois infantry divisions participated in the march on and the siege of Vicksburg, and several died in this effort.

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