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Please do both! That is, ask for assistance when stuck, but volunteer to help in those areas where you have already done research.

The HELP! page provides three  kinds of resources:
  1. The Query pages, where you can ask about specific Moultrie individuals or families.
  2. The Surnames pages, where we list those who are researching family lines.
  3. The Lookups pages, where volunteers with access to specific reference works have agreed to look up information on request.


I invite you to enter a query for your Moultrie County ancestors. This page is NOT for advertising the book you are compiling, or for trying to find all John Does anywhere; it is for specific queries for individuals who have a Moultrie County connection. PLEASE follow this, or your query will not be posted.  (Though someone lived somewhere in Illinois, or lived in a neighboring county, this does not qualify as a Moultrie County query.) If you're not sure what county, say, Cerro Gordo is in, Click Here to find out, and then use your back button to return.

To send me a query, just .

To review/answer queries, click on the range of surnames, below.   If you have any information to contribute to the authors of these queries, just click on their name to email them! 

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An additional resource is the RootsWeb Surname Forums.

Moultrie County Surname Researchers

Researchers who are investigating specific Moultrie surnames are listed here.  You can contact them by clicking on their names.  And, if you can provide information about a Moultrie family and would like to be added to the list, please .

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Reference Lookup Volunteers

The USGenWeb Project policy statement on lookups:

USGenWeb, ILGenWeb and Moultrie County USGenWeb policy prohibits lookup volunteers from infringing on copyrights, so please do not ask for large quantities of information, information on multiple people, or photocopies of pages from the books. You can review the USGenWeb policy on copyright issues at: Copyright Information

If you see a book listed for lookups to which you hold the copyright and you do not want it used, please contact the ILGenWeb State coordinator and/or the county coordinator.

If you have any reference material pertaining to Moultrie County and are willing to volunteer to do lookups for us, please

Volunteers and references:

1881 History of Shelby & Moultrie Co., IL Sue Durbin

      Moultrie County Historical & Genealogical Society Surname Files Alicia A. Woolridge(These files contain newspaper clippings, family group sheets, and other information that researchers have submitted). If people contact me with the surname that they are researching, I will let them know if we have a file or not. If we do, then I can work with them from there.

      I will do lookups in Moultrie County for birth, death and marriages.Kaye Webb

      1850 United States Census of Moultrie County IL Shaunee Power, Sharon Wick

      1860 United States Census of Moultrie Co., IL Shaunee Power, Sharon Wick

      1870 United States Census of Moultrie Co., IL Shaunee Power 

      1880 United States Census of Moultrie Co, IL Shaunee Power, Daryl E. Brock
For Dora, Lovington & East Nelson townships: Sharon Wick

      The Waggoner Family: A History of the Emigrant Hans Waggoner and His Descendants by John Garland Waggoner and Clem Morton Boling, 1922; Additions by Jerusha Waggoner Tull, George A. Daugherty and Mary Daugherty, 1929 Shaunee Power 

      I have two family history books that contain information on Moultrie County people. They are: "The Descendants of William Cazier & Pleasant Drake, 1794-1988" and "The Roney Family History & Genealogy, 1690-1972"
I also have an extensive database of over 20,000 names associated with these two books and related Moultrie County families. I would be happy to do lookups in these books and my database. Dick Cazier  

      I will look up the names of landowners in the 1913 Moultrie plat map. Marsha Strader  

      1917 Prairie Farmer Moultrie County Directory Sue Durbin

      Pre-1920 Moultrie County Obituaries, Vols 1 & 2 Sue Durbin  

      "Century 1, Notes on Sullivan, Illinois 1845 - 1872" - A history of Sullivan Patricia Porter 

      Hagerman Cemetery Dorothy Hinkey  

      Cemeteries Vol. 1 - 5 Shaunee Power   

      Marriages 1843 - 1900 Sue Durbin    

      Marriages 1843 - 1882 Sharon Wick

      1913 Moultrie Platbook land owners. The plat maps are not indexed so those with queries will need to provide the name of the land owner (no renters are shown) and the township where property was owned in 1913. Marsha Strader

      I will volunteer to take MOULTRIE COUNTY Cemetery headstone photos. Alicia Woolridge Morgason
  1. MUST be in MOULTRIE County cemetery.
  2. Only ONE cemetery request per email (multiple stones for one cemetery acceptable).
  3. MUST specify the cemetery and specific individual(s).
  4. Location of headstone within the cemetery, if known.
  5. Send email subject line as "Moultrie County headstone lookup"
  6. MUST have email that can and will accept photo attachments