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Hi my name is Shay Daily I have family living in central IL.Moultrie/Coles And am looking for info. on any Dailys or Waggoners that lived near that area. I would appreciate any information on those to names if possible. I have Info. to for any body else that wants Info. on Dailys and Waggoners. Thank You.

Shay Daily
Sun, Mar 16, 1997 - 19:48:07


I am seeking information about my grt., grt., grt. grandparents. I have traced my grt., grt. grandmother, MARY ANN DANIELS JACKSON HOGGATT, back to 1860. The 1860 Sullivan census shows her as being 12 years of age and living as a "ward" of WILLIAM DANIELS and his wife, SARAH A. WILBORN. I do not know who William Daniels was, but I think it's safe assume he was related to Mary Ann Daniels. I think she was probably also related to PHOEBE DANIELS HOGGATT and REBECCA MARTHA DANIELS PUNCHES, who also resided in Sullivan during some of the years 1850 to 1880. According to family lore, the Daniels family was OSAGE INDIAN. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there?

Loyal Robertson
Tuesday, September 26, 2000 1:54 PM


Hershel Francis DANIELS b:7 Feb.1905 in Sullivan, Il. Would like to know parents names.

Brenda L. Thomas
Sunday, January 10, 1999 12:38 PM


Seeking information and photos for the family of John William DAUGHERTY, b. 22 May, 1793, Prince William co., VA, and d. 27 Oct., 1866, East Nelson Twp., Moultrie co., IL. John was the son of Daniel DAUGHERTY. John married Anna OWENS, 25 July, 1818, Washington, D.C. Anna was b. 6 Feb., 1798, Fauquier co., VA, and d. 27 July, 1882, Moultrie co., IL. Anna was the dau. of Ephraim and Lucina (OWENS) OWENS. John and Anna's Children: Daniel Harvey, marr. Adeline POMEROY; Phillip Dodridge, marr. Mary Elizabeth HOUGHTON; John Deskin, marr. Ada ? & Elizabeth WAGGONER; Dawson Gideon, marr. Mrs. Margaret (MILLWARD) MARTIN; Ephraim Owens; Reuben; Margaret, marr. William Porter CRAIG; Samuel Laban, marr. Elizabeth SOLOMON & Mary M. CRAIG; Stephen Thomas, marr. Unknown & Hannah WAGGONER; and Lucina Anna DAUGHERTY.

Jennifer Wathen
Sunday, January 17, 1999 11:04 AM


I am trying to find any members of the Davidson family from Sullivan County, Indiana who came to Moultrie Co. Ill. I know Elizabeth Davidson Booker came, but need to locate other members of the family. Sullivan Co., Indiana had a court house fire in 1850 and nearly all records were destroyed, therefor am busy trying to reconstruct family genealogy. Any Davidson from Sullivan county will be related, for they were descendents of Daniel Davidson and Mary Enochs from Jefferson Co. Ky. to Carlisle, Indiana or George Davidson of Jessamine County, who died there but his children came to Carlisle and lived across the road from Daniel Davidson and wife Mary Enochs. Any help is greatly appreciated and I will share information.

Mary Davidson Pielemeier
Tuesday, April 25, 2000 3:17 PM


Searching for any information on Joseph Davidson born circa 1810/1812 Ireland; he lived in Monroe Co., Indiana from 1820s to 1840s and then in Jonathan Creek Twp, Moultrie Co. from 1840s to 1880s. He married Mary Bean in 1840 in Monroe Co., Indiana. It appears that his father was Joseph Davidson Sr. who was listed on a land entry in 1836 in Monroe Co., IN. It is likely that Joseph Sr. was the father of several children including Eliza Jane Davidson, born May 1, 1818 in Ireland and married 1837 to Milton Fleener in Monroe Co. Their son was Dr. Joseph Nicholas Fleener. I am interested in knowing the exact location in Ireland that the Davidsons originated from as well as the name of Joseph Sr.'s first wife and really anything else on them.

Mary Davidson Pielemeier
Tuesday, Auguest 14, 2008


I am looking for information on Joseph and Margaret E. Glasscock Davis. They where married in 1871 in Moultrie County. Their Children where Roy, Orley, Josie, and Albert (my gr. grandfather). Joseph also has a brother Harvey who married Alice Boyd 1872 in Moultrie County. Their Children where Nella, Martha ("Mattie" was my gr grandmother) and Stella. Joseph and Harvey had a brother named John F. no info on him. Their mothers name was Emily J. I have no name for their father. Any information would be appreciated.

Louella Cornell Totten
Saturday, November 02, 2002 8:09 PM


I am looking for information on Thomas D. DAVIS, b. ca 1820 in Orange Co., NC; d. 1888 near Bethany, IL and buried in STRAIN Cemetery, Moultrie Co., IL. He was married to Julia E. CRABTREE, b. 1824 in Orange Co., NC. They moved to Illinois in the year 1859. Their children were: JAMES S., b.1846; SAMUEL T., b. 1847; DAVEY A., b.1849; ROBERT R., b. 1851; WILLIAM D., b. 1853; SILAS R., b. 1857; ALEXANDER, b.1858; ANDREW W., b.1862 and MULVINA J., b. 1864. I am trying to determine if this Thomas is my great-great-grandfather, SILAS B. DAVIS, brother. I have tracted him through his pension application for service in the Mexican War. Any help will be appreciated. Will share my information.

Nancy Davis Vickers
Fri, Aug 29


Searching for information on Della M. DAVIS who married Stephen CLARK 8/26/1900 in Moultrie Co. IL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jane Pate
Thursday, Dec 18, 2003


Inquiring about Thomas D. Davis, born in 1817 in Orange County, NC. He was buried in the Strain Cemetery on May 11, 1888. He was married to Julia Emaline Crabtree in 1844. I'm looking for information that could prove that Julia was a Cherokee princess. I'm also looking for information that places her in the Trail of Tears. Please send information to [email protected] or mail to Dorothy Atteberry, 934 N. Palm, Ponca City, OK. 74601

Dorothy Atteberry
Monday, Dec 27, 2004


Seeking information on Thomas Dawson and Priscilla Weakley who married in 1858 in Moultrie Co., IL. Also seeking her parents.
Shirley Edillon
Box 354, Reliance, WY 82943


I am looking for information about LEMUEL THOMAS DAZEY b. 1817 in KY and came to Shelby and Moultrie Counties around 1830. He is the son of JONATHAN COLLINS DAZEY who is buried in Henderson Cemetery in Shelby County. Jonathan's wife might be M. GRAFFORD. Jonathan had another son, ELIJAH DAZEY d. 1847. Lemuel married 4 times: first to Margaret Clairage in Shelby County and the next 3 in Moultrie Count: Salina Lee, Mahala Q. Montgomery, and Ida Johnson. I am looking for information on Jonathan's siblings: is on another Lemuel Thomas Dazey? Did they come from Delaware? Where is M. Grafford Dazey buried?
Thank your for your help.

Thomas Dazey Blackwell
Box 354, Reliance, WY 82943


DEHAVEN Jacob, Charles, Magdalena: In 1837-38 Jacob and Charles purchased land in an area that later became Moultrie County. They moved there from Ross County, Ohio with their mother, Mary Magdalena about 1840. A family named Bowers moved with them. Jacob died about 1846 and the DeHavens moved back to Ohio.I want to find where Jacob is buried. About 1875 my grandfather, John A DeHaven, and his mother moved to Moultrie County. Grandfather farmed near Sullivan, and all of his children were born there. His mother, Melvina Knight, is buried at Pea Cemetery. John Albert moved to Sedgwick County, Kansas about1905. I believe that he first moved to Moultrie County becaus he may have inherited land from Jacob or Charles. Locating Jacob in 1846 will help prove this.

Earl DeHaven
Thu, Oct 9, 1997


The surname I'm looking for is Delena (pron. "Delaney"). Walter S. was my ggfather. Mae Allie Pifer was his wife. They farmed dairy in Sullivan twp (I believe). Daughters were Oleta Blanche and Reta Marie. Appreciate any contacts or input.

Maria Skinner
Thursday, December 05, 2002 2:51 PM


I have ancestors that resided in Arthur, IL. at some time. I do not know if they were in Moultrie or Douglas county. The names are Jesse and Ora Dickson.

Susan Heyer
Monday, August 26, 2002 11:51 AM


Hello. I am searching for ancestral information on: Walter Dishman, b 1871, (son of Susan Gerkin & James George Washington Dishman, married in Moultrie County in 1869?) Laura and or Helga Bergstrom, born 1871 in Stockholm Sweden Walter married Laura /Helga supposedly in Illinois. I am hoping to find links to the Gerkin family as well as the Bergstrom family, who emigrated to Illinois and started farming in this area. Your time and help is very much appreciated. Thank-you.
Sheila Rast
August 22, 2003


Looking for information on Jeremiah Dolan, wife Lettitia and parents of both. They are listed on the 1870 Moultrie County census, East Nelson Twp. Also need information on Mary Virginia Daugherty married Charles T. Dolan (son of Jeremiah and Lettitia Dolan) in Sullivan, Moultrie County. Does anyone have info on her parents?

David Thoroughman
Tuesday, April 10, 2001 11:08 PM


Looking for information on the descendants of EUGENE DONAKER,who was born in Ohio in 1851, moved to Illinois with his parents and brothers in the 1850's, and who lived in Sullivan until his death in 1925. I know his parents were John Donaker and Harriet Richardson. She later married John Graham and Mr. Craycroft and lived in Decatur.I have much data on other branches of the DONAKER family.

John Donaker Tue, Feb 11, 1997 - 09:44:17


I am researching the Donovan family dates 1880 - present. Any information on Dr. Jeremiah Donovan would be greatly appreciated since he was my Great Grandfather on my paternal side of the family.

jane donovan logan
Thursday, May 17, 2001 4:31 PM


Would there be any researchers out there that would be familiar with or have information on DRAPER Families that resided in Moultrie County during the time frames of 1870 to the early 1900's? My 2nd G-Grandfather William WEBB had a son by the name of Reuben H. WEBB that married a Letha DRAPER in Moultrie County on 1 January 1872. In June of 1895, a first cousin to Reuben by the name of Alvira WEBB-ELDRIDGE-HILLIARD applied for a Civil War Pension in Moultrie County from a late husband. Friends by the name of Travis D. (age 67) and Sarah M. DRAPER (age 61) wrote affidavits for her. It is said that these DRAPER's were well acquainted with Alvira and her family. There was a Travis D. DRAPER that was a Corporal in Co. K, 14th Regiment, Illinois Infantry during the Civil War according to the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Shelby County. Somehow I feel there has to be a connection between Letha and Travis D. and Sarah M. DRAPER. Any help from DRAPER researchers would be sincerely appreciated. I have considerable WEBB information to share if any one has a connection and is interested.

William "Bill" Webb
Monday, October 21, 2002 6:52 PM


I am the great grandson of Michael Duggan (1840-1909) and Mary Nolan Duggan (1835-1915). The entire clan was at one time living in or on the family farm near Dalton City. I have extensive Census, Civil War, and other information related to them but have hit a dead end in one area. I know they were from Limerick County and immigrated to the US during the Irish Famine but don't know when exactly or through what port.

In addition, I had an uncle from Mt. Zion tell me a story that Michael Duggan Sr.(1810-90) came over to America with Tom Dalton BEFORE the famine and scouted out the area. They went through Kakaskia Island and over to the Dalton City area. Then they returned to Ireland and brought their families during 1846-52. I'm not sure the story is true but many family legends usually have some connection to the truth. I appreciate any information that anyone can provide.

William J. Duggan
December 25, 2005


I am looking for Jasper Dulin he owned a shoe and harness shop in Dora 1870/80. Moultrie Co. He married Alice Crowder d/o James Madison and Emily A. Ashworth Crowder on 12/31/1871. Also Grandfather Jonathon b 1794 and Great Berry Crowder b 1771 died 1857. Thanks.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000 12:16 PM


Hello all! I'm looking for information on Charles "Charley" and Anna McCoin DURHAM who lived in Lovington, Illinois. They had 12 children: Arthur Milton, Charles F., Teddy, Edna, Betty, Bertha, Josie and 4 others. Does anyone have information about the DURHAM or MCCOIN families? Some of the children moved to Iowa in the 20's and 30's. Thanks

Lisa Durham Peterson ([email protected])
NOTE: This email address is no longer valid. I you know of a current one, please notify the web master.

Sunday, March 03, 2002 9:31 PM


Searching for information concerning Zackariah VARNER, first wife Caroline EARP, and second wife Eliza A. PENTZER. Zackariah VARNER, my great-great-granduncle, was born in Ohio about 1836, a son of Henry VARNER and Sarah (maiden name unknown). He married Caroline EARP in Moultrie County, Illinois, 23 Jan 1862. Caroline was born about April 1847 and died prematurely (apparently at age 17) on 28 June 1864. She is buried in Hewitt Cemetery, Lovington, Moultrie County. No children are recorded. Following Caroline’s death, Zackariah married Eliza A. (Anna) PENTZER in Montgomery Co., Illinois, 14 Dec 1865, and the couple had at least seven children. I don’t yet know when Zackariah died. Any information about EARP, PENTZER, and VARNER would be appreciated.

Robert S. (Bob) Brown
Friday, January 21, 2000 5:59 PM


I am searching for any leads pertaining to Blake Elder or his father, William Sanford Elder, b. 1847 in Huntingdon CO. PA who later moved to Moultrie Co., IL. I am just starting this search, so I don't have much else to add at this time.

Sunday, March 10, 2002 5:32 PM


I'm seeking information on Amos EMANS, who married Keziah SANDERS, 4 July 1877, in Moultrie Co. I have found two Amos Emans: a gg-gf Amos, age 57 in 1877, and his son Amos, age 19 in 1877. The elder Amos's first wife died in 1876 in Moultrie Co; he is single in the 1880 census in Cooke Co. TX. I have not found the younger Amos in 1880 so far; he married in 1883 in TX.

Which one married Keziah Sanders? Which ever one did, she must have died by 1880, or by 1883!

Any info appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Norma Young
2312 W Nabor
Marlow OK 73055

November 7, 2007


I am interested in finding out information about Doctor Benjamin Blackman Everett and his wife and their parents. I know that he lived to age 85 and was buried somewhere in Sullivan about 1885. They had at least one child, Charles Wickliff Everett, who married Mary Murphy in 1874. I am also interested in Mary and her parents. She died and was buried somewhere in Sullivan in 1884.

JorJan Borlin
Tue, Feb 25, 1997 - 22:54:57


William P. Finley b.1859 d.1907 lived In Whitley Township, Moultrie County, Illinois during the 1900 census. Wife was Martha Shields b.1865 d.1963. Any help with some facts would be great. They had 6 children. Thanks

Jimmy Lee(g grandson)
Wednesday, February 06, 2002 10:21 PM


Seeking information about my great-grandparents John and Mary Agnus Busch (or Bush) Fleshner. Both were born in Germany and arrived in Whitley Township about 1859 after living for a time in Kentucky. Other names associated with the family are Sampson, Ferree and Butler.

Ken Nichols
Wednesday, December 24, 2003


My Grandmother's family - James E. ALEXANDER & Mariah Jane WILSON ALEXANDER were residents of Moultrie Co. (Gays) and my Grandmother was Ella ALEXANDER FORTE. I'm looking for information on her side of the family - specifically, anyone knowing if there are living relatives still in the County. Grandma Ella was born 27 Mar 1881 (in Gays, I think) and died 9 Aug 1965 in Champaign Co., IL. Anyone having a connection to her family, please contact me. Thanks.

Judy Forte Brown
Sunday, November 10, 2002 2:24 PM


Looking for any information on this Foster family in Moultrie Co. 1850 Census. Father: Albert Foster b. in 1808 in TN, a blacksmith, m. Mrs. Jane Story in Shelbyville on April 7, 1841, b. in KY. (my gggrandparents.)Their known sons were Rufus Donel Foster b. 1843 in IL and James A. Foster b. 1849 in IL. Rufus aka "RD", a seriously disabled CW vet, is buried in Moultrie Co. d. in 1896, is my ggrandfather. He m. (1) Margaret Nasworthy, and (2) Margarett J. Nasworthy and from one of these wives had Arthur L. Foster b. 1866. When she died he married Matilda McGeehon Fortner, b. 1842 in IL, (x-wife of Henry Fortner), in 1870, who had 3 children. RD and Matilda had: my grandfather, Ernest Clifford Foster b. in 1882, who was trained in printing business by Frank Trainer or Trainor; Evy L. b. 1876, who m. Douglas Robertson, (his2nd wife); Charles M. Foster b. in 1879, who m. a woman from Moultrie Co. and moved to Kansas City - a baseball player; Nancy Jane Foster, known as Jane b. 1874. What happened to James A., Arthur, Charles M. and Nancy Jane? thanks.

Dorothy Napoli
Monday, March 12, 2001 5:19 PM


I am searching the families of Andrew COCHRAN, John FOSTER, William Stotler SHIREY and Rachel KAYLOR who all lived in Lovington from the middle 1800's and were related. I have a great deal of information but am always looking for more and for descendants. Thank you for any information you might have. I do have the book Pioneers of Shelby and Moultrie Counties.

Gail Dorsey Driggs
Saturday, March 06, 1999 1:37 PM


Looking for G-Grandparents William Augustus French, from Moultrie Co. He married Mary Myrtle Wickiser(daughter of Conrad Wickiser and Katie Scott Wickiser).

The 1900 census of Allenville, Moultrie Co. lists a William French, born Mar 1866, age 34, occupation Barber, in family # 256. His wife is listed as Mary, born Jul 1881 in IL, age 18 and a daughter, Nellie, born Apr 1899 in IL, age 1.

I also have the names and births listing William A. French as father and Mary Myrtle Wickiser mother, of three daughters, Nellie May French,Connie Ethel French, Freda Augusta French.

I have a fair idea who Williams Augustus French parents were but need some connection to claim such. He committed suicide at his sisters home in Carthage or Moberly Mo. abt. 1915-18. If that rings a bell to anyone.

Mary and William divorced. She married a Arthur Hollonbeck and Charlie H. Brent. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sherra Sutter
September 22, 2003


Hello. My dad was Paul Fulton, who was a city commissioner in Sullivan during World War II. I don't know much about his parents or other relatives and would like to find out, if possible. My folks divorced when I was quite young, in the early 1950s, and I have never had much of a chance to learn about my dad's side of the family. Any help would be appreciated. For information, I was born in Sullivan 10 Oct 1944. My mother was the former Gertrude Pence who grew up in Sullivan and went to Sullivan High School. Her brother was John Pence. Both are now gone. My mother raised me in Butler, Pennsylvania. I served in Vietnam then went to college in Kansas and spent a career as a Department of the Army GS-12.I married Lorella Spickert of Cherokee, Kansas and we have two sons, Shawn Patrick Spickert-Fulton (Born 7 Nov 71) and Travis Ryun Spickert-Fulton (Born 3 June 1989)

Richard P. Fulton
Wednesday, September 01, 1999 11:39 PM


Researching Fultz, 1840-Present.
Charles Perry
July 12, 2004


I am trying to find any information for Louisa Furness born 26 May 1856 in Moultrie, Illinois. She died 9 Jan 1894 in Sullivan, Coles, Illinois. Any information would be wonderful. Thank you.

LaRae Rahm
Monday, March 18, 2002 11:31 PM