Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders (1917)


The 1917 Prairie Farmer's Directory offers several lists of interest to genealogical investigators:

      Moultrie County Farmers' Directory

The first, and probably most important, of these is the index of farmers. This list provides the names of all of those engaged in agriculture -- whether as owner, tenant, or farm-hand -- as well as the maiden names of spouses, and the names of children.  In addition, it gives details of the location of the properties that they owned, or on which they worked.

There are approximately 1800 families in this list, and they are available in two formats:  a consolidated list encompassing all families, and separate lists by surname initial.  For those with a fast internet connection, the single list is preferable for searching, particularly if you are searching many names.  The individual lists are definitely faster for those with slower modem connections.

To review the consolidated list, click here

To select a list by surname, click on one of the surname initials below:

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      Moultrie County Breeders' Directory

The Breeders directory is shorter, and is therefore not shown by initial.

      Moultrie County Business Directory

This section includes not only the directory itself, but also the advertiseements that were placed by the businesses.

      Moultrie County Automobile Owners' Directory

      Moultrie County Tractor Owners' Directory