Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders (1917)
Moultrie County Farmers : L



Head of household Spouse Children Address Location Details In county since
La Cost, C. D. Lyda Baum Dorothy, Mary, Charles Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec7 O80a 1897
La Cost, G. E.

Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec7 O80a 1906
La Cost, Mrs. Mary (Mary Selders)
Charles, Guy, Lola, George, Otto, Ettie, Rena, Bee, Grace, Matie, Fern, Marie Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec7 O39a 1905
Lahmon, W. M. Myrtle Wood Edna, Hazel, Lucile, Dola Arthur R3 Jonathan Creek Sec1 T280a V. McDonald 1887
Landers, Albert Mattie Roberts Paul, Glenn, Dale Spring Valley Farm Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec15 O160a 1874
Landers, Dennis Jennie Buxton
Sullivan R3 Sullivan Sec5 O80a 1871
Landers, J. R. Etta Vandeveer Guy Arthur R3 Jonathan Creek Sec 10 T160a J. E. Landers 1915
Landers, Oda

Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec16 O120a 1888
Landers, Willis

Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec16 T120a Oda Landers 1886
Landgrebe, E. E. Mary Crane Mildred Arthur R2 Lowe Sec10 T160a W. F. Schable 1890
Landgrebe, J. W. Susanna Genner Harry, Minnie, Monty, Edna, Catherine, Earl Sullivan R2 Sullivan Sec14 T120a G. F. Landgrebe 1902
Landgrebe, John H. Anna Lewis Nell, Erwin, Ivan. Mildred, Fred, Leah Lovington R4 Lowe Sec19 T89a A. J. Lewis 1867
Landgrebe, Martin Sarah A. Harbor Mary, Jacob, Joseph, Ellen, Daisy Pierson Station Lowe Sec10 O160a 1895
Lane, C. A. Lovica Leeds Charles, Orris Sullivan R1 East Nelson Sec10 T90a F. E. Leeds 1890
Lane, Claud Myrtle Williamson Fern, Hugh, Violet, Dale, Leslie, Norma Pressey Bruce R1 Whitley Sec3 O26a 1888
Lane, J. L. Mary Martin Maude, Claude, Charles, Elsie, Oleta, Orville, Oscar, Walter, Roscoe, Don Bruce R1 East Nelson Sec31 O155a 1877
Lane, Mrs. Nora L. Nora Patterson Ledah, Hoke, Helen Sullivan R4 Sullivan Sec24 O72a 1907
Langston, J. A. Minnie Lilly Grace Sullivan R2 Jonathan Creek Sec7 T178a R. Daugherty 1877
Lansten, A. H. Maude Creech Katherine, Lucile Bethany RD Marrowbone Sec23 O7a 1883
Lash, W. E. Goldie Eutts Hal, Isabelle, Robert, Bernard, Merle Allenville R1 East Nelson Sec27 T160a 1916
Laws, James Pauline Kimmell Carl Arthur R2 Lowe Sec4 Farm hand for Charles Buxton 1917
Lawson, E. F. Alta Dearman Dorothy Lovington R2 Lovington Sec17 Farm hand for W. F. Shields 1888
Lawson, Nathan Mary A. Grimsley May, Raleigh Lovington Lovington Sec27 Farm hand for Mr. Cheever 1868
Layman, A.
Florence Windsor R2 Whitley Sec21 A. A. Smith 1892
Layman, H. L.

Lovington R3 Lovington Sec5 O40a 1875
Layton, J. D.
Kitty, Edith, William Allenville R1 East Nelson Sec26 O218a 1867
Le Valey, Asa Eva Crews Etta, Pansy Sullivan R3 Sullivan Sec16 Farm hand for Harley Wood 1909
Leach, James A. Lois Porter Gayle Lovington R1 Lovington Sec 4 S [T14N] Farm hand for T. F. Porter 1906
Leach, William T. Jennie Deshield Elizabeth Lovington R2 Lovington Sec20 T80a Peter Lux 1909
Leachman, J. E. Florence Martin
Lovington R4 Lowe Sec18 T215a J. B. Martin 1912
Lecrone, Ott Anna Neavoll Stephen, Frank, Fonrose, Nellie Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec8 Farm hand for R. C. Parks 1913
Lecrone, Sam Maude Leech Ruby, Virginia Lovington R3 Lovington Sec15 T280a Mrs. Maude Vadagan 1900
Lee, Henry Delia Wickiser Alva, Sherman, Conard, Millard, Kenneth, Opal Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec34 Farm hand for Joseph Miller 1904
Lee, James
Addie Bruce R1 Sullivan Sec32 O80a 1843
Lee, Levi Emma Schrock Katie, Abbie, Jacob, Mary, Menno, Fannie Arthur R3 Lowe Sec34 O80a 1902
Lee, W. H. Mollie Stevens Lenna, Cleo, Dale, Fred Bruce R1 Sullivan Sec33 T165a E. J. Miller 1870
Leeads [Leeds], C. G. [Carl] Beatrice Purvis Mary Sullivan R1 East Nelson Sec4 O150a 1882
Leeds, F. E. Susan Elzy Eva, Carl, Stella, Opha, Carrie, Perry, Vica, Ray, Roy, Clarence, Elmer, Grace Findley R1 Sullivan Sec36 O345a 1865
Leggitt, Mrs. T. L. Julia Reed Thomas, Mollie, Ettie, Olive Bruce R1 Whitley Sec7 O78.5a 1844
Leggitt, T. I. Eva White Thomas, Archie, Thelma Lee Bruce R1 Whitfield Sec7 T40a M. L. Waggoner 1872
Lehman, Mrs. Margaret Margaret Brosam Clara, John, Gertrude, William, Clyde, Claudia, Katherine, Jim, Albert Sullivan R4 Sullivan Sec24 O40a 1858
Leininger, Charles Jessie Milton Ottie, Ray, Saul, Clifford, Alice Findley R1 Sullivan Sec36 R4[E] Farm hand for H. H. Chaney 1915
Leitch, Ira A. Grace Tull Lawrence, Margaret, Ruth, Esther Bethany R3 Marrowbone Sec27 T10Oa Elmer DeBruler 1903
Lewis, A. J.

Hammond R1 Lowe Sec6 O391a 1863
Lewis, W. C. Emma Brown Lucile, LaVone Hammond R1 Lowe Sec7 T176a A. J. Lewis 1871
Light, Edgar H.

Lovington R5 Lovington Sec9 T2a Lida Harris 1892
Lilly, H. B. Druzzilla Layton Lloyd Allenville R1 East Nelson Sec22 O20a 1872
Lilly, J. F. Pearl Osborn
Sullivan R4 East Nelson Sec33 O102a 1877
Lilly, W. M. Risa Graham Margaret, Mildred Arthur R3 Jonathan Creek Sec14 O200a 1882
Linder, J. L. Freda Maxedon Carl, Letha Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec21 O120a 1891
Linebaugh, J. M. Alice Williams Maude Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec18 O37a 1909
Link, Fralie Vera Smith
Arthur R2 Lowe Sec24 Farm hand for L. Eakles 1915
Link, George W. Daisy Smith Laura, Charles Arthur R2 Lowe Sec25 Farm hand for L. A. Eakle 1915
Linvill, Ed Belle Bridges
Bruce R1 Whitley Sec18 O86a 1880
Livesay, M. W.

Bethany R3 Marrowbone Sec24 O45a 1858
Locke, Robert Sarah E. Jeffers Sylvester, Walter, Laura, Hallie, Frank, Otis, Thomas, Julia Sullivan R4 Sullivan Sec26 O43a 1865
Lorenson, J. H. Mamie R. Lang
Lovington R4 Lovington Sec24 O160a 1915
Lorenson, L. A. Delia Ingle Herbert, Nellie Heart's Content Farm Lovington R4 Lovington Sec13 O160a 1875
Love, Ealem

Bethany R3 Marrowbone Sec36 T25a Jim Majers 1889
Love, J. W.
Vina, Martha, Rufus, Ealem Bethany R3 Marrowbone Sec25 O1a 1898
Love, R. G. Neva Cole
Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec5 Farm hand for Al Younger 1892
Low, F. A. Ida Gasway Ralph, Florence, Grace, Clifford Allenville R1 East Nelson Sec35 O80a 1907
Low, H. J.
Maria, Robert, Will, Isaac, Nora Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec27 O33a 1885
Low, J. R. Susie Lansden Clyde, Charles, Dewey Bethany RD Marrowbone Sec23 O7a 1867
Low, W. O. Eva DeBruler Troy, Kenneth, Oka Bethany R3 Sullivan Sec31 O48a 1909
Lowe, Alta (Purvis)

Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec27 O269a 1892
Lowe, O. E. Helen Clark Clark Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec21 O190a 1911
Loy, Vernon Susie Booker Vera Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec14 Farm hand for Frank Emel 1912
Lumsden, J. A. Annie Jones Helen, James, Donald, Eileen Bethany R3 Marrowbone Sec2 O65a 1902
Lumsden, J. R. Mary Gullaford Edmond, Allen, Lloyd Bethany R1 Marrowbone Sec6 T450a E. W Lumsden 1909
Lundy, L. V. Emily Cook Bertha, Bert, Mamie Lovington R5 Lovington Sec11 Farm hand 1907
Lupton, Chess Stella Miers Perley Lake City R1 Dora Sec12 T120a P. K. Miers 1903
Luttrell, C. C. Nellie Glaville Lorne, Alpha, Rolland, Louise, Merwin, Doris, Levere, Lenore, Bertha Bruce RD Whitley Sec1 O40a T120a 1877
Luttrell, L. Sarah Cox Mary, William, Rufus, Corrie Bruce RD Whitley Sec1 O280a 1867
Luttrell, R. J. Maude Hilligoss Florence, Rufus, Maria, Dorothy Windsor R2 Whitley Sec13 O80a 1869
Lyster, C. L. Eliza Northway William Lovington R3 Lovington Sec4 Farm hand for Elmer Cochran 1917

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