Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders (1917)
Moultrie County Automobiles - by Owner



Owner Make Address
Adams, G. H. Studebaker Windsor, R.3
Adkihs, Wm. Jr. Haynes Lovington, R.2
Adkins, R. S. Haynes Lovington, R.1
Adkins, Wm. Haynes Lovington, R.3
Albers, F. Ford and Studebaker Arthur, R.2
Albers, W. W. Buick Arthur, R.4
Alexander, H. M. Overland Lovington, R.2
Alexander, I. T. Overland Gays, R.1
Alvey, Isaac Reo Sullivan, R.5
Anderson, Ed Ford Bruce, R.1
Armantrout,P.M. Oldsmobile and Ford Gays, R.1
Armantrout.O. R. Maxwell Coles
Armes, E. F. Buick Gays, R.1
Armstrong, J. R. Buick Lake City, R.1
Ascherman, E. E. Fosd Arthur, R.4
Ascherman, R. Mitchell and Elgin Lovington, R.4
Ascherman, W. Haynes Lovington, R.3
Ashbrook, V. R. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Atchison, Hal Ford Lovington, R.5
Atherton Bros. Haynes Lovington, R.1
Atkinson, ,W. Jackson Bethany, R.1
Bafford, G. W. Overland Lovington, R.2
Bailey, J. Y. Chalmers Lovington, R.2
Bailey, L. Ford Lovington, R.2
Bailey, W. L. Chalmers Lake City
Baker, L. M. Overland Lake City, R.1
Ballard, Ira Buick Sullivan, R.2
Bandy, Albert Buick Arthur, R.2
Bandy, Eliza Haynes Lovington, R.3
Bandy, S. F. Buick and Cadillac Lake City, R.1
Barber, John Buick Allenville, R.1
Barnes, I. N. Mitchell Findley, R.1
Batman, M. E. Overland Bethany, R.1
Beebe, Bert Oakland Lovington, R.3
Bence, W. A. Chevrolet Windsor, R.2
Betts, L. T. Chalmers Lovington, R.3
Bicknell, J. S. Cadillac Lovington, R.2
Blanchard, Geo. Ford Bruce, R.1
Bland, E. Chevrolet Findley, R.1
Boggs, W. L. Ford Lovington, R.4
Bolin, A. D. Maxwell Gays, R.1
Bolin, Alf. Ford Sullivan, R.6
Bolin, G. W. Ford Sullivan, R.6
Bolsen, S. Buick Lovington, R.3
Bone, W. R. Ford Bethany, R.3
Booker, C. D. Studebaker Sullivan, R.5
Bowers, A. S. Ford Lovington, R.5
Bowers, C. A. Ford Lovington, R.1
Bowers, J. E. Paige Sullivan, R.2
Boyd, Al. Buick Gays, R.1
Boyd, Henry Overland Gays, R.1
Boyd, V. E.M.F. Gays, R.1
Branum, J. A. Dodge Lovington, R.2
Bresnan, E. J. Studebaker Lovington, R.1
Brown, E. Chevrolet Arthur, R.4
Brown, H. P. Hupmobile Bethany, R.3
Brown, Homer Ford Bethany, R.1
Brown, J. Jr. Lexington Lovington, R.1
Brown, John Chevrolet Arthur, R.2
Brown, John Sr. Overland Lovington, R.1
Buckalew, Z. Z. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.4
Bundy, F. E. Jeffery Bruce, R.1
Bundy, Orall Ford Bruce, R.1
Bundy, Oscar Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Burcham, L. P. Ford Lake City, R.1
Burchan, Bert Overland Lovington, R.2
Burchan, J. Overland Lovington, R.2
Burchan, L. S. Dodge Lovington, R.2
Burge, R. C. Chevrolet Lovington, R.4
Burnett, S. Grant Allenville, R.1
Bushart, W. H. Ford Sullivan, R.4
Bushert, P. J. Buick Bethany, R.3
Buxton, O. G. Ford Allenville, R.1
Byrom, J. A. Paige Sullivan, R.5
Cadwell, Airs. M. Studebaker Cadwell
Campbell, C. Inter-State Lake City, R.1
Campbell, W. E. Velie Sullivan, R.2
Carlyle, Chas. Grant Bethany, R.1
Carnine, D. W. Ford Sullivan, R.4
Carrol, M. P. Overland Windsor, R.2
Carter, D. E. Studebaker Sullivan, R.1
Carter, S. A. Reo Bruce, R.1
Casteel, C. W. Ford Lovington, R.4
Chancy, J. A. Sr. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.4
Chaney, H. H. Case Findley, R.1
Cheever, J. L. Ford Coles
Christian, A. B. Ford Lovington, R.3
Clevenger, Joe Auburn Lovington, R.4
Cochran, E. E. I.H.C. Lovington, R.3
Coe, G. A. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.5
Cole, J. A. Haynes Bethany, R.3,
Coleman, Ray Buick Six Bethany, R.2,
Collins, C. Ford Arthur, R.2,
Collins, R. A. R.C.H. Sullivan, R.6,
Conlin Bros. Ford and Dodge Lovington, R.1
Cook, D. W. Overland Bethany, R.3,
Cook, Fred, Ford Lovington, R.5
Cooley, Ed. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Cotner, D. E. Ford Bruce, R.1
Cotner, D. E. Overland Dalton City, R.1
Cotner, J. E. Kissel Bethany, R.3
Coward, B. F. Haynes Lovington, R.4
Cox, C. E. Reo Arthur, R.2
Craig, Earl Ford Arthur R.1
Craig, J. W. Ford Arthur, R.1
Craig, Jas. Ford Arthur, R.3
Cripe, Geo. W. Overland Lake City
Cruse, Edw. Overland Hammond, R.1
Cundiff, D. B. Reo Arthur, R.4
Cunningham, M. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Curry, I. L Paige Sullivan, R.5
Dale, J. W. Ford Sullivan, R.5
Dalton, Walter Hudson Dalton City, R.1
Davis, A. N. Maxwell Gays, R.1
Davis, C. M. Oakland Gays, R.1
Davis, E. M. Chevrolet Coles
Davis, F P. Overland Coles
Davis, F. L. Overland Sullivan, R.2
Davis, R. Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Dawdy, J. C. Ford and Velie Bruce, R.1
Dean, Henry Ford Lovington, R.5
Dedman, Sid. Chevrolet Bethany, R.I
Delahunty, Mrs.E. Buick Six Dalton City
Delana, W. S. Ford Bruce, R.1
Delong, R. M. Maxwell Gays, R.1
Dever, Owen Reo Sullivan, R.6
Dial, Norman Studebaker Lovington, R.3
Dial, Wm. E. Ford Lovington, R.2
Dick, Chas. T. Overland Arthur, R.2
Dick, Grover L. Ford Arthur, R.2
Dick, Sam Overland Arthur, R.2
Dick, W. E. Ford Arthur, R.2
Dickson, F. S. Jeffery La Place
Dildine, H. L. Oakland Arthur, R.4
Dippel, W. H. Dort Arthur, R.3
Dixon, Clarence Ford Lovington, R.5
Dolan, A. H. Ford Lovington, R.4
Doughty, Frank Ford Sullivan, R.4
Doyle, C. W. E.M.F. Bruce, R.1
Ducey, Mike Moon Lovington, R.3
Dwyer, John Dodge Lake City, R.1
Dyer, J. C. White Lovington, R.4
Dyer, J. R. White Lovington, R.4
Dyer, Mrs. Ella Payne Lovington, R.4
Eakle, D. A. Overland Arthur
Eberhardt, J. J. Chevrolet Arthur, R.4
Edmistbn, W. E. Willys-Knight Sullivan, R.5
Edmonds, G. D. Overland Gays, R.1
Edmondson, V. Ford Arthur, R.4
Edwards, John Overland Windsor, R.2
Edwards, John M. Studebaker Lake City, R.1
Edwards, R. M. Mitcliell Windsor, R.2
Eikenberry, Orin Overland Lovington, R.3
Ekiss, B. F. Overland Dalton City, R.1
Ekiss, Chas. Overland Bethany, R.3
Ekiss, Dan Overland Bethany, R.1
Elder, Geo. I. Ford Sullivan, R. J
Elder, J. P. Ford Sullivan, R. t
Elder, W. S. Jr. Chevrolet Arthur, R.1
Elder, W. T. Overland Bethany, R.1
Elliott, Geo. H. Ford Lovington, R.2
Ellis, Tilford P. Cadillac Lovington, R.5
Emel, Frank Paige Sullivan, R.4
Emel, M. L. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.5
Erhardt, Fred Ford Arthur, R.2
Erhardt, Geo. H. Reo Arthur, R.2
Erhardt, Roy Dort Arthur, R.2
Eskridge, H. Ford Bethany, R.3
Eskridge, John Cadillac Lovington, R.3
Esry, H. B. Buick Bethany, R.3
Evans, Chas. I. Studebaker Lovington, R.3
Evans, J. E. Ford Kirksville
Ferry, Joe Overland Bethany, R.1
Fields, Geo. A. Maxwell Sullivan, R.2
Fifer, Geo. Ford Arthur, R.1
Finley, G. T. Overland Gays, R.1
Fisher, H. C. Ford (2) Sullivan, R.3
Fisher, Margaret Reo Arthur, R.4
Fisher, Wm. Ford Sullivan, R.3
Fitzgerald, J. M. Buick Lovington, R.1
Fleshner, J. L. Hupmobile Allenville, R.I
Fleshner, Thos. Velie Allenville, R.1
Fletcher, B. F. Buick Dalton City, R.1
Floyd, Thos. Ford Cadwell
Foley, D. E. Auburn Lake City, R.1
Foley, John F. Studebaker Lovington, R.1
Foley, John H. Hudson Lake City, R.1
Forsyth, David Moline Bethany, R.1
Fortner, Porter Briscoe Kirksville
Foster, J. D. Saxon Lovington, R.4
Foster, M. E. Chalmers Lovington, R.2
Foster, Margaret Ford Lovington, R.5
Fread, J. S. Paige Lovington, R.5
Frederick, H. A. Ford Kirksville, R.5
Freeland, D. E. Overland Windsor, R.2
Freeland, Homer Buick Bethany, R.3
Freese, G. W. Ford Sullivan, R.2
French, S. R. Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Fryman, E. M. Maxwell Lovington, R.3
Fulton, David Dort Arthur, R.3
Funk, Sam Dodge Lovington, R.3
Funston, J. E. Chevrolet Lovington, R.5
Garrett, G. C. Ford Gays, R.1
Garrett, M. A. Buick Gays, R.1
Garrett, R. O. Studebaker Sullivan, R.4
Garrett, Rex Maxwell Bruce. R.1
Gentry, C. M. Ford Lovington, R.4
Gibison, D. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.6
Glasscock, C. O. Oldsmobile Gays, R.1
Goddard, Thos. Ford Bruce, R.1
Goetz, A. T. Willys-Knight Bethany, R.1
Gould, F. O. Ford Lovington, R.5
Gould, W. D. Ford Lovington, R; 2
Graham, F. C. Oldsmobile Allenville, R.1
Grant, S. E. Overland Arthur, R.2
Graven, John W. Maxwell Sullivan, R.5
Graven, T. A. Maxwell Windsor, R.3
Graven, W. W. Oakland Sullivan, R.4
Graves, J. B. Ford Arthur, R.2
Griffin, T..E. Ford Sullivan, R.5
Gripe, Lee L. Overland Dalton City, R.1
Griswold, Wm. T. Ford o Lake City, R.1
Ground, R. K. Maxwell Sullivan, R.3
Hacker, C. A. Cadillac Lovington, R.3
Hall, H. B. Ford Allenville, R.1
Hamblin, E. E. Ford (2) Lovington, R.5
Hamm, B. C. Overland Lake City, R.1
Hark, A. N. Ford Lovington, R.2
Harkless, C. A. Ford Windsor, R.2
Harmon, Ed. Overland Lovington, R.5
Harmon, Fred Overland Sullivan, R.2
Harpster, W. K. Ford Sullivan, R.4
Harris, Mrs. N. G. Reo Arthur, R.4
Hartsock, Chas. Buick Lovington, R.3
Hawkins, H. H. Studebaker Gays, R.1
Heerdt, Chas. Reo Arthur, R.2
Heiland, J. W. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.5
Henderson, A. S. Chevrolet Bruce, R.1
Henderson, John Oakland Six Coles, R.1
Henneberry, E. Buick Bethany
Henneberry, Wm. Ford Bethany
Higgenson, John Ford Arthur, R.1
Hill, Lee Dodge Lovington, R.3
Hoffman, A. F. Buick Lovington, R.5
Hogan, M. C. National Dalton City
Hogue, Orville Ford Sullivan, R.1
Holman, Carey L. Willys-Knight and Dodge Lake City, R.1
Hopper, C. N. Case Gays, R.1
Horn, Chester Hudson Sullivan, R.3
Horn, Earl Hudson Sullivan, R.3
Horn, L. C. Maxwell Sullivan, R.4
Hortenstine, N. E. Oldsmobile Gays, R.1
Hoskin, J. W. Overland Allenville, R.1
Hoskins, B. W. Ford Bethany, R.2
Hosteller, C. E. Dodge Lovington, R.5
Hostetler, A. L, Dodge Lovington, R.5
Howell, C. M. Ford Arthur, R.3
Howell, E. L. Dort Sullivan, R.2
Howell, Herbert E. Chalmers Lovington, R.4
Howell, R. E. Chalmers Lovington
Howell, W. S. Chalmers (2) and Hudson Lovington
Howell, Wm. J. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Hudson, J. T. Haynes Lovington
Hudson, Robt. Ford Bethany, R.3
Huff, W. R. Glide Sullivan, R.5
Hughes, J. W. Ford and Studebaker Pierson Station
Hull, B. M. Case Lovington, R.1
Humphreys, B. F Grant Lovington, R.4
Hunt, Frank Ford Arthur, R.2
Hunt, H. F. Overland Allenville, R.1
Jenne, Chas. H. E.M.F. Arthur, R.2
Johnson, M. S. Chevrolet Pierson Station
Jones, J. R. Ford Gays, R.1
Jones, Walter Overland Arthur, R.2
Jurgen, Henry Ford Arthur, R.2
Kanitz, A. L. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Kanitz, F. A. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Kearney, Edw. Mitchell Lovington, R.3
Kearney, Mrs. S. E. Ford Lovington, R.3
Kearney, O. B. Ford Lovington, R.3
Kelly, Jas. F. Hupmobile Sullivan, R.5
Kennedy, W. C. Overland Lovington, R.1
Kenney, Wm. J. Buick Sullivan, R.6
Kinkade, W. D. Ford Gays, R.1
Kinney, Lon Overland Arthur, R.2
Kinney, W. E. Overland Lovington, R.4
Kinsel, Otto Ford Bruce, R.1
Kinsel, Roy Ford Sullivan, R.3
Kinsel, Thos. Ford Sullivan, R.3
Kirk, W. A. R.C.H. Windsor, R.2
Knight, C. J. Buick Dalton City, R.1
Landers, Dennis Paige Sullivan, R.3
Landers, J. R. Dort Arthur, R.3
Landers, Willis Paige Sullivan, R.6
Landgrebe, E. E. Ford Arthur, R.2
Landgrebe, J. W. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Landgrebe, Martin Ford Pierson Station
Leachman, J. E. Overland Lovington, R.4
Lecrone, Sam Chevrolet Lovington, R.3
Leeads, C. G. Overland Sullivan, R.1
Leggitt, T. I. Chevrolet Bruce, R.1
Lewis, A. J. Saxon Hammond, R.1
Lewis, W. C. Ford Hammond, R.1
Lilly, W. M. Ford Arthur, R.3
Linder, J. L. Velie Sullivan, R.5
Lorensen, J. H. Overland Lovington, R.4
Lorensen, L. A. Cadillac and Overland Lovington, R.4
Low, W. O. Elgin Bethany, R.3
Lowe, O. E. Ford Sullivan, R.5
Lumsden, T. R. Saxon Bethany, R.1
Lupton, Chas. Haynes Lake City, R.1
Luttrell, C. C. Ford Bruce R.1
Madigan, John Studebaker Lovington, R.1
Madigan, John H. Hudson Lake City, R.1
Majers, J. C. Maxwell Bethany, R.3
Malloy, John Overland Lovington, R.1
Marble, I. N. Empire Bruee, R.1
Marshall, J. A. Chevrolet Bethany, R.1
Marshall, W. A. [printed as 'Mashall', but actually William A. Marshall] Buick Bethany, R.2
Martin, C. A. Ford Lovington, R.2
Martin, J. B. Buick Sullivan, R.2
Martin, R. F. Reo Arthur, R.2
Matheny, Edw. Willys-Knight Dalton City, R.1
Matheson, W. W. Ford Sullivan, R.5
Mayes, J. L. Cadillac Dalton City, R.1
McClure, Mary J. Ford Sullivan, R.3
McDavid, John L. Briscoe Windsor, R.3
McDermott, Wm. Oakland Lovington, R.2
McDonald, J. J. Paige Arthur, R.3
McLaughlin, Geo. Studebaker and Maxwell Bethany, R.1
Meece, Frank Buick Arthur, R.2
Meeser, Harry Cadillac Gays, R.1
Mentzer, Mrs. A. Reo Arthur, R.2
Mentzer, Ralph Ford Arthur, R.2
Mentzer, W. M. Ford Arthur, R.2
Merrell, Jos. Willys-Knight Dalton City, R.I
Metzger, Henry Overland La Place
Miller, C. F. Ford Lovington, R.2
Miller, Geo. W. Overland Arthur, R.1
Miller, Jos. A. Reo Arthur, R.1
Miller, Oce Ford Lovington, R.5
Miller, R. Ford Bruce, R.1
Misenheimer, Ray Chevrolet Sullivan, R.4
Mitchell, Bart Overland Bethany, R.I
Mitchell, E. A. Ford Bethany, R.3
Moberly, M. F. Chalmers Hammond, R.1
Mock, Wm. T. Buick Hammond, R.1
Monroe, Chris Paige Lovington, R.5
Monson, C. V. Ford Allenville, R.1
Monson, H. C. [printed as 'Monsun', but actually Henry C. Monson] Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Montague, R. P. Maxwell Gays, R.1
Moore, Chas. B.. Overland Arthur, R.2
Morrison, John Overland Lovington, R.1
Moss, Chas. Buick Arthur, R.2
Murphy, John Ford Sullivan, R.2
Murray, W. T. Overland Sullivan, R.4
Myer, Ed. Chevrolet Lake City, R.1
Neal, C. B. Ford Windsor, R.2
Neff, W. O. Haynes Lovington, R.3
Newlan, L. A. Ford Lovington, R.2
Nighswander, Grover Ford Sullivan, R.5
Noel, Frank L. Cadillac Lake City
Norris, Mrs. M. A. Overland Bethany, R.2
Ogle, Jas. W. Overland Lovington, R.1
Olmsted, J. Grant Allenville, R.1
Oxley, J. W. Buick Lovington, R.1
Patterson, Chas. Regal Sullivan, R.4
Patterson, W. J. Ford Sullivan, R.5
Payne, E. E. Ford Arthur, R.3
Peters, W. E. Overland Sullivan, R.3
Phillips, A. V, Buick Sullivan, R.1
Phillips, Fred E. Reo Arthur, R.4
Phillips, W. J. Ford Allenville, R.1
Phipps, W. E. Maxwell Gays, R.1
Pickle, H. W. Ford Arthur, R.3
Pierce, R. L. Overland Sullivan, R.1
Pifer, Frank Ford Sullivan, R.1
Poe, Rolla Ford Lovington, R.4
Poole, J. H. Chevrolet Lovington, R.3
Poole, John,Dodge Lintner Lovington, R.4
Potter, Chas. Dodge Sullivan, R.2
Pound, J. A. Reo Arthur, R.3
Powell, John F. Chevrolet Lake City, R.1
Powell, M. N. Chevrolet Bethany, R.3
Powers, J. J. Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Price, Moses Inter-State Bethany, R.3
Purvis, C. E. Ford Sullivan, R.1
Purvis, J. Ray Willys-Knight Sullivan,,R.6
Purvis, S. P. Overland Sullivan, R.1
Purvis, Walter Chevrolet Sullivan, R.6
Queary, G. A. Overland Sullivan, R.1
Quiet, Mrs. R. A. Chevrolet Gays, R.1
Ramsey, Mrs. Lura Ford Sullivan, R.4
Ransford, C. in Rambler Lovington, R.3
Rauch, J. W. Ford Bruce, R.1
Ray, C. F. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Ray, E. T. Haynes and Ford Sullivan, R.6
Ray, Herman Ford Sulivan, R.2
Redfern, Wilbur Oldsmobile Lovington, R.2
Redman, T. E. Dodge Lovington, R.3
Reedy, J. A. Overland Sullivan, R.3
Reedy, M. F. Buick Lovington, R.1
Reedy, Thos. Hudson Lovington, R.1
Reese, J. M. Ford Lovington, R.2
Reeter, Gus. Cole Lake City, R.1
Rhodes, C. R. Dixie Bethany, R.3
Rhodes, H. Oakland Lovington, R.5
Rhodes, J. E. Maxwell Lovington, R.5
Rhodes, Jim Haynes Bethany
Rhodes, Virgil Ford Lovington, R.1
Richardson, Quince Reo Arthur, R.4
Richey, Clyde Ford Sullivan, R.2
Rigg, Arthur E. Ford Lovington, R.4
Rigg, John Ford Arthur, R.2
Riley, W. L. Ford Sullivan, R.2
Roberts, L. F. Reo Arthur, R.4
Robinson, F. M. Chevrolet Arthur, R.2
Robinson, W. C. Overland Allenville, R. J
Robinson, Will Overland Arthur, R.2
Roby, Orval Oakland Gays, R.1
Rose, M. R. National Windsor, R.2
Ryan, J. J. Ford Arthur, R.1
Salling, J. W. Dodge Lovington, R.3
Scheer, T. G. Buick Bethany, R.2
Schram, Geo. E. Ford Lovington, R.2
Schuetz, E. A. Overland Lovington, R.4
Schuetz, F. W. Buick Lovington, R.4
Schuetz, Wm. G. Chevrolet Lovington, R.4
Scott, A. C. White Dalton City, R.1
Scott, A. J. Overland Bethany, R.2
Seals, D. L. Overland Sullivan, R.1
Seals, E. M. Reo Arthur, R.1
Seaman, Frank Reo Arthur, R.1
Seass, Levis Ford Arthur, R.3
Selock, Elmer Overland Bruce, R.1
Selock, Mrs.W.E. Briscoe Bruce, R.1
Selock, Till Hupmobile Bruce, R.1
Sentel, Elmer Reo Arthur, R.2
Sexton, A. J. Reo Arthur, R.1
Shable, Wm. F. Reo Arthur, R.2
Shadow, Ed Ford Windsor, R.2
Sharp, Austin Reo Arthur, R.2
Sharp, J. H. Haynes Bethany, R.3
Sharp, Virgil Willys-Knight Lovington, R.4
Shasteen, Carl Ford Sullivan, R.3
Shasteen, J. D. Ford Bethany, R.3
Shasteen, Ray Chevrolet Arthur, R.3
Sheehan, T. F. Buick Lake City, R.1
Sherburn, W. H. Overland Sullivan, R.5
Sherman, Jas. E. E.M.F. Lake City, R.1
Sherman, Jos. Studebaker Lake City
Sherman, Mose Hupmobile Lovington, R.2
Shield, Mrs. J. Maxwell Lovington, R.1
Shirey, Bryce Ford Sullivan, R.3
Shirey, S. B. Reo Allenville, R.1
Shirey, W. B. Cadillac Lovington, R.5
Shuman, Bliss Hudson Sullivan, R.1
Smith, A. A. Oakland Windsor, R.2
Smith, Ed. Overland Lovington, R.1
Smith, H. M. Overland Bethany, R.1
Smith, J. G. Ford Lovington, R.1
Smith, Jas. Sr. Ford Lovington, R.1
Smith, John S. Buick Bethany, R.3
Smith, John T. Overland Lovington, R.1
Smith, S. C. Ford Allenville, R.1
Smith, Wm. Sr. Overland Lovington, R.1
Smysor, H. L. Cadillac and Ford Windsor, R.2
Snyder, J. H. Chevrolet Lovington, R.2
Spencer, J. G. Ford Windsor, R.2
Sporleden, Frank Ford Bethany, R.1
Stark, John R. Cole Bethany, R.2
Steck, Jacob Reo Lovington, R.4
Steiger, Jas. A. Overland Dalton City, R.1
Stevens, Frank Ford Arthur, R.3
Stocks, Arthur E. Hudson Lovington, R.2
Stocks, S. E. Buick Dalton City, R.1
Storm, Z. T. Ford Windsor, R.2
Stricklan, W. P. Chevrolet Sullivan, R.6
Sullivan, J. C. Ford Sullivan, R.6
Sullivan, Mike Buick Lake City, R.1
Tabor, J. B. Overland Allenville, R.1
Taylor, A. B. Lozier Lovington, R.3
Taylor, C.W. Briscoe Dalton City, R.1
Thomas, Fred Ford Hammond, R.1
Thomas, Ross Overland Arthur, R.3
Thompson, Will C. Ford Windsor, R.2
Tipswood, Arthur Velie Bethany, R.3
Toney, Claud L. Overland Lovington, R.3
Townley, E. C. Oakland Allenville, R.1
Townley, Wm. S. Ford Allenville, R.1
Tueth, Edw. Reo Lake City, R.1
Tueth, John Overland Lovington, R.1
Vollmer, P: J. Jeffery Lake City, R.1
Wacaser, Frank Hupmobile Lovington, R.3
Wagemann, J. B. Ford Bethany, R.2
Waggoner, A. J. Studebaker Gays, R.1
Waggoner, C. C. Ford and Willys-Knight Gays, R.1
Waggoner, Mrs. C. Paige and Velie Gays, R.1
Waggoner, P. G. Studebaker Gays, R.1
Walker, Henry Ford and Studebaker Gays, R.1
Walker, S. A. Studebaker Windsor, R.2
Ward, F. O. Buick Bethany, R.2
Ward, Roy Overland Bethany, R.2
Warner, L. Ford Lovington, R.4
Watkins, J. W. Reo Arthur, R.2
Watts, O. W. Buick Lovington, R.4
Weatherly, H. V. Oakland Lovington, R.3
Weaver, H. F. Ford Allenville, R.1
Weeks, Rush C. Haynes Lake City, R.1
Weidner, Elmer. Buick Lake City, R.1
Welman, J. T. Ford Lovington, R.1
West, J. W. Ford Bruce R.1
West, W. L. Overland Bethany, R.3
Wetherell, O. L. Dort Arthur, R.2
Wheeler, C. S. Maxwell Sullivan, R.3
Wheeler, R. B. Maxwell Sullivan, R.5
Wheller, L. A. Buick Bethany, R.3
White, J. C. Ford Lovington, R.4
White, J. H. Ford Williamsburg
White, Mrs. E. Hupmobile Sullivan, R.5
White, R. L. Hupmobile Sullivan, R.5
Wiley, J. P. Velie Sullivan, R.1
Wiley, V. H. Ford Allenville, R.1
Wilkinson, Elmer Lexington Bethany, R.2
Williams, Ben T. Mitchell, Buick Lovington, R.4
Williamson, H. Chevrolet Windsor, R.2
Williamson, O. Ford Arthur, R.2
Wilson, D. E. Studebaker Lake City, R.1
Wilson, Ray Ford Sullivan, R.2
Wilt, Alva Haynes Lake City, R.1
Wilt, Roy Ford Lovington, R.1
Wilt, T. D. Hudson Lovington R.2
Wilt, Thos. D. Hudson Lovington R.2
Winchester, W. B. Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Wining, W. E. [Willie E. Wining. Despite the similarity of name, he appears not to be one of the 'Winings' of north-west Moultrie] Ford Arthur, R.2
Winings, Frank Chevrolet Bethany, R.1
Winings, Ira H. Ford Lake City, R.1
Winings, J. J. Reo Bethany, R.1
Winings, L. T. Reo Arthur,R.2
Winings, Rollo Grant Sullivan, R.3
Winings, Thos. F Chalmers Lake City,R.1
Winings, Verna I Reo Lake City, R.1
Winskill, John Overland Arthur,R.2
Wiser, Walter Reo Arthur. R.3
Wood, John H. Haynes Lovington,R.3
Wood, Mrs. M. C. Maxwell and Buick Sullivan, R.3
Wood, R. W. Willys-Knight Arthur,
Wood, Sam Patterson Hammond,R.1
Woodruff, Ray Case Sullivan, R.3
Woods, W. R. Ford Sullivan,R.3
Woolen, A. A. Overland Bethany, R.1
Wright, Ansel Ford Bethany,R.3
Wright, Arthur Detroiter Bruce, R.I
Yarnell, C. A. Paige Sullivan, R.5
Yarnell, Carl Overland Bethany,R.3
Yarnell, J. M. Hudson Sullivan, R.5
Yarnell, O. C. Chalmers Sullivan, R.5
Yoder, Joe Hupmobile Arthur, R.1
York, S. A. Reo Arthur, R.2
York, Walter Reo Arthur, R.2
Young, Farley Studebaker Allenville, R.1
Young, H. D. C. H. Allenville, R.1
Young, J. A. Ford Allenville, R.1
Young, Ray A. Buick Gays, R.1
Young, Scott Ford Gays, R.1
Young, W. S. Ford Gays, R.1
Younger, Lloyd Buick Bethany, R.2
Zinkler, M. M. Ford Arthur R.3

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