Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders (1917)
Moultrie County Farmers : K



Head of household Spouse Children Address Location Details In county since
Kanitz, A. L. Grace Ogburn
Sullivan R2 Jonathan Creek Sec4 T80a Mrs. M. M. Kanitz 1895
Kanitz, F. A. Nellie Perrott Maurine, Mildred Sullivan R2 Jonathan Creek Sec4 T120a Mrs. M. M. Kanitz 1889
Kanitz, Mrs. M. M. (Kasmer)
William, Eddie, Fred, Cora, David, Albert Sullivan R2 Jonathan Creek Sec4 O160a 1867
Kaufman [?]
Doris, Edna Sullivan R5 Sullivan This is an unidentified fragment appended to the entry for Jeff G. Kaufman. Census records have not revealed a family with these daughters whose name started with 'K'
Kaufman, Gideon N.
Susan, Lena, Daniel Arthur R3 Lowe Sec27 O360a 1890
Kaufman, Jeff G. Rebecca Miller
Arthur R3 Lowe Sec27 T40a G. N. Kaufman 1894
Kearney Bros., John M., W. K.

Arthur R2 Lowe Sec22 O170a 1869
Kearney, Edward Edna Ridge Dewey, Madge, Dorothy, Harriet Lovington R3 Lovington Sec2 T329a Kearney Est. 1880
Kearney, George D.

Lovington R3 Lovington Sec8 T163a Mrs. Sarah E. Kearney 1895
Kearney, J. A. Zoe Foster Tom, Fred, Fay Lovington R3 Lovington Sec5 T200a Mrs. Sarah E. Kearney 1887
Kearney, Mrs. Sarah E.
George Lovington R3 Lovington Sec8 O363a 1863
Kearney, O. B. Brilla Moody Kenneth, Emily Lovington R3 Lovington Sec5 O160a 1884
Keeling, John
Frank, Bettie, Dewey, Sampson, John, Clyde Lovington R1 Lovington ec4 T366a William Lewis 1874
Kellar, Ed W. Maggie Higgins Beulah Sullivan R1 Sullivan Sec12 Farm hand for J. F. Fleming 1916
Kellar, Guy L. Agnes Fleming Charles, Vern Sullivan R4 Sullivan Sec26 T160a Mrs. Sarah Dowdy 1883
Kelly, James F. Pearl Duncan Harold, Loren, Johnson Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec6 O40a 1865
Kennedy, G. E. Nellie Monahan Cassie, Thomas, Elizabeth Lovington Lovington Sec28 T3a James Glore 1913
Kennedy, W. C. Olive Crowder Luella Lovington R1 Sullivan Sec 19 O125a 1871
Kenney, C. H. Ninnie Jenne Ethel, Nola, Henry, Lloyd Sullivan R2 Jonathan Creek Sec8 O80a 1873
Kenney, George Ruby Vadeveer William, Mildred, Floyd, Alice Arthur R3 Jonathan Creek Sec16 T100a William Kenney 1890
Kenney, William J. Florence Ballard Nellie, Walker, George, Zora, Iva, Frank, Mabel Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec20 O160a 1869
Keyes, E. F. Melissa Harroll Helen, Grace, Ethel, Hazel, Everett Sullivan R6 Jonathan Creek Sec22 Farm hand for Levi Seass 1883
Keyes, Mary
Anna, Homer, Marie Lovington R2 Lovington Sec 16 O11a 1849
Kidwell, Elias Millie Stevens Edith, Clara, Etta, Lucy, Olive, Marie, Chester, Ralph, Minnie Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec20 O40a 1870
Kidwell, George O. Marie Dazey
Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec20 T95a Sam McKown 1898
Kimbrough, G. W. Lilly Prichard Myrtle, Orla, Artie Gays R1 Whitley Sec26 R6E O1.5a T110a 1910
Kindel, A. S. Sadie Stutsman Esther, Mervin, Stella Gays R1 Whitley Sec9 R6E Ward Garrett 1915
King, John Olive Williamson Vita, Ralph, John, Edith Allenville R1 East Nelson Sec33 T225a Farley Young 1879
King, Joseph Emma Rouse Ethel, Thomas, Robert, William, George, Faith, Edward Sullivan R4 Whitley Sec5 R6E O39a 1897
King, N. Belle Maxedon Hazel, Paul, Orville Sullivan R4 East Nelson Sec32 O40a 1888
Kingrey, David Susan H. Keller William Lovington R1 Lovington Sec34 91a 1875
Kinkade, Thomas Ellen Gamel Lula, Pearl, Fannie, Jennie, Shardon, Logan, Ethel Gays R1 Whitley Sec28 R6E O80a 1859
Kinkade, W. D. Rela Layton Ora, Roy, Glasscock, Fern Gays R1 Whitley Sec27 R6E O100a 1877
Kinney, Lon Hattie Holton Floyd, Frank, Raymond, Leota, Goldie Arthur R2 Lowe Sec14 O110a 1866
Kinney, W. E. Josie Williamson Grace, Cleo, Marie, Jesse Lovington R4 Lowe Sec28 T80a W. J. Bennett 1884
Kinsel, Otto Lilly Johnson Mildred, Merle, Ruth, William Bruce R1 Sullivan Sec34 O220a 1882
Kinsel, Roy Lilly Taylor
Sullivan R3 Sullivan Sec21 O120a 1888
Kinsel, Smith Delia Elder Earl, Lyman Lovington R1 Marrowbone Sec12 O155a 1877
Kinsel, Thomas Edith Taylor Rachel Sullivan R3 Sullivan Sec22 O120a 1889
Kirk, Cash Rela Hopkins Frank, Lottie, Cora Sullivan R6 East Nelson Sec5 T275a Rank McFeders 1882
Kirk, W. A. Esabelle Cart Shirly, Mary, Elsie, Orion, Merley Kirk, Grandchild Windsor R2 Whitley Sec13 R5E O80a 1887
Kirkwood, Dale Bertha Smith
Gays R1 Whitley Sec8 R6E C. E. Peadro 1917
Kirkwood, Ed Julia McCune Clyde, Virgie, Willie Sullivan R5 Sullivan Sec19 O23.5a T30a W. H. McCune 1864
Kirkwood, Leonard Ersie Tipton
Arthur R3 Jonathan Creek Sec15 Farm hand for H. W. Pickle 1916
Knight, C. J. Maye Powell Evelyne, Beulah Willow Branch Farm Dalton City Marrowbone Sec7 O100a 1867
Kown, George S. Eliza Wells Everett, Ida, Homer, Aaron, Russell, Catherine, J. D., Charles Bethany R3 Dora Sec3 Farm hand for John Smith 1914

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