Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders (1917)
Moultrie County Business Directory




Owner/Business Type Comments
Hoskins, H. H General Store
Kimery. Dr. C. W Physician
Lee, Opha E Blacksmith & Implmts.
People's Bank (Not Inc.)

Preston, Pendleton D Hardware & Implmts.
Snyder, Theo General Store
Sutton, A. B General Store
Tabor, J. B. Grain Co. (Not Inc.)

Tohnson H F Restaurant


Owner/Business Type Comments
Armstrong & Sons Harness, Hardware & Furniture Sylvester; Alva and John W.
Bethany Echo Newspaper
Bethany Garage

Bethany Grain Co.

Bethany State Bank

Bone. J. C. Veterinarian
Brock & DeBruler Real Estate James L. Brock, William A. DeBruler
Bun, W. G. Photographer
Chapman, E. C. Restaurant
Coffey, Dr. R. C. Physician
Cord, Arthur Blacksmith
Crowder, J. P. General Merchandise
Cunnyngham, Dr. A. M. Osteopath Alfred M.
DeBruler Sisters Millinery
Dedman Bros. Meats
Farmers Grain Elevator

Hanger Bros. Jewelers & Musical Instruments
Hill, George Real Estate
Hogg, J. M. General Merchandise James M.
Hudson. T. L. Clothing & Gents Furngs. Thomas L.
Keim, Jacob Monuments
Law, Robert Harness
Livesay, M. Wagonmaker
Logan & Crowder Hardware Robert H. Logan, Ridge C. Crowder
Logan Dept. Store General Store William H.
Low, Clyde Dyeing & Cleaning
Marshall. Ed. Livery
McIlwain, Elmer Garage
McIlwain, T. W. Printer Publisher James W. was listed as a newspaper editor in 1910
McKenney, Wm. Real Est. & Insurance
Miller, Dr. A. L. Veterinarian
Mitchell, V. A. Produce & Feeds
Niles. L. W. Insurance & Real Estate
Noble Grain Co. Grain & Coal
Park Hotel, A. E. Connor, Prop.

Rhodes. Henry Contractor
Scott State Bank
Alfred R. Scott, president
Scott, J. Implements
Smith, C. B. Drugs
Spicer, W. R. Restaurant
St. John, Lewis Jewelry & Stationery
Stables. W. R. Groceries & Gen. Store Walter R.
Starr, G. K. Groceries George K.
Taylor, Dr. C. W. Physician Chester M. (Check M.I. In 1920)
Timmons, H. H. Electrical Contractor
Tohill, J. M. Undertaking Clarence O. listed as an undertaker n 1910, 1920
Vadakin, Dr. J. H. Phrmy. & Physician James H.
Wart, Dr. M. L. Dentist
Weidner, John Automobiles
Wheeler & Campbell Genl. Mdse. Sherman (father) /Austin (son) Wheeler
Wheeler Bros. Garage
Wilkinson Bros. Lumber & Bidg. Matrl. William W. and Warren


Owner/Business Type Comments
Cheever, J. L. Restaurant, Cigars, etc.
Graham. W. E. Hardware & Implmts.
Johnson, Job S. General Store
Kepp Bros. & Heindselman Genl. Store Possibly Elzie Kepp (Neoga Twp., Cumberland Co. 1910), who operated a general store; Otto Kepp (Neoga Twp., Cumberland Co. 1920), a partner in a general store.


Owner/Business Type Comments
Armantrout [Armentrout], J. N. General Store Jesse Nelson
Bolan, John S. Tubular Well Drilling
Carter, Isaac Meats
Coffey & Neal Garage & Supplies
Farmers Bank of Gays (Not Inc.)

Fortner, Sam Barber
Gammill & Sons
A general store, operated by father Mack Gammill, son Finley, and possibly also son Lawrence (who, by 1920, was working in a factory)
Gays Mutual Telephone Co.

Grier, Dr. D. D. Physician & Surgeon David D.
Hardinger, Dr. J. D. Physn. & Surgeon John D.
Harrison, H. L. Groceries Herschell L.
Maple House, Robert Curter, Prop.

Moberly, J. W. & Sons Grain Elevator
Monson Bros. Grain Elevator
Moore, G. H. Hardware & Implements
Philpott, Ray S. Restaurant
Shadow, Win. Ice
Spillman, O. W. Blacksmith Orval
Stone, O. M. & Son Coal & Feed Oliver and son Royal
Treat, A. W. Hay Albert W.
Vicent, Mary F. Notions
Wallace. W. L. & Sons Hdwe. & Implts. Watson L.
Welch, W. G. Tubular Well Drilling William


Owner/Business Type Comments
Daum, W. W. General Store
Evans, J. W. Hardware & Implements Job W.
Jeffers, Clark Blacksmith


Owner/Business Type Comments
Boggs, N. W. General Store
Bowen & Houlihan General Store
Bryant, G. W. Auto Garage George W.
Davenport, Marion C. Implements
Dawson, Joe W. Restaurant, Bakery & Confections
Dixon, Mrs. M. J Restaurant Possibly Mary Dixon, listed in the 1920 census as manager of a cream station
Dyer, James W. Restaurant
Foster & Co. Groceries & Meats
Foster, Frank H. Implmts., Seed & Hay
Foster, Glen & Co. Harness
Gifford, E. L Photographer
Gony [Goney], A. Z Confecty., Bakery & Rest. Alexander Goney
Hardware Bank -- Officers: S. P. Drake, L. G. Hostetler, J. R. Drake
Leonard Grant Hostetler. J.R. Drake was possibly Jacob Drake
Hewitt, Geo. N Restaurant
Hindes, Thos. J. Restaurant
Hirt, A. H. & Co. Dry Gds. & Furniture
Kearney, Harry C. Livery
Lee, W. R. Blacksmith William R.
Lovington Coal Mining Co.

Lovington Grain Co. Grain, Hay & Coal George L. Lindsay, manager
Lovington Lumber Co.
W. E. Dawson, manager
Maxwell, R. B. Auto Supplies
McMullin, Wm. I. Furn. & Undertkg.
Mitchell, J. W. General Store
Munch, Milton W. Drugs
Murphy, Lester Ice
Pifer, Alonzo R. Drugs & Jewelry
Reporter Printing Co.

Saunders, Sarah Millinery
Selby, Robert Hdwe., Stoves & Pumps
Shepherd National Bank (not in directory, but placed an advertisement.)
Justin M. Shepherd, president; T. A. Mullikin, vice president, Homer Shepherd, cashier, Roy J. Silver, assistant cashier
Strickland, Miss S. J. Hotel
Strohm, Jacob S. Hardware & Stoves
Sutter & Curry Grocers Fred Sutter, Silas Curry


Owner/Business Type Comments
Advance House Furniture Co. (Not Inc.) Furniture
Alexander & Tabor Automobile sales, Garage
Alexander Lumber Co. Lumber
Alumbaugh's Cash Grocery Grocer Joseph H.
Barber, E. E. & Son Books, Jewelry Edgar E. and son Harry E.
Barger & Gaddis. Publisher John W. Gaddis. See also Central Illinois Printing Co.
Birchfield Hotel
Bolin, S. T. Agricultural implements Samuel T.
Bozell, Jas. F. Coal
Brown, D. W. Second hand store Daniel W.
Brown, G. H. Notions
Bushart, Dr. E. E Osteopath Eli E.
Bushart, J. M. Livery Probably John M. (Taxi driver in the 1920 census)
Butler Bros. Dentist Squire T. His brother is unidentified, but may be Henry M. By 1920, Squire was joined in his practise by son Edward G. Son Donald (Edward's twin) returned to Sullivan in the early '20's to practice dentistry also.
Candy Kitchen, R. D. Meeker, Prop. Confectioner Raymond D.
Central Illinois Printing Co. Newspaper Progress. See also Barger and Gaddis.
Chapin, Arle. Publisher Arlo; Editor of the Moultie County News
Chase, W. H. Coal Walter H.
Citizens Abstract Co. Abstracts of title
Cochran, O. F. Notary Probably Oscar F. (Judge)
Cochran, O. H. Insurance
Cochran, W. G. Attorney William G.
Collins, E. A. Jewelry Elmer A.
Corbin, C. A. Furniture and undertaking Charles A.
Craig Bros. Agricultural implements Francis M. and Lindsay M.
Craig, W. S. Blacksmith Walter S.
Cummins, J. M. & Son Hardware James M.
Cutherell, D. G. Restaurant
David Millinery Co. Millinery
David, J. M. Hardware James Milton
Davis, E. W. Coal, Grain
Dedman, J. T. & Son Harness James T.
Depot Restaurant. Restaurant The 1920 census lists Jessie E. Coventry as a restaurant proprietor. Since this is the only restaurant not identified by owner, this may be his establishment.
Eden Hotel Erastus B. Eden
Edwards, C. S. Insurance, Real Estate Charles S.
Elder Insurance
First National Bank
Chester A. Horn, president.
Forrest Creamery

Foster, A. E. Insurance, Real Estate Alva E.
Foster, Dr. O. F. Dentist Ote F.
Fox River Butter Co.
The Fox River is in northern Illinois, and it's not clear whether this is a local business.
Gauger, O. J. & Co. Lumber Oliver J.
George Bros. Bakery, Restaurant John (father) and sons Orville D. and William H.
Giffod [sic], H. V. Pianos Vernie H. Gifford
Gillham, Ed. Pianos
Hagerman & Harshman. Plumbing
Hall, Sam B. Druggist, Jewelry, Victrolas
Hall, T. S. Blacksmith
Hancock Commission Co. Commission merchant
Hanerla, Chas. Cement contractor
Harbaugh, F. M. Attorney Francis M.
Harsh, P. J. Insurance, Real Estate Perry J.
Harshman Planing Mill Planing mill
Harshman, L. R. Cement contractor Lucius R.
Hart, Shaffner & Marx Clothing Clothing See Pearson, Jack H.
Hess, Henry Cigar Manufacturer
Huff, Rufus Attorney
Hughes, T. G. Shoes Thomas G.
Ideal Millinery Millinery
Ireland, J. H. Tailor Joseph H.
Jefferson Inn Confectioner
Jennings & Elder Attorney John E. Jennings
Johnson, Dr. S. W. Physician Stonewall W.
Kersey, Omer. Well driller
Kessler, Dr. G. B. Physician George B.
Knickerbocker, J. H. Furniture and undertaking
Lambrecht, H. L;. Blacksmith Herman L.
Lawson, Dr. J. T. [F.] Physician John F.
Legg, Geo., Poultry Co. Poultry
Leiper, J. D. Varnishes
Lilly, Mrs. J, Publisher John P. Lilly. Saturday Herald
Lindsay, Lewis Painter and paper hanger
Long, Geo. Restaurant
Loveless & Waggoner Meats
Lucas, Dr. J. A. Physician Joseph A.
Magill, R. M. Grocer Russell M.
Mammoth Shoe & Clothing Co. Gents' furnishings
Martin & Edwards . Attorney
Martin Bros. Printer
Martin, G. W. Restaurant
Martin, Jos. Insurance, Real Estate
Matinee Store Notions
Mattox, M. A. Attorney, Insurance, Real Estate Miles A.
McClure, J. R. Grocer
McLaughlin, J. L. Attorney, Insurance
McPheeters, C. E. Hardware Charles E.
McPheeters, Frank Druggist
Meeker, R. D. Attorney Raymond D. See also: Candy Kitchen
Merchants & Farmers State Bank

Miller, A. H. Insurance, Real Estate Proabably Aaron H.
Miller, E. J. Attorney Edwin J.
Miller, J. A. Meats
Miller, J. E. Pianos
Monroe, Chas. Insurance, Real Estate
Moultrie County Abstract Co. Abstracts of title
Moultrie County Independent Newspaper J.N. and R.W. Martin
Moultrie County News Newspaper
My Store, Forman & Scallet Dry goods
Newbould, Frank Automobile sales, Garage
Newbould, W. A. & Co. Garage W. Arnold
Nicholson, Almond Insurance, Real Estate
Pearce, F. M. Insurance Francis M.
Pearson, J. H. Clothing Jack H.
Pifer, D. L. Notions David (and subsequently son James R.)
Pifer, Mrs. Bert Millinery
Ponder, J. C, & Co. Dry goods John C.
Powers, A. P. Coal Alfred P.
Purity Ice Cream & Bottling Works (Not Inc.)
May be Mike Finley, based on 1920 census: 'Manufacturer, ice cream'
Reedy, W. S. & Son Automobile sales, Garage
Rexall Drug Store, J. W. Finley, Prop. Druggist, Confectioner Jack W.
Roadman, D. R. Bakery David R.
Roney, H. L. Painter and paper hanger Hugh L.
Sampson, Geo. W. Second hand store
Saturday Herald Newspaper
Shirey, H. C. Grocer Homer C.
Sickafus, W. I. Oil
Smith, J. H. Clothing James H.
Smith, L. R. Meats Probably Lewis R. Smith, listed in the 1910 census with no occupation.
Square Deal Garage, Harsh & Roughton, Props. Automobile sales, Garage
Standard Oil Co. Oil
Star Art Studio, W. K. Holzmueller, Prop. Photographer Walter K.
Stedman, Dr. W. E. Physician William E.
Stevers, Carl Auto accessories, Vulcanizing
Sugar Creek Creamery

Sullivan Concrete Works

Sullivan Dry Cleaning Works, J. C. and T. P. Finley, Props.
John C. and Thomas P. Also listed as 'Sullivan Cleaning, Dyeing and Tailoring Co., J. C. Finley, Prop.'
Sullivan Elevator Co. Coal, Feed, Grain
Sullivan Green House Florist
Summit, E. C. Painter and paper hanger
Swisher, J. E. Blacksmith Joseph E.
Thompson, G. S. Grocer George S.
Todd, O. L. Dept. Store Dry goods, Millinery Otto L.
Walker, W. H. Sewing machines William H. (listed in the 1910 census as a furniture dealer)
Weidner, Fred. Vulcanizing
Weidner, W. F. Auto accessories (Fred?)
Weistnan, B. F. Shoes
White & Weidner Garage
White, W. H. Tailor
Whitfield, Z. B. Livery Zachariah B.
Wibble [Wibe], J. A. Florist Jacob A. Wibe
Witts & Witts Tile manufacturer Lewis E. and Walter Witts
Wolf & Jones Auto Co., Ford Agents Automobile sales, Garage Carl C. Wolf and Alva Jones. While listed in the directory as 'Wolf and Jones', the ad shows that former partner Jones was no longer involved in the business at this point.
Woods Cash Store Grocer
Wright Bros. Insurance, Real Estate James A.
Wright, Mrs. V. B. [E.] Millinery Victoria E.


Owner/Business Type Comments
Davis, A. F. Grain & Coal
Williams, L. F. General Store

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