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      The Blackhawk War

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      The Civil War:

21st Illinois Infantry

           Company E roster

41st Illinois Infantry

           Company B roster

126thIllinois Infantry

           Company A roster
           Company C roster

143rd Illinois Infantry

           Company I roster

5th Illinois Cavalry

           Company B roster

Moultrie County Civil War Participants

A comprehensive list of Civil War participants, from both North and South, who lived in Moultrie through the years. The list includes service details, burial information, pension data, and other items of interest.

Memorial Day 1915: a remembrance

Moultrie's fiftieth anniversay observance of the end of the Civil War.

      1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll

The List of Pensioners on the Roll, commissioned by Congress in 1882 and published the following year, lists all military pensioners from all previous wars.

      The Spanish-American War

      Roll of Honor

The Roll of Honor - Record of Burial Places of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Army Nurses of All Wars of the United States Buried in the State of Illinois, published in 1929 by the State of Illinois, is a compilation of veteran burials in Illinois cemeteries. Roll of Honor information about Moultrie graves is available in two forms:
  • The original version is available at the Illinois State Archives.
  • An augmented version presented here consolidates the original Moultrie data, and contains corrections and additions. (Additions are graves extant at that time which were inadvertently omitted, not later veteran burials.)

      Military Pension Files

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