Memorial Day 1915

1915 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Civil War and, consequently, Decoration Day (or Memorial Day as we know it today) would have been particularly poignant. This page documents the ceremonies of that day, as commemorated by Moultrie Post 318 of the Grand Army of the Republic, or G.A.R.

In the half century since the war, Moultrie's veterans had seen their numbers decline significantly and, by this time, more had been claimed by time than by battle. No longer sufficently hardy for long marches, they were -- as noted in the program below -- ferried along the parade route in the newfangled automobile.

Let's revisit that long-ago time, looking at the program of the day, the route they followed, and the monument they visited.

And, most importanly, let us remember the battles and long-lost companions that these heroes -- in sorrow and reverence -- recalled.

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The delegation assembled at the Armory. This, however, was not at its present location on the north side of town; instead, it was on Jefferson Street, west of the court house.

The route below is conjectural, though it approximates the probable plan. It shows the path from the location of the 1915 Armory to the monument, and back to the courthouse square where, it is likely, they payed homage to their staunch, stone brother (in the upper left corner of this page), who, at the time of the 1915 services had stood watch nearly ten years, and who keeps vigil over the community to this day.

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It is not possible to know precisely who was there that day, but we can guess. The following table lists those Moultrie veterans known to be alive at the time, though they may not have all been in Sullivan that day. The America of 1915 was not the mobile society of today, and each town -- Arthur, Bethany, Dalton City, Lovington -- had its own GAR chapter, and each probably held its own commemoration. Nevertheless, in recognition of all Moultrie veterans regardless of their home towns, the survivors included:

Last name First name Rank Co. Regiment Comments
Backhouse Theodore P. Private  H   68th Ind. Inf.
Baker Mahlon Private  H   73rd Oh. Inf. (76th?)
Bankson Ira Private  B   41st Ill. Inf.
Barrett Matthew Private  L  26th NY Cav.
Bathe James  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf.
Batman Alexander B. Sergeant K  38th Ill. Inf.
Bean Robert  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf.
Bell Jesse H Private  H 154th Ill.Inf.
Birch  McKendree Private  D 116th In. Inf.
Blackwell B.F. Private  D  16th In. Inf.
Bragg Nathan  Private  H   18th Ill. Inf.,Reorg. 
Bright Jasper 1st Sergeant D  54th Ill.Inf.
Briney Marcus Private  D  16th In. Inf.
Brosam George Private  D  41st Ill. Inf.
Brown George H. Private  E  49th In. Inf.
Brown Hiram A. Private  G  16th In. Infatnry
Brundy Simeon

Bryom Leroy

Butts James A. Musician B   41st Ill. Inf.
Buxton Andrew J. Private 
Va. 2nd M. Dept.
Byrum Stephen Corporal D  21st Ky. Inf. (Union)
Carlisle John Private  I  135th Ill. Inf.
Cazier William J. Private  C  126th Ill. Inf.
Cheney John Private  K  79th Ill. Inf.
Childers Stephen A. Private  I  135th Ill. Inf.
Clark Samuel W. Private  F   53rd Oh. Inf.
Cochran Alexander Steward Private  F  88th Oh. Inf.
Cochran William G  Sergeant A  126th Ill. Inf.
Collins Charles A. Corporal A Ky. Light Artillery Confederate
Coward Andrew J. Private  G  50th In. Inf.
Crowder James H  Sergeant A  126th Ill. Inf.
Curtis Thomas H. Private  E  21st Ill. Inf.
Daum Raymond J.

Davis Clinton C. Private  C   79th Ill.Inf. Wounded
Deeds Zachary Corporal A  51st Ill. Inf.
Doner William H. Private  A   7th Ill. ? Disabled
Drish William H. Private  K 122nd Ill.Inf.
Duncan J. W. Private  F   5th Ill. Cav.
Durburo  John
E  79th Ill. Inf.
Edmiston Henry C. Private  E   66th Ill
Elder David

Enterline Conrad
B  116th Ill
A  66th Oh. Inf.
Foster Joseph Hayes Private  H  18th Ill. Inf.
Foster William B. Private  A 126th Ill. Inf. Disabled
Francisco Peter  Corporal K  126th Ill. Inf.
Fread Stephen D. Private  C 140th Ill.Inf.
Frederick Henry L  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Freeland John (James) A  Captain E   21st Ill. Inf.
Freeland Thomas J. Private  C  51st Ill. Inf.
Fruit James A  Corporal E   21st Ill. Inf.
Fultz Thomas B. Corporal E  12th In. Inf.
Gardner Reuben
D  83rd Ill. Inf.
Gifford Amasa Private  A  142nd Oh. Inf.
Greenwood Miles  
A   26th Ill. Inf. Disabled
Gregory James Andrew Recruit  H   62nd Ill. Inf.
Grigsby Sanford Private  I   6th In. Cav.
Gustin James S.
G 130th Ill. Inf.
Hagerman Linus T . Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Hamilton Charles Morrow Sergeant A  126th Ill. Inf.
Harmon William T
I 1st Ky. Cav.
Haulman John H  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Higgenbotham Robert W. Private  C   39th Mo. Inf.
Hill George S. Private  C  34th Oh. Inf.
Hilliard William B. Private  C  21st Ill. Inf.
Holt Samuel Private  H  153rd Oh
Hook John  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Hopkins George W  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Hunter Charles M. Private  H  19th Oh. Inf.
Immel Phillip Private  C    1st Oh. Inf.
Immel William Private  C 117 Oh. Vol. Inf.
Jeffries John W. Sergeant H 123rd Ill. Inf.
Jenkins Adolphus T. Private  A  53rd Oh. Inf. Wounded at Shiloh, discharged 2 Jul 1862, Disability
Jewell James P. Private  J  66th Ill. Inf.
Johnson Asa Corporal I;F 171st Pa. Inf., 91st Pa. Inf.
Johnson Richard M. Private  H 125th Ill. Inf.
Johnson Thomas E. Private  A  16th In. Inf.
Jones Amos Private  K 126th Ill. Inf.
Jones Grant Vincent Sergeant C  126th Ill. Inf.
Jones Thomas Warden Private  H  43rd Mo. Inf.
Kearney William T. Private  I 166th Oh. Inf.
Kinkade Thomas Private  D 123rd Ill.Inf.
Kirkwood M. Hiram  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf.
Kirkwood William  Corporal C  126th Ill. Inf.
Kline George Washington Private  G;H  41st Ill. Inf. (H),  53rd Ill. Inf. (G)
Langton John S. Private  F 205th Pa. Vol.
Lansden Joseph M. Private  E  21st Ill. Inf.
Layman Henry L. Sergeant I  90th Oh. Inf.
Lee James S. Private  K 126th Ill. Inf.
Leggett Thomas L. Private  A 11st In. Inf.
Lemmon George H. Private  G   2nd Va. Cav.
Lewis William A. Corporal C  37th NJ Inf.
Luke John Private  B 143rd In. Inf.
Lux Peter Private  H  55th Ill. Inf.
Mallory John Calvin Private  K 115th In. Inf.
Marlow William J. Private  I    3rd NC Inf. (Union)
Mathers James W Private  I  70th Ill.Inf.
Mattox Ira Richard Roe Private  M  43rd Volunteer Inf.
Mattox John Nelson Private  A    5th Oh. Cav.
Maxey A.J. Private  E  21st Ill.Inf.
McCord John P. Private  H   5th Ill.Cav.
McDaniel Aden Private 
 19th Ind. Inf.
McDonald John P. Private  H 154th Ill. Inf.
McGinnis Sanford E.
K   63rd Oh. Inf.
McGuire William P. Sergeant F   49th Ill. Inf.
McIlwain Ira Private  I   68th In.
McKinney William H. Corporal D  49th Ill. Inf.
McPheeters Rankin P  Captain C  126th Ill. Inf.
McReynolds Stephen M. Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf.
Miller Randolph Private  K  126th Ill. Inf.
Million William L. Corporal E   21st Ill. Inf.
Milller James W. Private  K  94th Ill.Inf.
Mitchell George A. (C.?) Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf.
Moberly Charles W. Private  A 11st Ky. Cav.
Monroe Francis M. Private  G 117th In. Inf.
Montague Richard Peter Private  F  62nd Ill.Inf.
Mulholland Andrew J  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf.
Oakes Thomas Private  A  5th Ill.Cav.
Patrick Americus Private  K   7th Ill.Cav.
Porter William W. Private  K 126th Ill. Inf.
Powers Gilbert Corporal F  62nd Oh. Inf.
Reese John B  Recruit  E   21st Ill. Inf.
Reese John B. Recruit  E  21st Ill.Inf.
Richey Isaac

Richey Phillip 

Sanner David G. Private  A  144th Ill. Inf.
Scheer Frederick T. (or F.) Private  A 116th Ill.Inf.
Seaney William Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf.
Shipman Charles  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf.
Shipman Daniel  Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf.
Shipman Godfrey  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Shipp Blou (Blond)

Shirey George W. Private  B 116th Ill. Inf.
Siple Frederick D.
K 111st Ill.Inf. Commander, Post 318, 1914
Spicer Achilles Private  H  18th Ill. Inf.
Stevens Francis Marion Corporal F  40th Ind. Inf.
Stewart David

Strader Henry Private  I  43rd In. Inf.
Sutter Christopher / Christian P.
PA Inf.
Switzer B.F.
F  79th Ill. Inf.
Taylor James T. Private  H  18th Ill. Inf.
Trigg Reason Private  A   33rd Mo. Inf.
Tritmaker Peter  Private  E  191st Oh
Tym Benjamin Franklin Private  K  43rd Oh. Volunteers
Underwood John W. Private  K 126th Ill. Inf.
Vaughn George W  2nd Lieutenant C  126th Ill. Inf.
Waggoner Andrew.J. Private  G 130th  Ill. Inf.
Waggoner Francis M  Corporal C  126th Ill. Inf.
Walker Nelson Private  F 122nd Oh. Inf.
Weakley John Private  I 123rd Ill.Inf.
Webb James M. Private  G  89th In. Inf.
Welton Uriah Private  C  126th Ill. Inf.
Welty Orion

Wheeler Benjamin Private  B 114th Oh. Inf.
Whiting John F. M. Corporal E  11st WV Inf.
Wickizer Conrad Private  E  123rd Ill. Inf.
Williams A.J.

Williamson William W. Private  E 107th Ill. Inf.
Wood Ira M Private  D 135th Ill.Inf.
Wood Joseph Henry Sr. Recruit  I    7th Ill. Cav.
Workman Elias Private  H  18th Ill. Inf.
Wren Edward M  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf.
Wyckoff James M Private  D  21st Ill.Inf.
Yantis Isaac Corporal H  41st Ill. Inf.
Yates Emerson J Private  I  14th Ill.Inf.
Younger Levi S  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf.
Zook William Henry Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf.

The GAR Monument is centered at the entrance of Greenhill Cemetery. Now weathered, the marble grows more reluctant each year to reveal secrets that were once proud exhortations. The four sides once proclaimed -- and now merely whisper -- the names of the leaders of their cause and of the struggles in which they engaged.

Here, recorded in the stone they comissioned, is their legacy:

West Side: The view from the entrance

1861 - 1865

Moultrie Post
No. 318 GAR
By William A. Steele
In Memory of the Heroes
Of Moultrie County
Who Fought and Died
That the Union
Might Live

North Side

Stone River


East Side



South Side

The south side hints at an eroded, rectangular emblem (inside the oval cartouche) which may be the GAR insignia, shown here. (Note: This faint image is not apparent in the photograph.)


The battles listed on the stone are significant, not only for the impact that they, in the perspective of the ages, brought to bear on the prosecution of the war, but also because they are the principal ones in which the sons of Moultrie struggled and died. However, they are not the only conflicts in which Moultrie men suffered and sacrificed.

The following list, including some deaths in the year following Appomattox that were probably due to the war, shows in chronological sequence the painful week-by-week and year-by-year price that our community paid:

Last name First name Rank Co. Regiment Death Comment Home
Hoskins William H  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1860_05_11   Sullivan 
Tribue David M  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1861_08_31   Sullivan 
Davis James P  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1861_09_09   Sullivan 
Strayhome Thomas  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1862_01_10 Wounds Sullivan 
Warren Enoch T  Private  F   49th Ill. Inf. 1862_01_11 Died: Camp Butler Moultrie 
McAdams Joseph  Private  F   49th Ill. Inf. 1862_01_20 Died: Camp Butler Moultrie 
Black Williamson  Corporal B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_02_17 Wounds Sullivan 
Hudson John T  1st Sergeant B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_02_26 Wounded at Ft. Donelson, Died: Mound City Sullivan 
Aldridge Jackson H  2nd Lieutenant B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_03_10 Wounds Sullivan 
Vaughan John C  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_04_06 Died: Shiloh Sullivan 
Bone John W  Private  F   49th Ill. Inf. 1862_04_12 Died: Shiloh Moultrie 
Alexander James W. Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_04_13 Died: At home Sullivan 
McDonald James  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_04_15 Wounds Sullivan 
Freeland William T  2nd Lieutenant F   49th Ill. Inf. 1862_04_22 Died of wounds; Shiloh Moultrie 
Hall William Private  C  35th Ill. Inf. 1862_04_22 Died: Cassville, TN  
Welch Harper  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_08_01 Died: St. Louis Sullivan 
Jeffers Elias  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_08_07 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Earp John W.       1862_08_17    
Hoggatt Moses  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_09_06 Died: home Sullivan 
Snyder Henry L  Private  I  123rd Ill. Inf. 1862_10_08 Wounds Sullivan 
Perryman James C. Sergeant M    3rd Ill. Cav. 1862_10_29    
Haulman David  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_11_04 Died: Pine Bluff,AR Lovington 
Kaufman Elisha B  Recruit  D   30th Ill. Inf. 1862_11_17 Wounds Sullivan 
Cunningham Thomas J  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1862_12_03 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Rhodes Levi Corporal C  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_12_13 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Skidmore John  Private  K  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_12_21 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Staley John S  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_12_24 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Hiller Gotlipp (Gottlieb?)  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1862_12_30 Died: Battle of Stones River Sullivan 
Stuart Robert  1st Sergeant C  126th Ill. Inf. 1862_12_30 Died: LaGrange,TN. Sullivan 
Kuch John  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1862_12_31 Died: Battle of Stones River Sullivan 
Rolan John  Corporal C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_00_00 Died: Snyder's Bluff,MS Sullivan 
Spark John  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_00_00 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Trabue Jepitra C.   C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_00_00 Died: Paducah, KY  
Daniels William W  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_01_04 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Lynn Andrew J  Recruit  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_01_05 Wounds Sullivan 
Holland Franklin M  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_01_08 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Thair Ambrose G  Private  I  123rd Ill. Inf. 1863_01_09 Died: Gallipolis,OH Sullivan 
Porter Morrow  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_01_12 Died: LaGrange,TN Lovington 
Thompson James  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_02_01 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Lansdon Joel A  Recruit  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_02_02 Died: Prison,Atlanta GA Sullivan 
Cantrel Isaac  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_02_07 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
French Augustus  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_02_09 Died: LaGrange,TN Sullivan 
Alexander Thomas H  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_02_21   Lovington 
Littleton Gilbert H  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_03_25 Died: LaGrange,TN Lovington 
McMullin Francis S  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_03_25 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Lewis Isaac J. Private  G 130th Ill.Inf. 1863_04_04    
Campbell William  Corporal C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_04_07 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Roland Wilson  Private  C 126th Ill.Inf. 1863_04_15 Died: Jackson, TN  
Rolan Wilson  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_04_17 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Cole Furgason  Private  C  116th Ill. Inf. 1863_04_25 Died: Louisiana Moultrie 
Bragg Henry L  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_05_05 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Fultz Jacob B  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_05_22 Died: Jackson,TN Sullivan 
Davis Charles H  Private  I  123rd Ill. Inf. 1863_06_06 Died: Nashville Moultrie 
Crowder Andrew W. Musician B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_06_18 Died: Vicksburg Sullivan 
Everett Joseph H  Surgeon HQ    6th Ill. Cav. 1863_06_19   Sullivan 
Beck James W  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_07_09 Disabled Sullivan 
Million Andrew J  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_07_11 Died: Snyder's Bluff,MS Lovington 
Hall Thomas  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_07_12 Died: Jackson,MS Sullivan 
Harley Jacob A  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_07_12 Died: Jackson,MS Sullivan 
Clark David P  Musician E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_08_01   Sullivan 
Akers William A  Private  C  116th Ill. Inf. 1863_08_12   Moultrie 
Staley Jacob  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_08_13 Wounds Sullivan 
Busshart William  Private  C  116th Ill. Inf. 1863_08_31 Wounds Moultrie 
Crowder (Crewder) Robert S  Sergeant E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_09_20 Died: Chickamauga Sullivan 
Hill Moses  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_09_20 Died: Chicamauga Sullivan 
Ashmore Andrew N  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_09_23 Wounds Sullivan 
Foster George W.,Sr. Sergeant A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_09_30 Died: Mound City,IL Lovington 
Jones Wesley  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1863_10_04 Died disabled Sullivan 
Wren Washington J  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_10_14 Moultrie Co.,IL Sullivan 
Evans Bozwell M  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1863_10_15 Died: St. Louis,MO Sullivan 
Sherwood George W  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_10_16 Wounds Sullivan 
McFadden John  Private  E   38th Ill. Inf. 1863_10_20 Died: POW Sullivan 
Keneday William B  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_10_24   Sullivan 
Adams Thomas J  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1863_12_19 Died: POW Sullivan 
Adams David A. Private  I  113th Ill. Inf. 1864_    
Hill James  Private  F  62nd Ill. Inf. 1864_   Sullivan 
Dawdy James H. Corporal K 126th Ill.Inf. 1864_03_10    
Huffman James  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_04_01 Died: Memphis Lovington 
Nazworthy Willis  Private  F   49th Ill. Inf. 1864_04_09 Died: Pleasant Hill,LA Moultrie 
Thomason James  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1864_05_11 Died: Alexandria. LA Sullivan 
Camfield Greenberry C. Private  K  54th Ill.Inf. 1864_05_17   Edgar Co., but of the Moultrie Camfields and buried here.
Baggett E.C. Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_05_21 Moultrie Co.,IL Sullivan 
Black James H  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1864_07_03 Died: Andersonville, GA Sullivan 
Sackrider John  Private  I  123rd Ill. Inf. 1864_08_06 Wounds Sullivan 
Howell John S. Private  A 126th Ill.Inf. 1864_08_16 Died: Duvall's Bluff, Ark.  
Graybill Christian  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_08_21 Accident on steamer Carrie Jacobson Sullivan 
Souther Ferdinand  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_08_28   Sullivan 
Stovall Isaac B  Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_09_02 Died: Helena, AR Sullivan 
Ball Andrew  Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_09_22   Sullivan 
Evans David A  Corporal I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_09_26   Sullivan 
Howell Samuel K  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_09_27 Died: Duvall's Bluff, AR Sullivan 
McBroom Isaac Private  A  35th Ill. Inf. 1864_09_27    
Hewett Arnolphus M. Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_09_29   Sullivan 
Clore William S  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1864_10_20 Died: Pine Bluff,AR Lovington 
Davis James A  Corporal I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_11_13   Sullivan 
Bone George H  Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1864_12_05   Sullivan 
Brosam Frederick  Private  B   41st Ill. Inf. 1864_12_11    
Davis James S. Private  H   5th Ill. Cav. 1865_01_28    
Howe Samuel N  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_01_30 Moultrie Co.,IL Sullivan 
Bone Andrew M  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1865_02_10 Died: Florence AL Sullivan 
Powell Samuel H  Sergeant H   18th Ill. Inf. H), 143rd Ill. Inf.(I) 1865_03_01   Sullivan 
Mulholland Henry  Corporal A  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_03_13   Sullivan 
Mauzey William Hugh Private  H  18th Ill.Inf. 1865_03_25 Died: Camp Butler, IL  
Mulholland Samuel  Corporal H   18th Ill. Inf.,Reorg.  1865_03_26   Sullivan 
Wheeler Thomas O. Private  H  18th Ill.Inf. 1865_04_03    
Hadwin John Private  I  14th Ill.Inf. 1865_04_14 Died: Camp Butler, IL Okaw
Miner William F  Sergeant C  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_04_22 Memphis,TN Sullivan 
Fread George  Private  C  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_05_06 Died: St. Charles,AR Sullivan 
Jones Evan Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_05_10 Died: St. Charles,AR Sullivan 
Bretz Solomon        5th Ill. Cav. 1865_05_14 Died: Salem, IL Sullivan
Brown John L  Private  I  143rd Ill. Inf. 1865_05_15   Sullivan 
Tweedy William S  Recruit  K   54th Ill. Inf. 1865_05_26 Died: Hickory,Ark Sullivan 
Bone William T  Private  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1865_06_19 Disabled Sullivan 
Christy Simeon Private  B   17th 1865_07_15    
Cooley Daniel H  Private  A  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_08_09 Died: Duvall's Bluff, AR Sullivan 
Gregory Adley N  Captain A  126th Ill. Inf. 1865_08_31   Lovington 
Lee Alsey B  Captain I   18th Ill. Inf. (H),  41st Ill. Inf. (B), 143rd Ill. Inf. (I) 1866_01_31   Sullivan 
Lee James R  Recruit  E   21st Ill. Inf. 1866_02_17   Sullivan 
Green Charles H Private  B  41st Ill.Inf. 1866_03_01    
Waggoner (Wagner) William W. Recruit  K 126th Ill.Inf. 1866_08_15   Windsor (Whitley township, over the county line from Windsor)

I would like to express my appreciation to:

Moultrie County Post No. 68 of the American Legion who provided a copy of their publication Our Seventieth Year and, in particular, I thank Eddie M. LeCrone, who compiled the list of Moultrie soldiers in this book.

The Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society, whose archives and publications have been and remain an inexhaustible resource.

The National Archives, the National Park Service, and the Illinois State Archives.

Most importantly, this page is dedicated to:
  • The men from Moultrie who answered the calls: of their country, and of their fellow man in bondage.

  • The veterans from elsewhere in the nation, from both North and South, who -- after the war -- came to Moultrie and lived in harmony, building this community.

  • And finally to John Minor, farmer and Everyman, who did his humble best.

    Missing after battle at LaGrange TN, he was, at first, reported a deserter. Later, when it was discovered that he was, in fact, a POW, he was released in an exchange of prisoners, whereupon he returned to duty.

    The next year, at Jackson MS, he took a Minie ball in the left knee and was crippled for life. And when he died, but a few years later, his widow and child were denied a pension because his erroneous record had never been corrected: that is, despite his sacrificial service, he was still officially a deserter.

    God rest you, John.