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Happy New Year! It's been entirely too long since the last update, and I still have a backlog of material. However, I think that it's time to put some of it online.

  • This is only the first installment of Cemetery listings in the works. Today, we have:
    • Arthur: Davison and Hastings.
    • Camfield: Burcham, Camfield, Carnine, Dodson, Evans, Frederick, Fultz, Glazebrook, Gordon, Gustin, Higginbotham, Hopkins, Jeffers, Kirkwood, Lee, Lofland, Montague, Mulholland, Sentel, Stevens, Watson and Williams.
    • Jonathan Creek: Abbott, Clayton, Fulton, Hicks, Jeffries, Johnson, Lowe, Mathias, McBroom, Purvis and Webb.
    • Kellar: Archer, Armold, Bailey, Ball, Boggs, Bogie, Brabham, Bright, Brown, Byrum, Clore, Coward, Cunningham, Curtis, Davis, Dickson, Drum, Durham, Dykes, Griggs, Harmon, Hines, Holt, Howell, Jones, Kearney, Lake, Lamb, Lee, Lewis, Logan, Long, Mccravey, Moberly, Murphy, Neal, Neff, Newberry, Peniwell, Penniwell, Phelps, Rainey, Richardson, Ross, Shirey, Shuel, Simpson, Sipe, Sutter, Taylor, Wheeler, Wilson, Wood.
  • 07/04/2010

    It's the glorious Fourth, which is to say: time for picnics and fireworks! With that in mind, this edition includes newspaper items and postcards about our parks. Of special interest is Sullivan's Wyman Park, and the generousity of Albert Wyman who funded it. However, other Moultrie parks are not neglected.
    • New Newspaper entries, many (though not all) of which are related to Wyman Park:
      • 1884: Corespondence, Local and Personal
      • 1891: Sullivan news
      • 1895: Sullivan news
      • 1903: Gives Away His Store, New Home Plans, Moving, Personals, Meetings, Lecture Course, Night Operator, Circuit Court, Real Estate Transfers, Marriage Licenses, Generous Gift.
      • 1912: Two Pioneers Die At Sullivan, Sullivan May Have City Park, Baseball And Shows Are Prohibited In Wyman Park, Realty Transfers, Licensed, Dies In Indiana, Not Excited Over Election, Daum-Butts, 2000 Attend Farmers' Picnic, Family Reunion, Briefs, A Day Of Picnics
      • 1914: Sam Newbould Is Clerk Of Board, Fourth Of July, To Be Celebrated At Pifers' Park, Briefs, City Council Meets, Youngest Circuit Clerk Marries, Many On Streets Saturday, Child Bitten By Dog, Union Services, Goes To Indiana Town, At Pifer's Park.
      • 1915: Decide On Plans Of Sullivan Jail, New Wells, Church Services, Band Concert, Special Trains, S. S. Convention Ends, Held To Grand Jury
      • 1928: Finish Sullivan Lighting System, Plan Factory, Survey Route 132, Hamblin Heads Farm, Dalton City, Wyman Park At Sullivan
    • Postcards:In keeping with this update's theme a new section:Sullivan Parks, as well as a new Bethany postcards of the bandstand and the Illinois Central depot.
    • Updates to the Donner Family Album: Dazey and Earp.
    • Cemetery listings for
      • Liberty: Freeman, Jones, and Steele.

    • In honor of Memorial Day, there are many new Cemetery listings, all but one of which include photos. Many, though by no means all, of these are of Civil War participants, and are linked from the Civil War participants pages.

      • Branchside:

      • Greenhill:
        Baggett, Bell, Beveridge, Birchfield, Birch, Boyce, Bray, Brotherton, Brower, Campbell, Carriker, Davis, Duncan, Elder, Everett, Flick, Fuqua, Gennett, Greenwood, Haggard, Hoggatt, Hunt, Jarvis, Kirk, Lynn, Maddox, Maxedon, McPheeters, Moss, Patterson, Potter, Purvis, Shockey, Shortess, Smyser, Smyser, Sona, Swisher, Taylor, Thomason, Thunemann, Tichenor, Vaughn, Waggonner, Whelan, Witherup, Woodruff, Workman.

      • Keller:
        Monroe, Apple, Brown, Landgrebe, Million, Nash, Peniwell, Simpson, Wheeler.

      • Marrowbone:
        Crowder, England, Jones, Lanum, Mulholland, Younger.

      • Roland-Wright:
        Green, Roland.

      • Souther:
        Beason, Bomhan, Cunningham, Hampton, Harris, Horn, Hudson, Jennings, Michael, Minor, Patterson, Radcliff, Riley, Souther, Warren.

      • St. Isidore:
        Bahan, Bresnan, Burns, Cronin, Delahunty, Foggarty, Griffin, Hickey, Kinney, Neilan, Nolan, Nolan, Sammon, Smith, and Tueth.

      • Turner:
        Cochran, Dettling, Hook, Johnson, Sutter, and Wood.

      • Wright:
        Bare, Barrett, Bland, Briney, Bullock, Chezen, Dawdy, Dunaway, Farlow, Farmer, Francisco, Gordon, Gwinup, Hill, Howe, James, Jewell, Lesley, Mauzey, Patterson, Phillips, Richardson, Seaney, Spicer, Underwood, Walker, Waller, Williams, Wright.
    • Also for Memorial Day, updates and additions to Moultrie Civil War Participants:
      John Wade Barrett, Eugene Bland, Alfred K. Campbell, John Chezem, James H. Dawdy, John Wiliam Dawdy, Isaac Erwin, Benjamin Evans, Henry J. Evans, Alexander Walker, George M. Williams (moved from possible to confirmed participant), James A. Wright (moved to non-participants, as he saw service in Cuba after the Spanish American War).

    • New photos have been added to the Donner, Matthews, and Richardson Family Albums.

    • A new Family History: Wood

    • The 1903 Sullivan High School Commencement Program, under Publications.

    • In the Vital Statistics section:
      • Birth record for Maud Hampton.
      • New obituaries for Eudora, Roy E. and Mahala J. Pifer.
    I'm embarrased to admit that -- while I almost caught up -- a few reader contributions are still in the queue. They will all be online as part of the next update: a Fourth of July picnic-in-the-park-with-fireworks edition featuring the extraordinary history of one of Moultrie County's most interesting and generous citizens.

    Today, February 20th, is a sad anniversary in Sullivan history: it is the centennial of the Titus Opera House fire. Intermixed among the other updates are some details of this catastrophe.

    And my (all-too-usual) appologies: this is late, and it doesn't reflect some generous contributions. I'm posting this in order to meet the centennial, but there will be another soon, consisting of nothing but your gifts.
    • A new Family Album: Richardson, Related families are Burton, Kearney, Mullinix, and Smith.
    • Cemetery listings for
      • Branchside: Waggoner.
      • Graham Chapel: Buxton, Pierce.
      • Keller: Cochran, Gill, Meyer, and Monroe.
    • New and updated Family Histories: Foster, Harris
    • New queries for Burg, Horn, Robertson, Sisk, and Waite in the Help! section.
    • New researcher for Ford
    • Corrections for Margaret Malissa Fort's death certificate.
    • New Newspaper entries: 1910: The Titus Opera House fire
    • Postcards: The Sullivan entries for the Square and Residences are now available. The first category includes views of the Titus Opera House fire.

    This is an update long delayed in the hopes of a major (and as yet incomplete) postcard addition. So let's get some other contributions online, and the postcards can wait:
    • New queries for Arterburn, Berry, Davidson, and Taylor in the Help! section.
    • New and updated Family Histories: Bragg, Brown, Chipps, Duvall, Fultz, Hampton, Hendricks, Lilly, and a biography of James H.C. Rogers.
    • A new Family Album: Matthews, an updated album: Donner, and the Davis album announced last time was there, but not linked from the Album page. Fixed.
    • A new category: Family Documents. This a place for miscellaneous things that don't fit well elsewhere. Several old items have been moved here (Family Bibles, maps of land holdings, a legal affidavit) and new ones have been added:
      • Letters from the frontier, two 1850 letters from recent Moultrie arrival Ezekiel Hull to family in Ohio. Families mentioned are Ator, Bragg, Notestone, Hasting, McCune, Sollars, Welton, White
      • Governor Augustus Brown's proclamation commissioning Thompson O. Brown as Moultrie Sheriff.
    • The program from the 1927 Pythian Sisters Convention, under Publications. Names include: Apgar, Bauer, Brown, Davis, Drew, Foster, Fread, Frisby, Kinsel, Grider, Hall, Hawkins, Harmon, Kellar, McDowell, Evans, McKenzie, Meeker, NewBould, Pence, Robinson, Sayler, Scott, Sentel, Smith, Specht, Stewart, Sweet, Wood, Yarnell
    • New gravestone photos in Moultrie Civil War Participants from far-flung non-Moultrie cemeteries: Burg, Butt, Davis, Hiller, Huffman, Kutch, Lynn, Sackrider, Smith (2), and Welch.

    My appologies for a long delayed update. Despite the promise in the previous update, the web site has not yet moved (though using the aforementioned future URL will still take you to the correct location). As for new stuff, there are both minor updates and major new goodies. Enjoy!
    • New query for Getz.
    • A biography of Elmira Ellis Collins in Moultrie family histories
    • A new Family Album: Davis. Related families are Collins and Davis.
    • Cemetery listings for Harbaugh in Greenhill.
    • A number of externally hosted Family Histories have disappeared: most recently Sharp/Barnett, but previously Lee, Shuck, and Sollars. With this update, I've changed the way in which I display these. In the past, they were deleted; now they appear, though non-clickable, in the hopes that someone recognizes them and can provide a new link.
    • Enhancements to Moultrie Civil War Participants:
      • Addition: J. Wesley Chancellor
      • New gravestone photos: Peter Burg, Ezra Fread, Gottlieb Hiller, John Kutch, Andrew Lynn, Eleazer Smith, Harper Welch, John Binns Wren.
    • New obituaries for Harry C. Kearney, Mary S. Richardson, Robert William Richardson, William S. Smith, and a corrected obituary for Lorena Duncan.
    • A new category: Necessity's Children, a portfolio of patents by Moultrie Inventors. The initial list includes surnames Eden, Green, Kenney, McCarthy, McKinney, McMullin,Monroe, Perry, Rittenhouse, Smith, Underwood, Weaver, Wehmhoff, and Wright.
    • In Vital Records:
      • A new death certificate for Mary L. Ryherd under Vital Statistics -> Death Certificates
      • Marriages have been cleaned up and reformatted, with new marriages for Bankson, Hostetter, McGuire, Moran, and Randall.
    Advance notice: The Moultrie ILGenWeb site will be moving to moultrie.ilgenweb.net in the near future. This has not yet happened, and if you go there now, you'll be redirected here. In the near future, however, we'll move, so please keep this in mind.

    Yet more reader submissions (with a few things from me)...
    • New additions to the Family Album:
      • A new album for Moultrie County, containing photographs of general interest or of unknown Moultrie residents
      • A new album for Harris, including families Dunscomb, Foster, Harris, Wood
      • A new photo in the Donner album: Three generations of Wrights.
    • Cemetery listings for Smith and Richardson in Keller.
    • New Family Histories:
      • Neill, including families Neill, Short.
      • Shuck, including families Elzy, Fultz, Shuck, Spencer.
    • New queries for Barber, Lovins, Smith.
    • Corrected email addresses for researchers of Gall, Hagerman, Ringer
    • Additions to Moultrie Civil War Participants:
      • A photograph of Nelson Powell
      • A new entry: James HC Rodgers including portrait and gravestone photograph
    • The Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society now has their own web site! This is a new listing under Links.
    • Postcards: A contributor has identified the Walters family to which one of the Moultrie courthouse postcards was addressed.
    • New Obituaries:
      • Collins: Myra Ellis
      • Greer: Henry J.
      • Grigsby: Paul
      • Mattox: Zinc
    • The Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society now has an official web site, which has been added to the Links page.
    • Most Illinois counties, as well as the ILGenWeb project are, like Moultrie, moving to other servers. Many links throughout the site have been updated to reflect these changes.
    Additional Reader Submission Edition...
    • In May, I announced the addition of the Descendants of John and Eleanor Morrow Foster to Moultrie Family Histories. However, I neglected to upload the new Family Histories page that listed the addition. This has been fixed.
    • A new Family Album for Lloyd, including families Graven, Henderson, Mattox, Misenhimer, Waggoner
    • Cemetery updates:
      • Listing for Collins in Arthur.
      • Listing for Conn in Keller.
      • Addition of Sarah Brown Knight's maiden name in Pea.
    • New gravestone photos are available in the Moultrie Civil War Participants:
      • John Nelson Mattox's gravestone photo has been added to his listing. (It was already available in the Whitfield Cemetery list.)
      • Three new gravestone pictures from national cemeteries have been added: Francis C. McMullin and Jacob B. Fultz, buried in Corinth National Cemetery, and John C. Vaughan, buried in Shiloh National Cemetery.
    • New Newspaper entries:
      • 1900: Millsap child drowns
    • New Obituaries:
      • Anderson: Lauren Theodore
      • Foster: Andrew, Emma Dunscomb, Joseph Hays
      • Harris: George W., Lela Foster
      • McGee: Emma, Marcella May, Waldo
      • Millsap: Charles S., Lillie
      • Sickafus: Nathan Henry, Effie May, Otto
      • Winings: James R.
    • In the Vital Statistics / Births section, the family name Wood was misspelled as 'Woods'. This has been corrected.
    • Many broken links have been fixed.
    As promised (ages ago), this is the Reader Submission Edition, in which I've tried to catch up on all the things that you, the generous contributors, have sent me. Unfortunately, I'm not yet done, but feel that I owe it to you to get something new online. So... more to come. My heartfelt thanks to all of you!
    • In the Family Album:
      • A new album for Courtright.
      • A new album for Heitz, including families Bricker, Cope, Foster, Kestner, Menzel, Miksel, Million, Mock, Randol, Wood.
      • A new album for Sollars, including families Hull, Pea, Swift.
      • Additions to the Haunreiter album: Harry C. Kearney and the Lovington Overstreet residence.
      • An addition to the Nelson album: another photo of the Amos and Mary Jones' family.
    • In the last edition, Azariah Hastings was added to the Moultrie Civil War Participants; in this one, additional background information, including copies of documents have been added.
    • Queries for Carroll, Emans, Jones, and Sutter.
    • New Surname lookup volunteers for families Cook, Mayfield, McBride and Million under Help!.
    • Cemetery updates, thanks to generous contributors:
      • Listings and photos of Wyman in Greenhill.
      • Listings and photos of Knight in Keller.
      • Listings and photos of Alexander, Criswell, Knight, Monroe, Pea and Selby in Pea.
    • Addition to Moultrie Family Histories: Descendants of John and Eleanor Morrow Foster
      Moultrie families include: Cochran, Foster, Gebhart, Gregory, Hamilton, Hayes, Lamb, Lewis, Morrow, Reaves, Welton.
    • New Newspaper entries:
      • 1920: Betty Joan Wilson transfusion
      • 1960: E. W. Miller 55th wedding anniversay
    • New Obituaries:
      • Lilly: Loris Herman
      • Mattox: Anna Austin Graven, Benjamin Harley, John Leroy, Miles A., Omer C., Rebecca Ann
      • Meisenheimer: H. C.
      • Miller: Ivan B. and Myrtle
      • Wilson: Betty Joan

    Memorial Day

    I have no special gift this year, as I’ve promised to catch up with reader submissions. Though no update was planned, I think that a description of an impromptu weekend walk is in order.

    I live in the north-west outskirts of Atlanta. My wife suggested that the long weekend would be a good opportunity to take our energetic young dog for a walk in some interesting location other than our neighborhood. We live near Kennesaw National Park, and decided to go to a non-descript parking and hiking point at the southern end of the reserve.

    Noticing an unmarked trail heading away from most activity, we took it; it led uphill to a meadow, and split into two diverging and unmarked trails. Flipping a mental coin, we took the rightmost path, which led downward to a wooded area.

    Having reached the privacy of the woods, the path unleashed its perverse nature, becoming much steeper, diving downward through thickening brush, to a stream. There was a bridge, which, in hindsight, would not have been there to aid those of whom I’m about to speak.

    The path rose and, after fifty yards, the trees parted to reveal…

    ... today, the Illinois Monument, erected in memory of those of whom you're about to hear, but …

    ... in June 1864, an emplaced line of Confederate infantry, ready for the kill.

    The men of the Illinois 125th charged up the slope, despite the odds and casualties. There is a slight crest at the top of this rise which gave scant protection to those who lay flat. And lay flat they did. Here, clutching the earth for dear life, they faced a mortally important decision:

    They could not advance: Their charge had not broken the defensive lines, and, now within thirty yards of the enemy entrenchments, there was no hope of a rally.

    They could not retreat: As deadly as the advance may have been, turning one's back to the hail of metal would be even more suicidal.

    They could not surrender: Or, rather, they would not.

    For the better part of a week, the 125th crouched below the minimal parapet, living on dew, rain-water, and the meager contents of their haversacks. While exchanging careful shots over the inadequate barricade, the Illinois men began excavating -- with cups and fingernails -- a tunnel toward the Southern barricades, with the intention of planting explosives below the fortifications, in hopes that they could -- in the panic and confusion of the blast -- charge through the disoriented lines and prevail over superior forces.

    Their heroic efforts were both rewarded, and in vain: Sherman continued his flanking maneuvers, and the otherwise dominant forces on the ridge were compelled to fall southward toward Atlanta before the explosive tunnel was complete.

    I am fifty-seven, far older than those young boys from Illinois who charged, enthused with youth and the cries of their compatriots in their ears. And I was stunned by their act: when the woods broke before me, I looked up at the monument in the nearly unreachable distance and thought: My God! Could I do what they did? Could I run uphill, across a faceless rise, into the deluge of lead that descended upon them?

    It is to such men as these that we give our thanks today.

    • When I adopted this website, the 1891 Portrait and Biographical Record of Shelby and Moultrie Counties (under Publications) was already here, and I paid little attention to it, concentrating instead on new material. I recently realized that it had never been completed. Here, then, is a new complete edition, with the number of biographies increased from 63 to 146, and with new, high-quality scans of the portraits and residential views.
    • Several Moultrie Civil War Participants have been added: Azariah Hastings, John R. Shelton, Henry C. Wood.
    • Many cemetery updates, thanks to generous contributors:
      • Listings and photos of Cochran, Harris, Monroe, Powell, and Ray in Greenhill.
      • Listings and photos of Monroe in Oak Grove.
      • Listings and photos of Dazey in Wright.
      • Listings and photos of Kirkwood, Monroe, and Ray in Yarnell.
      • In addition, some names have been removed from Cook/Thomason Cemetery; these graves are actually in a Shelby County cemetery.
    • Addition to Moultrie Family Histories: Descendants of John and Eleanor Morrow Foster
      Moultrie families include: Cochran, Foster, Gebhart, Gregory, Hamilton, Hayes, Lamb, Lewis, Morrow, Reaves, Welton.
    • Two longstanding omission have been corrected:
      • The history of Marrowbone Township was missing from the 1881 Combined History of Shelby and Moultrie Counties.
      • The history of the 126th Illinois Infantry was missing from the Military page.
    A promise: the next edition will contain no new material from me; instead, I will finish all the submissions that many have sent me, and which -- despite my procrastination -- I deeply appreciate.
    Though it was not intended to be so, this update turned out to be something of a Lovington edition, considering the first two items.
    • Postcards: The Lovington cards are, at long last, online.
    • The Newspapers have been enlarged significantly, with a great deal of information about the Lovington coal mine, but also with news from Bethany, Cadwell, Cushman, Dalton City, Lake City, and Sullivan. Because of the increasing size of this section, I'm promoting it from a subsection of Publications to its own category on the main page: Extra! Extra!
    • The 1940 Kirksville telephone directory, under Publications. Names include: Alva, Banks, Beavers, Bolin, Briscoe, Bruce, Butler, Buxton, Byrom, Cain, Carter, Clark, Cordary, Dedman, Connell, Elder, Emel, Evans, Floyd, Frederick, Graven, Gustin, Harmon, Heiland, Hoke, Houser,Heffers, Jordan, Johnson, Keeling, Landsen, Leeds, LeCrone, Lesley, Marble, Matheson, McDaniel, Myers, Neal, Neimyer, Owens, Pierce, Rhodes, Riley, Ritchey, Roney, Selock, Sentel, Siler, Smith, Tralock, West, Williamson, Woodruff, Wright, Yantis.
    • New stone photo for Cook in Marrowbone Cemetery.
    • New queries for Adams, Binegar, Sapp, Webb
    • Correction of last name, 'Bence' instead of 'Vence' in Prairie Farmer's list of farmers. Thanks are due to an alert reader!
    • Fixed a broken link in the 1875 Plat Book: you can now successfully view Eden Martin's scans of the original book.
    Happy New Year! Once again, I'm late and, once again, I'm still not caught up. Thanks to you who have sent material, and I'm working on it!
    • A new Family Album entry for Weakley, including families Cooley, Clore, Foster, Kearney, Overstreet. Moreover, the Wiley album begun in the last update is now complete.
    • Postcards: Four new postcards from Arthur, thanks to a contributor. These are under Miscellaneous and Pine Street.
    • A new Family Histories entry for Dingman, including families Armentrout, Edmonds, Monson, Davis.
    • Cemeteries:
      • New entries with pictures for Greenhill: Beveridge, Flick, Gennett, Green, Jarvis, Kirk, Maddox, Pogue, Purvis, Swisher, Thomason
      • New pictures for Cook/Thomason: Hill, Thomason
      • Removed redundant information for Dunn Cemetery, which is now known as Oak Grove
    • Most of these cemetery photos are of Civil War Participants, so they are also reflected in that section, under Military, as well.
    • New Queries for Aldridge, Brown, Carpenter.
    • Today is the centennial of the dedication of the Moultrie County Court House and in celebration, there are two new additions:
      • Postcards for Sullivan --> Court House
      • A long-moribund section, Newspapers (under Publications --> Newspapers), has now been reanimated, with articles about the construction of the court house, among other things. I expect this section to grow in the future, largely augmented with 'society news' about Moultrie residents. Please understand: most of these first entries were found while looking for news of the new court house, so there's a heavy emphasis on Sullivan events. Future additions will reflect the entire county.
    • Addition to Moultrie Family Histories: Wiley
    • A new Family Album entry for Wiley, including families Bail, Crowdson, Crumbaugh, Goddard, Rhodes, Smith, Townley. Note that this is the first installment, as not all pictures have added.
    • Cemetery updates:
      • Dunn Cemetery listings and photos: Niehaus, Schwalbe
      • Whitfield Cemetery photos:

    • Moultrie Civil War
      • A portrait and grave photo (Aubert) thanks to a descendant and contributor.
      • The final peregrinations of Mose Ansbacher.
      • I lucked into a business trip to Little Rock, and thus we now have gravestone photos from:
        • Little Rock National Cemetery Clore, Cooley, Hagerman, Jones, Powell),
        • Memphis National Cemetery {Busshart, Chadwell, Hill, Jeffers, Miner, Skidmore, Stovall,Wooton}
        • A lovely, country graveyard (Hagerman).
        • And a bunch of other minor changes. If you've been following this for news of your Moultrie soldier ancestor, check again, just in case.
    • I somehow missed out on spring cleaning, so it's time for fall cleaning: lots of broken links fixed.
    Well, this has taken just about forever, largely because of the postcards. It always seems like there's just One More Thing to investigate. Other delays are due to another update, comming soon, for which I just won't wait any longer.
    • You can now search the Moultrie GenWeb site and view a site map.
    • Postcards for Bethany, Cadwell, Dalton City, and Gays, as well as a new one, the O.B. Warren Co., for Arthur's Vine Street.
    • Cemetery updates:
      • Greenhil Cemetery listing: Oliver
      • Jonathan Creek Cemetery listings and photos: Isaacs, Wren
      • Kellar Cemetery listing and photo: Tanner
      • Marrowbone Cemetery listings and photos: Butt
    • Email address updates:
      • Death certificate: Childers
      • Obituary: Fort
      • Queries: Alexander, Forte
      • Surname researchers: Fort/Forte
    • First, a new feature: Wish You Were Here! This is an album of Moultrie postcards, with commentary on senders, receivers, and any other historical tidbits that come to mind. The first installment includes Allenville and Arthur.
    • Keller Cemetery listings and photos: Million family
    • Obituaries: New obit for Elmer Million
    • A new Family Album entry for Chipps, including families Bragg, Brown, Cool.
    • Additions and updates to Moultrie Family Histories:
      • Updated descendants of Thomas Bragg, Thompson O. Brown, Thomas Chipps
      • New lists of descendants of John Hampton
    • Update to Moultrie Civil War Participants: Clarification of two brothers, Nathaniel Case Rale and Charles H. Rale, whom I had previously suspected to be the same person.
    • New query for Burris/Burrous.

    • And, it's finally Spring! Therefore I should add that, yes, I believe in Easter Eggs.
    • You can now register to receive an email notification when updates are posted. See the link above.
    • Additions to the 1917 Prairie Farmer Directory: Tractor Owners, and Business Directory with Advertisements.
    • Turner Cemetery listings and photos: Betts, Patrick, Sampson
    • Additions to the Family Album:
      • New album entry for Lantzy, including families Benson, Fulton, Musgrove, Reynolds, Smith, Solomon.
      • Additional photos in the Donner album.
    • Corrected researcher email address for names Elder and Osbern/Osburn/Osborn/Osborne
    • New queries for Duggan and Zaktowski/Zaktawski/Zactowski/Zactawski
    Happy Thanksgiving! This was not intended as a holiday edition; it just took far longer than expected. I hope the volume of new material makes up for the delay!
    • The Noel C. Dicks collection: photographs of Arthur, under Links.
    • Additions to the Family Album:
      • Donner, including families Harbaugh, Pogue, Powell, Wright
      • Haunreiter, including families Bell, Earp, Foster, Johnson, Kearney, Overstreet
      • Nelson, including families Hyman, Jeffers, Jones, Kirkland
    • Additions and updates to Moultrie Family Histories:
      • Updated descendants of Thomas Chipps
      • New lists of descendants of Thomas Bragg and Edmund Fleming Lilly
    • Obituaries for Beck, Bundy, Cody, Evans, Foster, Furman, Lilly, McDonald, Myers, Robinson, Satterfield, Ward.
    • Cemeteries:
      • Updates for Greenhill: Wright
      • Updates for Whitfield: Mattox
      • Alas, the cemetery lists were _not_ alphabetized correctly, despite earlier claims in July. Now they are. Or, at least, I think they are until I notice otherwise.
    • 1850 Census: The Foster family was incorrectly listed as 'Forster', an error by the original census taker. This is corrected, thanks to a descendant.
    • New Queries for Griffin, Strunk, Willis.
    • Additions to the 1917 Prairie Farmer Directory: Breeders and Automobile Owners.
    • KaBoom! My hard drive failed. Nothing already posted to the site was lost, BUT all my correspondence since June 15 evaporated. If you've written to me since since then, and your material has not beed posted, or I still owe you a reply, please email me again!
    • New queries for Gamble, Miller, and Million.
    • Mea culpa: in my last update, I added family histories for Brown and Hampton, BUT neglected to upload the new Family History page that actually pointed to them. So they were invisible. Sorry!
    • A new family portrait, the Levi and Elizabeth Seass family (1880), in the Family Album (under Family Housworth)
    • And yet another 'Sorry': The cemetery lists were not correctly alphabetized, due to a bug in a program. This is now fixed.
    • A new category: the Family Album, a collection of photos of our ancestors. Some of this has been here for some time, but after receiving emails asking "What happened to...?" I realized that they weren't easily found. So, here's the old stuff, reorganized, and augmented with what I hope is only the first of some new material.
    • Family histories for Brown and Hampton
    • New cemetery photo: Nathan Bragg (Oak Grove).
    At this time each year, we pause to honor those who served our country, and -- in particular -- those who gave themselves for our liberty.
    • The second of the updates promised in December is here: Moultrie Civil War participants.

      No: this is not just another transcription of enrollment records; it is an attempt to document everyone, from North or South, who participated in the war, and who -- at some point in their lives -- passed through Moultrie.

      This is under the category Military / Civil War.

    • Minor corrections to the 1883 Pensioners List based on discoveries while compiling the previous item.
    • A new obituary from 1902, Mrs. John Bell, in Vital records / Obituaries.
    • A new family, Bresnan, in Family Genealogies.
    • There is now a clickable map for surrounding counties. I appologize to our neighbors for this inexcusable delay!
    • The first of the updates promised in December is here: the list of Moultrie County farmers, and their family information, from the 1917 Prairie Farmer Reliable Directory of Farmers and Breeders. This is under the Publications category.
    • Teaser: the next promised December item will be a Memorial Day addition.
    • New lookup volunteer for landowners in the 1913 plat map.
    • New volunteer for cemetery photographs.
    • New cemetery photo: Silas Hull (Pea Cemetery).
    • Updated URL for Woolridge family site.
    • New queries for Davis and Nelson families.
    • Updated email addresses for existing query Kenny/Kenney.
    • Updated email addresses for existing researchers: Roberts, Townley, Waggoner, Young.
    Merry Christmas!
    • New query for Cochran
    • Correction: In the 1875 platbook lists, selecting 'M' incorrectly displayed names beginning with 'A'. My profound thanks to the bug reporter!
    • Invitation: Please send stuff!

      I'm currently working on several large projects for this site, and -- although I will continue to make corrections as you or I find them -- I probably will not complete any significant new material for several months. So: don't worry if you see little activity in the near future.

      In the meantime, please: send your material to fill in the blanks!
    • New Military item: Pensioners on the Roll: 1883 list of Moultrie County pensioners from all wars to that date.
    • Correction: The gravestone links announced in the last update did not work with Internet Explorer. This is now fixed.
    • And yet another: Javascript errors, caused by a third-party email address suppressor. This too is now fixed.
    • New query for Albro
    • New function: Gravestone pictures. In the Cemetery listings, click on a name to see a photo of the stone. (Note: look under Greenhill, Keller, Pea for examples, but the quantity of images is dependent on you, the submitters.)
    • Marriage records reformatted (i.e. now all are in tables for legibility, as well as other cleanup work).
    • New obituary for Sampson, as well as general cleanup of the obituary area.
    • New queries for Brosam, Fultz, Morthland, Perry, Sharp, Wilkinson.
    • New entries for Greenhill Cemetery: Wood.
    • Updated email addresses for existing queries: Bolin, Drew, Fulton, Walton.
    • Platbook updates:
      • Many expanded names in the 1875 Moultrie plat list
      • Replaced three corrupted images in the 1953 book.
      • All platbooks changed to the standard light background for improved legibility.
    • Memorial Day 1915: a remembrance (under the Military/Civil War category)
    • Changed category icons (upper left) for fun of it.
    • ... and my appologies to those who have submitted material. The Memorial Day update has required everything I had to give, and the rest will follow shortly.
    • New Woolridge family genealogy,including Bailey, Carlyle, Elzy, Lee, Woolridge, Ward.
    • New queries for Purvis, Roney/Frederick.
    • Updated email addresses for several previous queries.
    • New link on the Moultrie Family Histories page to Baker, Pepperdine, Williams, Million.
    • New plat book: 1960.
    • Updated email addresses for several previous queries.
    • New queries for Henson/Hinson, Kanitz, Pesch, Smith, Wingate.
    • New assistance source for Pesch.
    • New links for GenWeb resources.
    • Platbook adjustments:
      • Reassigned the date of one of the plats: 1943 to 1942.
      • Added link to the Illinois State Archives list of Moultrie platbooks.
      • Changed color depth to decrease download times for the 1942, 1949, and 1953 plats.
      • Corrected aspect ratio for the 1913 plat maps of Kirksville.
    • Two new plat books: 1913 and 1953.
    • Added the RootsWeb Moultrie County genealogy forum to Links.
    • Corrections to the map of Moultrie cemeteries.
    • Updates to contributor email addresses.
    • Happy New Year! (And thank you for your patience!)
    • New queries for Berry, Davis, Fleshner, Lake, Lower, Wood
    • New lookup offer for Lower.
    • Added family documentation for Fleshner.
    • Global correction on cemetery name: Bethany to Marrowbone.
    • Corrected name of William Johnson, Sr. (Marrowbone Cemetery).
    • Added Robert M. Greenwell (Greenhill Cemetery).
    • Added and corrected information in the list of verteran burials.
    • Added map of Moultrie County cemeteries.
    • Added information on the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society.
    • New queries for Fortner, French, Robertson, Sisk, Wickiser/Wickizer.
    • New lookup offer for Robertson, Sisk or Fortner.
    • Added 1949 Moultrie Plat Book.

    • New queries for Brown, Carter, Cook, Cummins, Dawson, Dishman, Troster.
    • New Greenhill cemetery entries for Powell, Ray, Wright.
    Cleaned up a few ugly things, as well as:
    • Re-added link to 1875 Moultrie map that I had dropped :-(
    • New family link for Selby, Ray, Pea, Florey, and Welton
    • New obituary: deFour
    • Various updated email addresses
    Yikes! This is a major update: it's taken much longer than expected, and -- which is important to you -- it makes things easier to find, but it may also introduce uglies, such as missing images, bad links, etc.  Please notify the webmaster of any mistakes your find!

    The chief cause of these difficulties is the reorganization from one long main menu to nested, topic-related menus.  But reorganization is not the only change:
    • The largest addition is that of Moultrie plat map information.  This comprises two additions at present: a transcription of land owners and landmarks from the 1875 plat, and images of a plat from about 1943.  The plat map area is one in which there will be more additions soon.
    • Moultrie veterans of the Spanish-American War have been added to the Military pages
    • Marriage addition: Samuel H. Showers and Amanda A. Larkins
    • Query about the Emery and Lena Oliver family,
    • And, alas, probably some others that were incorporated in the scramble. If you sent me information more than two weeks ago, check to see if it's here. (If you sent it within the past two weeks, I'll get it posted shortly.)
    • New queries for surnames Martz, Rice, Scoby.
    • New family website for Sharp/Barnett.  The Moultrie families on this site are: Hull, Righter, Sharp, and Taylor, with many other families in surrounding counties.
    • New family website for Lee.
    • Birth added: Juanita Brown.
    • Added a new query for surname Sampson.
    • Consolidated queries, surnames, and lookups under 'HELP'. This the kind of categorization that I plan do in preparation for adding some new material, so I welcome your comments on whether this helps or not.