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Marriages : Y


These lists present both brides and grooms in alphabetic sequence; that is, if John Doe married Jane Roe, they are listed under both "D" and "R", and each will appear in the left columns on the appropriate page.

The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete marriage index entries are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Surname First name Spouse surname Spouse first name Date
YAKELY Alvina PUCKETT Henry 12/07/1854
YAKELY Rebecca SMITH Jackson 03/21/1852
YAKLEY Jacob SMITH Sarah 08/26/1849
YAKLEY Sarah HUNT Henry 10/09/1888
YANTIS Charles E. BUSHART Nannie M. 12/31/1895
YANTIS Noble P. ROBERTSON Bertha E. 09/25/1899
YANTIS Samuel Jackson HYLER Minnie Eugenie 07/12/1885
YANTIS Simon CAMPBELL Edith C. 02/11/1894
YARBOROUGH William MARTIN Polly Ann 07/04/1864
YARBROUGH William SIMS Anne 10/15/1898
YARNALE Nancy A. MARTIN Frank 12/23/1869
YARNELL Amanda B. HARMISON Huston 09/02/1888
YARNELL William H. HULL Mandy 02/09/1898
YARNELL William M. REIDER Catharine 04/04/1875
YARNOLL Mary A. WOODRUFF Squire 01/06/1870
YATES Cicily A. HOGGATTE Martin V B. 05/11/1861
YATES Emma May MORAN John 01/30/1898
YATES Frank YATES Mariah D. 11/20/1886
YATES George MANNER Ettie 05/29/1898
YATES Iva MATHIAS George 02/19/1897
YATES John ASH Ellen 10/04/1868
YATES John JOHNSON Mary Jane 11/12/1874
YATES John E. SUMMERS Ann S. 12/14/1885
YATES Mariah D. YATES Frank 11/20/1886
YAZEL Fred S. ASHBY Mettie 07/06/1899
YEAKEL Joel A. YEAKEL Mary A. 08/16/1887
YEAKEL Mary A. FRAVEL G. D. 10/23/1895
YEAKEL Mary A. YEAKEL Joel A. 08/16/1887
YEAKLE Lou I Dell MITCHELL Louis A. 06/11/1897
YEAKLE Roe C. ARMSTRONG Laura E. 09/20/1894
YOCOM Curmma B. KENDALL James 07/01/1888
YOCOM Emma HICKMAN Martin 01/01/1890
YODER Annie SCHROCK Joseph 11/22/1885
YODER Elias S. HELMUTH Elizabeth J. 12/24/1885
YODER Leah M. KAUFMAN Isaac M. 10/06/1889
YODER Lydia BEACHEY Jacob D. 12/02/1897
YODER Lydia DIENNER Andrew M. 01/11/1891
YODER Miriam GINGERICH Joseph M. 12/10/1899
YODER Phenes TROYER Lizzie 09/06/1888
YOKEMAN Doratha MOORE Samuel 05/31/1863
YORK Elizabeth HASTINGS Aquilen 03/19/1865
YORK Lavina MARTIN Josiah 04/05/1874
YORK Mary HASTINGS James 12/15/1864
YORK Phoebe MORROW James 07/10/1859
YOUNG Annie POWELL Warren 04/05/1873
YOUNG Barbara MAJORS George William 10/30/1870
YOUNG Delia GUSTIN Wilson 12/29/1892
YOUNG Farley LILLY Bertha 12/11/1898
YOUNG George HOPKINS Hester 04/19/1868
YOUNG Isabel MONTAQUE James M. 11/18/1875
YOUNG James M. WOOD Sarah C. 07/05/1870
YOUNG Jane MONTONY Daniel 07/09/1857
YOUNG John DRAKE Sarah 03/03/1863
YOUNG Laura A. LEGGITT Isaac 11/07/1880
YOUNG Lovicy A. HARRIS James 09/01/1870
YOUNG Lucrea HOPKINS George W 02/20/1868
YOUNG Maggie DAVIS John W 02/08/1883
YOUNG Martha C. SKIDMORE Perry E. 03/07/1878
YOUNG Rebecca CARR John 12/01/1864
YOUNG Sarah Ann JOHNSON James 02/22/1866
YOUNG Sarah E. BAXTER Warren S. 05/20/1875
YOUNG Theodore H. MCDONALD Minnie 08/01/1894
YOUNG Thomas DANIELS Nancy 09/29/1856
YOUNG William S. KENNEY Lina 11/13/1873
YOUNGER A. L. NORRIS Nora 01/30/1895
YOUNGER Azel POTTS Peggy 02/10/1857
YOUNGER Charlotta E. CLINE James M. 09/22/1886
YOUNGER Elizabeth MABERRY G. M. 09/14/1873
YOUNGER George E. STEWART Maud 01/17/1897
YOUNGER Harrison L. MAYBERRY Florence G. 01/21/1889
YOUNGER James B. GUTHRIE Harriett E. 03/19/1889
YOUNGER Levi S. FLOREY Mary A. 4 Oct 1898
YOUNGER Levi S. MONTGOMERY Ruth 3 Dec 1868
YOUNGER Levi S. THOMASON Ruth 12/03/1868
YOUNGER Maggie S. CARSON Robert 02/19/1890
YOUNGER Martha J. WRIGHT David H. 12/25/1890
YOUNGER Martilla L. MARSHALL Alexander R. 03/06/1884
YOUNGER Mary A. BURNS William R. 12/24/1894
YOUNGER Mary E. MARLOW William Johnson Sr 8 Apr 1875
YOUNGER Mary J. WEBB William F. 03/18/1883
YOUNGER Mattie M. DAVIS Andrew W 10/03/1889
YOUNGER Nancy R. MARSHALL James L. 02/22/1883
YOUNGER Rhoda M. METZGER Henry 01/06/1897
YOUNGER S. W HYLES Jessie M. 08/04/1883
YOUNGER Selena RONEY Charles 11/07/1867
YOUNGER Seneth J. DAVIS Alexander J. 07/09/1884
YOUNGER Violet A. BROWN Alex M. 04/03/1872
YOUNGER William W WILKINSON Jennie 02/23/1892
YUTZY Noah C. MILLER Jennie 11/24/1898
YUTZY Soloman KEMP Magdalena 05/30/1889

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