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Marriages : P


These lists present both brides and grooms in alphabetic sequence; that is, if John Doe married Jane Roe, they are listed under both "D" and "R", and each will appear in the left columns on the appropriate page.

The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete marriage index entries are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Surname First name Spouse surname Spouse first name Date
PARTLOW Alice SAMPSON Maxwell M. 25 Feb 1888
PARTLOW Sarah E. SAMPSON Ernest D. 1 Sep 1896
PASLEY S.H. LANSDEN Mollie E. 19 Sep 1900
PATTERSON Abram L. NICHOLSON Elizabeth 26 May 1872
PATTERSON Jessie C. FOSTER Eura 15 Mar 1899
PATTERSON Lucy Ellen (Louisa) THOMASON George Washington 5 Apr 1893
PECK May Blanche REED Edwin J. 18 Jan 1899
PEPPERDINE Clara BAKER Thomas Isaac 17 Aug 1892
PETER Marggarette N. REED George W. 22 Jan 1888
PETERS John Andrew THOMASON Lucy Ellen 19 Nov 1887
PETERS Susan A. FREAD Nelson H. 21 Jan 1877
PETERS William E. HULL Lyddia O. 16 Nov 1892
PHILLIPS Louisa J. MUNSON Joel 25 Mar 1866
PHILLIPS Sarah TAYLOR Jonathan 24 Nov 1848
PIFER Charles O. TAYLOR Rose 23 Nov 1898
PIFER Mattie J. DAVIS William H. 16 Oct 1881
PINKEY Sarah A. REED William H. 12 Dec 1849
POLAND Veda G. SELOCK Edward Albert 28 May 1977
POLAND Veda Gertrude SELOCK William Andrew 24 Dec 1918
POTTER Olive WOODRUFF Albert 25 Mar 1891
POWELL Frank M. DREW Leoma 30 Dec 1875
POWELL Mary E. REED Simon P. 16 Sep 1875
POWELL Susan HULL Silas 28 May 1863
POWERS Ella F. TAYLOR Jonathan 2 Feb 1882
PUGH Mary Elmira TAYLOR Francis Newton 13 Mar 1878

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