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Marriages : L


These lists present both brides and grooms in alphabetic sequence; that is, if John Doe married Jane Roe, they are listed under both "D" and "R", and each will appear in the left columns on the appropriate page.

The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete marriage index entries are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Surname First name Spouse surname Spouse first name Date
LAMASTERS Elizabeth Jane THOMASON Arnold 10 Dec 1861
LANDERS Myrtie E. TAYLOR Charlie W. 6 Jan 1895
LANDGREBE Emma C. MYERS Wm. Jackson 22 Feb 1905
LANKFORD Rosa TAYLOR James K. 25 Sep 1873
LANSDEN Charlie O. GADDIS Laura A. 4 Sep 1895
LANSDEN George N. CROWDER Della M. 27 Apr 1892
LANSDEN J.E. WALL Clytie 25 Aug 1891
LANSDEN James BANKSON Mary A. 22 Jan 1874
LANSDEN James EVANS Dorcas M. M. 22 Jan 1874
LANSDEN James G. HALE Laura A. 4 Aug 1879
LANSDEN Joseph M. TRAVIS Martha E. 3 Feb 1870
LANSDEN Logan B. HAMPTON Louisa A. 25 Aug 1881
LANSDEN Martha E. MITCHELL Samuel 29 Nov 1838
LANSDEN Mary A. TALBY William F. 28 May 1891
LANSDEN Mollie E. PASLEY S.H. 19 Sep 1900
LANSDEN Nona McLAUGHLIN Sampson 4 Jun 1893
LANSDEN Peggy L. LIVESEY James D. 22 Oct 1846
LANSDEN Susie LOW J.R. 6 Mar 1890
LANSDEN Thomas A. KUTCH Margaret 26 Nov 1863
LANSDEN William A. MULVEY Cecilia 29 Jan 1901
LARKINS Amanda A. SHOWERS Samuel H. 10 Aug 1885
LAYMAN Dora B. TAYLOR Andrew 27 Dec 1896
LEE Alsey B. CARRIKER Elvira 13 Jun 1857
LEE Alsey B. CARTER Margery A. 28 Feb 1869
LEE Alsey B. SHARP Susan 25 Mar 1848
LEE Harriet BONE George W. 12 Apr 1866
LENNOX Fredonia THOMASON Joseph W. 11 Feb 1882
LENNOX James H. BENTLEY Nancy Jane 14 Feb 1861
LENOVER Charles Henry FREEMAN Angeline 26 Sep 1892
LILLY Europe A. WRIGHT Nancy 23 Mar 1851
LILLY John P. ARMANTROUT America D. 18 Aug 1898
LINDSAY David G. FREAD Calista A. 25 Nov 1866
LINK Oliver EDEN Susan R. 6 Apr 1874
LINVILLE Jeremiah A. REED Mary J. 30 Oct 1862
LINVILLE Martha Ann MONSEN Johnson 20 Apr 1858
LINVILLE Sarah M. WHITFIELD Thomas W. 20 Aug 1868
LITTLE Polly A. TAYLOR R.M. 4 Jul 1876
LIVESEY James D. LANSDEN Peggy L. 22 Oct 1846
LOW J.R. LANSDEN Susie 6 Mar 1890
LOY Owen SELOCK Berniece 23 Apr 1936
LUTTRELL Rufas J. HILLIGOSS Maud V. 12 Nov 1889
LUTTRELL Wiilliam A. MUNSON Alice S. 25 Mar 1886

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