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Marriages : I


These lists present both brides and grooms in alphabetic sequence; that is, if John Doe married Jane Roe, they are listed under both "D" and "R", and each will appear in the left columns on the appropriate page.

The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete marriage index entries are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Surname First name Spouse surname Spouse first name Date
IGO Harry KING Charlotte 03/20/1895
INGLE Angie SUTTER Otis C. 07/21/1897
INGLE Catherine E. KINNEY Louis W 12/26/1880
INGLE Della LORANSON Laurence 05/22/1898
INGLE Jacob H. HASTINGS Louisa 03/20/1870
INGLE James N. GOULD Mary E. 02/24/1876
INGLE John L. WATSON Alvira J. 01/30/1870
INGLE Mary CAMPBELL Martin 03/05/1871
INGLE Sadie ERB William 03/21/1880
INGRAM William N. GLADVILLE Bertha M. 10/15/1890
IRVIN George W SANDERS Julina 02/16/1871
IRWIN James LANGFORD Nancy 12/11/1853
ISAACS George W PIFER Katie Olive 01/02/1900
ISHAM Oris LENOVER Mary Jane 07/03/1855
IVER David FOLEY Mollie 11/21/1865

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