Partial List of Patrons

G - L

Extracted from the 1881 Combined History of Shelby and Moultrie Counties, IL

GAILEY, Lela M. Sec 20 Sullivan Wife of N.R. Williams Shelby Co KY 1865
GAILEY, James M. Sec 8 Lovington Father of John T. Gailey Shelby Co KY 1865
GAILEY, John T. Sec 8 Lovington Farmer & Stock Raiser Shelby Co KY 1865
GALEENER, C. Town of Sullivan Pastor M.E. Church OH 1880
GAMMILL, S.F. Summit Whitley Gen. Merchant & P.M. Moultrie Co IL 1841
GARDNER, Nancy Sec 10 Whitley Wife of Wm. Crume Washing. Co KY 1874
GARRETT, Elizabeth J. Sec 19 Lowe Wife of John Bowers Centre Co PA 1858
GARRETT, Frances E. Town of Lovington Wife of C.M. Ewing Knox Co IL 1876
GARVER, Sarah Sec 8 Sullivan Wife of A. Solomon OH 1840
GATES, Anna H. Sec 21 Lowe Wife of Lewis R Jones Washing. Co OH 1860
GAUL, Cordelia Sec 31 Lowe Wife of Robert McClung Philadelphia PA 1865
GEORGE, Susan L. Sec 9 Lovington Wife of P.E. McMullin Pickaway Co OH 1878
GIBBON, John Sec 27 Lowe Physician & Surgeon Delaware Co OH 1860
GIBBS, Elijah Sec 27 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1844
GILBERT, W.C. Town of Sullivan Grain Merchant Living'n Co NY 1874
GILLHAM, P.B. Town of Sullivan Livery, Feed & Sale Stable Jersey Co IL 1854
GODDARD, Margaret A. Sec 11 Whitley Wife of E.W. Lanum Rush Co IN 18
GOODRUM, Jane Died 1841 KY 1st wife of Wm. Crume Washing. Co KY .
GOUGH, Eleanor Sec 27 Marrowbone Wife of Robert Roney Oldham Co KY 1838
GOUGH, Mary E. Sec 14 Sullivan Wife of W.J. Crazier KY 1844
GRAHAM, Mary J. Sec 24 E. Nelson Wife of Thomas Henton Moultrie Co 1839
GRAHAM, Nancy M. Sec 22 E. Nelson Wife of James Burwell Moultrie Co 1845
GRAY, Frederick Sec 23 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1855
GREEN, A.P. Town of Sullivan Attorney Carroll Co OH 1866
GREENAWALT, Maggie Sec 2 E. Nelson Wife of Jas. A. Smith Effing. Co IL 1878
GREGORY, Emma Town of Lovington Wife of L.H. Pollard Licking Co OH 1871
GREGORY, J.A. Sec 20 Lovington Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co OH 1852
GRIER, D.D. Summit Whitley Physician & Surgeon Lewis Co KY 1872
HAGERMAN, Peter Sec 29 J. Creek Farmer & Stock Raiser Washing. Co OH 1843
HALL, Jacob Sec 25 Marrowbone Pres. husband of Lucy A. Hall OH 1868
HALL, Lucy A. (Adams) Sec 25 Marrowbone Farming & Stock Raising Oldham Co KY 1848
HALL, Sylvia A. Sec 30 Sullivan Wife of J.W. Sickafus Fairfield Co OH 1868
HAM, John A. Town of Sullivan Butcher & Twp. Assessor Moultrie 1835
HAM, Lydia Sec 35 Sullivan Wife of J. Womack Moultrie Co IL 1832
HAMMOND, Theodore Sec 17 Sullivan Saw Mill & Brick Yard Swit. Co IN 1864
HAMPTON, Sarah E. Died 25 Sep 1872 1st wife of John Cook Moultrie Co IL 1844
HANKS, Selby Sec 1 J. Creek Wife of Wm. T. Wells Edgar Co IL 1877
HARBICK, Rebecca A. Town of Bethany Wife of Rev. James Hogg Johnson Co IL 1878
HARDIN, E.L. Town of Sullivan Physician & Surgeon TN 1864
HARDIN, Ellen A. Died 8 Mar 1877 Late wife of A. Clore Jefferson Co KY 1833
HARMER, Harriet L. Sec 36 Marrowbone Wife of L.B. Florey Adams Co PA 1847
HARMISON, Philena V. Sec 36 Lovington Wife of Alfred Rhodes Edgar Co IL 1871
HARMISON, Sabrina Died 18 May 1880 Late wife of G.W. Hoggatt Edgar Co IL 1854
HARPIN, Mary E. Sec 12 Whitley Wife of I.W. Curry IN 1878
HARRIS, Joseph T. Sec 16 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Picka. Co OH 1843
HARRIS, Lucy A. Sec 34 Lovington Wife of Wm. T. Kellar Moultrie Co IL 1858
HARRIS, Luvicy Died 1 Mar 1877 3rd wife of Wm. C. Ward Alexander Co IL 1855
HARRIS, M.H. Sec 30 J. Creek Farmer & Stock Raiser Sulli'n Co IN 1875
HARRIS, Susan Sec 8 Lovington Wife of John T. Howell Shelby Co KY 1864
HARRIS, T.F. Sec 27 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1853
HARRIS, W.S. Sec 10 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Smith Co VA 1870
HARRISON, Mary A. Sec 9 E. Nelson Wife of Daniel Pifer OH 1855
HART, John D. Summit Whitley Blacksmith & Repair Shop Coles Co IL 1879
HART, Mary E. Summit Whitley Wife of G.W. Eldridge Coles Co IL 1880
HAULMAN, J.H. Sec 18 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Franklin Co PA 1856
HAULMAN, Nancy Sec 8 Lovington Wife of John F. Smith Franklin Co PA 1858
HAYDEN, Benjamin B. Town of Sullivan Surveyor Moultrie 1835
HAYES, Martha A. Sec 12 Lovington Wife of J.E. Bradley Pickaway Co OH 1871
HAYES, Mattie Sec 29 J. Creek Wife of James Davidson OH 7?
HAYES, Sarah Sec 8 Lovington Wife of Walter Betts Pickaway Co OH 1873
HEACOCK, Joseph L. Sec 24 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser Tuscara. Co OH 1871
HEILAND, H. ? Sullivan Farmer & Breed. Hogs Germany 1859
HENDERSON, Sarah D. Died 10 Apr 1866 1st wife of Joshua Roney Bourbon Co KY 1832
HENDRICKS, Ambrose Died 1872 Late husband of P. Hendricks Moultrie Co IL 1833
HENDRICKS, Cassinda E. Sec 28 Lowe Wife of C.W. Batman Moultrie Co IL 1859
HENDRICKS, E. Sec 3 Whitley Farmer & Breeder Hogs Harrison Co KY 1831
HENDRICKS, Nancy P. Died 20 May '71 1st wife of Sam P. Lilly Moultrie Co 1835
HENDRICKS, Polly A. Sec 16 Marrowbone Wife of D.P. Warren Moultrie Co IL 1836
HENDRICKS, Paulina (Hostetler) Sec 31 Lowe Farming & Stock Raising Lawrence Co IN 1855
HENRY, Naoma Died 1st wife of Ab Patterson Shelby Co IL .
HENSLEY, A.J. Summit Whitley Blacksmith & Repair Shop Vigo Co IN 1856
HENSLEY, Kisarah Sec 29 E. Nelson Wife of A. Mainard Vigo Co IL 1856
HENTON, Thomas Sec 24 E. Nelson Farmer & Breeder Hogs Fairfield Co OH 1854
HERENDEEN, Martha L. Sec 25 Marrowbone Wife of Jacob Sickafus Wabash Co IN 1861
HEWITT, Sarah A. Town of Lovington Wife of Francis Tally MA 1873
HILL, Eliza Sec 15 Lovington Wife of C. Howell Pickaway Co OH 1851
HILL, Lucy A. Sec 24 Marrowbone Pres. wife of Andrew Bankson Fayette Co IL 1853
HILL, Mary Sec 31 Lovington Wife of Chas. H. Taylor IN 1855
HILL, Mary P. Sec 4 E. Nelson Wife of James Barnes KY 1857
HILL, T.J. Town of Sullivan Ag. Imp. & Sewing Mach. Warren Co OH 1876
HILLIGOSS, E.P. Sto'kt'n Whitley Physician & Surgeon Moultrie Co IL 1856
HILLIGOSS, G.W. Sec 13 Whitley Farmer & Stock Raiser Rush Co IN 1853
HILLIGOSS, John W. Wi'dsor Whitley Prescription Druggist Moultrie Co IL 1856
HILLIGOSS, Maud V. Sec 13 Whitley G-dau. of G.W. Hilligoss Moultrie Co IL 1869
HILLIGOSS, Wm. J. Sec 17 Whitley Farmer & Stock Raiser Rush Co IN 1870
HILTON, Kittie Ann Sec 28 E. Nelson Wife of Isaac Fleming Freder. Co MD 1864
HOGG, James N. Minister of C.P. Church Marrowbone Minister of C.P. Church Marshall Co TN 1878
HOGGATT, Esther Sec 23 Sullivan Mother of Wm. H. Myers Edgar Co IL 1858
HOGGATT, G.W. Sec 6 Sullivan Farmer & Breeder Cattle Coffee Co TN 1854
HOGGATT, Sarah E, Sec 7 Lovington Wife of A.M. Rhodes Edgar Co IN 1859
HOKE, Amanda J. Sec 14 Sullivan Farming & Stock Raising Edgar Co IL 1832
HOKE, F.P. Town of Sullivan Blacksmith & Plow Mfg. Jeff'n Co KY 1840
HOKE, Samuel Died 25 Feb1868 Late husb. of Amanda Hoke KY 1840
HOLLINGS, Catherine Sec 14 Whitley Wife of C.L. Shinn Baltimore MD 1864
HOOK, John Sec 9 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser Ross Co OH 1847
HORNE, W.E. Town of Lovington Hdwe & Implements Chester Co Eng 1877
HORTENSTINE, Henry Sec 24 Whitley Farmer & Stock Raiser VA 1857
HOSKINS, Perry Sec 16 Marrowbone Farmer & Stock Raiser Pickaway Co OH 1851
HOSKINS, W.H. Sec 11 Marrowbone Farmer & Stock Raiser Pickaway Co OH 1849
HOSTETLER, C.E. Sec 35 Lovington Farmer & Grain Dealer Orange Co IN 1852
HOSTETLER, Hannah Sec 34 Lovington Wife of D.C. Chase Orange Co IN 1852
HOSTETLER, Sarah E. Sec. 36 Dora Wife of Joseph N. Newlan Clark Co IN 1850
HOWE, Mary M. Sec 6 E. Nelson Wife of McKindree Birch Moultrie Co 1849
HOWELL, C. Sec 15 Lovington Farmer & Breed. Cattle Shelby Co KY 1837
HOWELL, Franklin Sec 33 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser Louden, VA 1867
HOWELL, John T. Sec 8 Lovington Farmer & Breeder Shelby Co KY 1864
HOWELL, Sue M. Sec 24 Marrowbone Wife of S.D. Smith Moultrie Co IL 1848
HUBBARD Town of Lovington Wife of Nathan Cheever Pickaway Co OH 1857
HUDONS, J.J. Died Father of Jere. Hudson KY .
HUDSON, James B. Sec 26 Marrowbone Farmer & Breeder Imp. Stock Madison Co VA 1841
HUDSON, Jeremiah Sec 29 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1861
HUDSON, Laura A. Town of Lovington Wife of J.H. Michael Moultrie Co IL 1857
HULL, Harriett Sec 7 Lovington Wife of E. Welton Pickaway Co OH 1844
HULL, William Sec 24 E. Nelson Father of W.T. Hull Ireland 1859
HULL, William T. Sec 24 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co 1861
HUNSACKER, Matt. Town of Arthur Farmer & Stock Raiser Edgar Co IL 1862
HUNT, Burlington Sec 34 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Harris. Co KY 1851
HYLAND, J.S. Sec 31 Sullivan Farmer, Grist & Saw Mill Monroe Co IN 1832
IDAL, Mary J. (Elliott) Sec 19 Lowe Farming & Stock Raising Perry Co PA 1863
IDAL, William Died 16 Nov 1872 Late Husband of Mary J. Idal Montgomery Co PA 1863
IRELAND, Susan Sec 32 Sullivan Pres. wife of Ab Petterson Owen Co KY 1863
IRWIN, Nancy Sec. 14 Dora Wife of John McMullin Highl'd Co OH 1870
JEFFRIES, James Sec 19 Sullivan Farmer & Breed. Hogs Washing. Co KY 1845
JENNINGS, B.S. Town of Sullivan Woolen Mill Knox Co OH 1850
JONES, E.H. Sec 35 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Freder. Co VA 1849
JONES, Jacob Sec 9 Lovington Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co IN 1861
JONES, L. Died: Nov '78 3rd wife of C. Brookshier IN .
JONES, Lewis R. Sec 21 Lowe Farmer & Minister Delaware Co OH 1860
JONES, Mattie S. Sec 17 Whitley Wife of G.A. Edwards DeWitt Co IL 1870
JONES, Sarah Sec 16 Sullivan Wife of Joseph T. Harris Fayette Co IL 1852
JONES, Sarah A. Died 2 Jan 1880 Late wife of Isaac W. Fulton Delaware Co OH 1860
KARNEY, Charley Sec 17 Lovington Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1862
KARNEY, Elizabeth Sec 17 Lovington Mother of Charley Karney Fayette Co OH 1852
KARNEY, John S. Died 31 Jul 1876 Father of Charley Karney Ross Co OH 1852
KELLAR, Mary A. Sec 33 Lovington Present wife of A. Thomason Oldham Co KY 1832
KELLER, A.L. Town of Sullivan Physician & Surgeon Oldham Co KY 1835
KELLER, H.Y. Sec 34 Lovington Farm. & Minister Christian Ch Oldham Co KY 1832
KELLER, Polly A. Bruce Whitley Wife of G.W. Dallby Lincoln Co TN 1856
KELLER, William T. Sec 34 Lovington Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1850
KELLY, Ann Sec. 6 Dora Wife of James Nolan Co Tipper. Ire 1857
KENDALL, Susan E. Died 29 Oct 1865 First wife of J.W. Sears Owen Co KY 1854
KENDALL, Sophronia Town of Arthur Present wife of J.W. Sears Owen Co KY 1854
KENEDY, Emily E. Sec 15 Marrowbone Wife of John A. Crowder Moultrie Co IL 1852
KENSIL, Phebe J. Sec 17 Sullivan Wife of D.C. Frantz Perry Co OH 1865
KENNEDY, Amanda Sec 19 Sullivan Wife of J.A. Butt Moultrie Co IL 1850
KENNEDY, J.C. Sec 11 Marrowbone Farmer & Stock Raiser Wilson Co TN 1829
KEPLER, George Sec 21 Sullivan Farmer & Saw Mill Pickaway Co OH 1862
KEPLER, Nancy Sec 18 Sullivan Wife of Isaac Rhodes Picka. Co OH 1859
KEPLER, Sarah Sec 6 Sullivan Wife of W.T. Nazeworthy Circleville OH 1850
KERN, J.A. Sec 21 Whitley Farmer & Wheat Specialty Lawrence Co IN 1859
KERR, Elizabeth Sec 34 Lovington Pres. wife of H.Y. Keller KY 1867
KEYES, Lotta A. Town of Lovington Wife of W.G. Cochran Pickaway Co OH 185?
KIDWELL, Amos Sec 4 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Montgom. Co IN 1865
KIDWELL, Elizabeth Sec 17 Sullivan Pres. wife of A.H. Fultz IN 1861
KING, Eliza Sec 17 Whitley Wife of Wm. J. Hilligoss Wayne Co IN 1870
KINKADE, Aggatha Sec 27 Whitley Wife of G.W. Armantrout Shelby Co IL 1859
KINKADE, Belle Sec 27 Whitley Farming & Stock Raising Shelby Co IL 1859
KINKADE, Fannie Sec 27 Whitley Mother of Belle Kinkade Fairfax Co VA 1859
KINKADE, J.B. Died 9 Feb 1880 Whitley Father of Belle Kinkade KY 1859
KINKADE, W.D. Sec 27 Whitley Brother of Belle Kinkade Shelby Co IL 1859
KINNEY, John Sec. 2 Dora Farmer & Stock Raiser Co Lim'k Ire. 1865
KIRKWOOD, James Sec 17 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Lancast. Co PA 1857
KIRKWOOD, Wm. Town of Sullivan Mayor & Grain Dealer OH 1857
KISSETT, Agnes P. Sec 35 Sullivan Wid of James Weeaks
Farming & Stock Raising
Spencer Co KY 1862
KITCHENS, T.H. Sec 3 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Clark Co IL 1879
KLINE, Elizabeth Sec 14 Lovington Farming & Stock Raising Morgan Co OH 1851
KLIVER, William J. Sec 3 E. Nelson Farmer & Stock Raiser Licking Co OH 1856
KNIGHT, George W. Sec 5 J. Creek Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1865
KNOTT, Martha Sec 3 Lovington Present wife of P. Sutter IN 1878
KNOX, Frances Died 16 Jul 1862 1st wife of J.W. Dawdy PA .
KRATZ, Catherine ? Sullivan Wife of H. Heiland Moultrie Co IL 1844
KREIDER, Anna Town of Lovington Wife of A.B. Piper PA 1874
LAMB, Mary Died 6 Feb 1872 Late wife of Alex Porter VA 1844
LANDERS, Frank Town of Lovington General Merchant Moultrie Co IL 1844
LANDERS, Isaac Town of Lovington Attorney Moultrie Co IL 1853
LANDERS, John Town of Lovington General Merchant Moultrie Co IL 1849
LANDES, Eliza V. Town of Arthur Wife of Matt. Hunsacker IL 1862
LANE, A. Sec 21 E. Nelson Far, J.P. & Com. Highw's Coles Co IL 1852
LANE, James H. Sec 17 J. Creek Farmer & Stock Raiser Garrard Co KY 1870
LANE, Martha Died: 1855 Garr. KY 1st wife of C. Bookshier KY .
LANEY, Elmira Sec 31 Lovington Wife of George W. Everett Lincoln Co KY 1878
LANSDEN, Martha E. Town of Bethany Wife of Samuel Mitchell Wilson Co TN 1830
LANUM, E.W. Sec 11 Whitley Farmer & Stock Dealer Fayette Co OH 1864
LAWRENCE, J.L. Sec 20 E. Nelson Farmer & Blacksmith Washing. Co OH 1865
LAWSON, Berry Sec 20 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1868
LAYTON, Theodore Sec 34 E. Nelson Farmer & Op. Steam Mach. Know Co IL 1866
LEDBETTER, Margaret Sec 31 Sullivan Wife of J.S. Hyland Shelby Co IL 1822
LEE, Capt A.B. Town of Sullivan Attorney & J.P. Stewart Co TN 183/89
LEE, Isaac V. Town of Sullivan Clerk at Maple House Moultrie 1861
LEE, Margaret Town of Bethany Wife of Pleasant Fortner Moultrie Co IL 1845
LEE, Martha Died 31 May 1877 1st wife of Andrew Bankson Weakley Co TN 1838
LEE, Willis Town of Sullivan Father of Isaac V. Lee MO 1858
LEEDS, Washing. P. Sec 23 Sullivan Farmer & Stock Raiser Clermont Co OH 1865
LEFFINGWELL, E.R. Town of Sullivan Prop. of Marble Works PA 1879
LEWIS, A.J. Sec 6 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser Orange Co IN 1863
LEWIS, Esther Died 18 Jul '71 1st wife of A. Lane Coles Co IL 1848
LEWIS, G.N. Sec 18 Lowe Farmer & Stock Raiser Moultrie Co IL 1855
LEWIS, Perlina J. Summit Whitley Wife of A.J. Hensley Moultrie Co IL 1855
LEWIS, Wm. N. Sec 18 Lowe Father of G.N. Lewis Orange Co IN 1854
LILLY, Samuel P. Sec 33 E. Nelson Farmer & Breeded Stock Moultrie Co 1825
LILLY, W.W. Town of Sullivan Attorney Moultrie 1859
LINDER, Rebecca Sec 15 Sullivan Wife of W.J. Patterson Hancock Co IN 1866
LINDER, Wash. Town of Sullivan Sheriff Hancock Co IN 1866
LINDSAY, D.G. Coachman, Sull. T. Mercht. & Grain Dealer Glasg. Scot. 1857
LITTLE, Sarah Sec 23 Sullivan Wife of J.M. Morgan Moultrie Co IL 1849
LITTLE, Sarah J. Sec 7 Whitley Wife of W.H. Waggoner Moultrie Co IL 1838
LIVESEY, George C. Died 3 Jul 1864 2nd husband of Lucy A. Hall KY 1848
LIVESSEY, Rebecca J. Sec 11 Marrowbone Wife of J.C. Kennedy MAURY Co TN 1834
LOCKET, Nancy A. Sec 17 Lovington Wife of John W. Dixon Wayne Co IN 1865
LOGAN, Lucinda Died: 14 Aug 1865 1st Wife of J.J. Nicholson Garrard Co KY 1859
LONG, Mary Sec 26 J. Creek Pres. wife of J.A. Solomon Cincin. OH 1873
LOVING, B.F. Dalton Cty Attorney & Notary Public Ander'n Co TN 1872
LUCAS, S.W. Town of Sullivan Physician & Surgeon Mercer Co PA 1865
LYNN, Margaret Sec 18 E. Nelson Wife of A.W. McPheeters Jeffer. Co KY 1851

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