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Wish you were here!
(Postcards from Lovington:
State Street )


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I.I.O.F. Hall Postmark:
Jun 6, 1912, 4 PM

Addressed to:
Miss Alma Reinheimer

Dear Alma - Am having a good time - Am talking a heap, but then you know how I talk - It rained a little last eve - but didn't spoil commencement Suppose you all had a game last eve - Be good to Colonel and Al - Love to all

% of Shoo W. Stivers

Alma, born c. 1885, was the daughter of Benjamin and Caroline Reinheimer.

The Colonel and Al cannot be identified, and the sender's name is not provided.

I have not been able to identify the proprietor of Miller's Lunch Room, on the right.
I.I.O.F. Hall Postmark:
Aug 25, 1912, 4 PM

Addressed to:
Miss Glenora Slagle
Derby, Ohio

Lovington, Ill, Aug. 22.Hello kid: - How are you? I am fine and dandy only a little lonesome. Wish you were here I know I would not be lonesome then. Have you got that suit made yet? Ha Ha. Excuse writing as I am so cold I can hardly write. Space is limited. Write.


Add. % W. S. Adkins

Glenora, born c. 1894, was the daughter of Thomas and Augusta Slagle.

W.S. Adkins was William S., married to Laura A. Myers Adkins. William was born in Ohio about 1848.

Though not proven, Agnes may have been Agnes C Driscol, daughter of John W, & Catharine, of Madison, Vinton, OH, born about 1897

The left-most business sells ice cream and cigars and, while the sign in the previous card is not shown here, it is probably also Miller's Lunch Room. The furniture store is probably that of William McMullin, who, like many furniture dealers of the era, also served as an undertaker. His business survives today as the McMullin-Young funeral home, operated by the seventh generation of this family.
State Street, looking east Unmailed

On front:
Pub. for Munch's Pharmacy

On back:
Made by C. U. Williams
Bloomington Illinois
State Street, looking west, about 1950 Unmailed

On front:
Photo by Bence

On back:
C. L. Bence, Mattoon, Illinois

The date is an approximation based on the vehicles in the photo.