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(Postcards from Gays )


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Title Front Back Transcription/Comments
Christian Church Postally unused.
Christian Church Postally unused
Farmers' Bank Postally unused.

Though not marked as a postcard on the back, it is the correct size and my assumption is that this was intended to be mailed to investors and customers.

W. Ed Storm, the president, was probably the Ed Storm listed in 1920 as living in Gays, and married to Ella. Though they were young for a retired couple, respectively 55 and 53, no occupation is given for Ed. Ten years earlier, he was a farmer, and the suggestion is that, if he is correctly identified, he was very successful in his first career and, as a retired country gentleman, was the ideal candidate for taking the helm of the local bank.

Alford M. Blythe, cashier, pursued earlier careers as a well driller and grain dealer. Born in 1860, he was married to Telva, born a year earlier. They were the parents of children Arley (b. 1882), Bessie (c. 1885), Hazel C. (c. 1890), and Ruth (c. 1899).

Albert W. Treat, notary public, had -- like Alford Blythe -- also worked as a grain dealer. He was born in Michigan in September 1852, and his wife Mary was born two years later, in Illinois, in the same month. They were parents of daughter Nola, born in March 1883.
North First Street Postally unused.
Railroad Street Postally unused.
Street scene Postally unused.