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Birds' eye view Postmark:

Bethany Sep 24 1912 11 AM


Miss Daisy Shaffer
Hassell, New Mex.


Hello Sis - How is everyone? just in town this a.m. Tho't you might like this card.come here rather often now. Are all the boys in Mex - now?


Daisy Shaffer was the daughter of John A. Shaffer and an unidentified first wife. John was shown in the 1910 New Mexico census living in Quay County, New Mexico with second wife Amy (whom he had married about 1899)and, among other children, Daisy, age 21.

'The boys' probably referred to twin sons Merle and Earl, both about 19 at this time, and possibly Ray, about 16.

As neither the 1900 or 1910 censuses show any other daughters old enough to have left home by 1912, it is likely that the writer was an older, and as-yet unidentified, sister of Daisy by John's first wife. Neither the 1880 nor 1900 censuses throw light on her identity.

This photo was taken from the window of the grain elevator (see below), and captures the view toward the northwest.
Grain Elevator, 1909 Postmark:

Oct 9 1909


Mr. Mark Beavers
Wellington, Kansas
In care of Mrs. A. R. Beavers
R.F.D.R _


Hello Mark
does this look like Bethany? have you got a post card album to keep your cards in.


Mark Beavers (b. 1899) was the son of Alfred R. and Minerva Belle Kennedy Perkins Beavers. The Beavers family had previously lived in the village of Bethany, but by 1909 had moved to Kansas.

The writer was Inadean Perkins (b. 1885), Mark's half sister. She was the daughter of Belle and her first husband, George Perkins, and had stayed behind in Moultrie County when the family moved west..
Illinois Central Depot Postally unused.
Main Street, looking west, 1908 Postmark:

Oct 19 1908


Mrs. H. H. Rice
520 North Pine St.
Indpls Ind


Oct 19

Can not get home Tues as Charles is not in can not tell which train will be in

Love to all

V. S. Rice

The sender was Viola S. Nutterfield (born Aug 1859, IL), wife of Waverly F. Rice (May 1849, KY), and daughter of Milton (c. 1838, IL) and Mary (c. 1842, IL) Nutterfield. Married Feb 10, 1878 in Vermillion Co. Illinois. H.H. Was Harrison H., her son, born Dec 188x (6?). Both were residents of Indianapolis in 1900.Harrison's wife was Francis Y.
Main Street, undated Postally unused.
Redman and Deupree Postally unused

Note the sign on the left side that advertises the Bethany Opera House on the second floor. The store also appears in the photos of Main Street, on the north side.

Joseph Edwin Deupree was born in May 1878 in Missouri. In 1900, only 22 and still in Missouri, he had already established a career as a merchant. By 1910, he and his family were living in Bethany, and he was the proprietor (or co-proprietor see below) of Redman and Deupree. He had other ambitions, however, and ten years later he was an attorney in Oklahoma City, OK, where he spent the rest of his life. He passed away in 1962.

He married Laura Bell Campbell, of Iowa, in 1903, and they had children Edwin A. (1904), Harry Linnell (1908), and Margaret Belle (1910).

I have been unable to identify his partner Redman as a merchant in the census, in Moultrie or any surrounding county. A possibility from the 1900 census is Elmer (?) Redman of Decatur, whose occupation was listed as 'Capitalist', and who may have invested in a promising and experienced young man.
Post Office, undated Postally unused, but white border indicates a date of 1915 - 1930

Inscription on back:

Mr. Niles
P.O. Bethany, Il

Leander Niles was the postmaster, and he is, of course, the gentleman standing in the foreground.

The woman behind the counter may be Emma McCord, listed in the 1910 census as a clerk at the post office.

The woman in front is probably Grace Riggins, listed in the same census as assistant postmaster.
Presbyterian Church, 1908 Postmark:

Oct xx (day unclear) 1908
11 AM


Miss Clo Norsworthy

Keinsburg(sic) Ill


hello Clo what is the reason you don't wirite are you waiting for the 30 to send one of your letters. I look that up the other day & It the same as the 3 (since?) letter & wood (i.e. 'would' --
(Continued at top)
give my regards to every boy as is my friends

Clorinda Norsworthy, born about 1867, was the daughter of Thomas and Susan Norsworthy. The correct spelling of the town is 'Keansburg'. As of the posting date, she had lived her entire live in Wabash Co. Illinois.

The author is unknown, and the text is difficult to understand in places, but the phrase 'are you waiting for the 30...' suggests that October 30 may have been the writer's birthday.
Christian Church, undated Postally unused
Cumberland Hill Camp, 1940's Legend on front:

Cumberland Hill Camp, Bethany Illinois - Young People's Encampment
Rented by Day or Week - For Rental Information Contact -
B. A. McReynolds
Telephone 113R3 - Bethany Ill.


Aug 10 (year unstated)


Mr. & Mrs, L. V. Fox
311 East Jefferson
Casey, Ill.


Dear Mom & Dad,
I am just fine and having lots of fun. I have to give an oral report in class.I am studyingJesus' Teachings

Love, Evelyn

I've been unable to find any history of this camp or of the proprietor, B. A. McReynolds, though the name suggests that it may have been affiliated with the oldest church in the area, Cumberland Presbyterian. If you have information, I welcome it.

Evelyn Marie Fox, daughter of Lawrence V. and Elsie Elkiah Livington Fox, was born in 1934. Assuming that she was in her teens when attending camp, this card probably dates from the late 1940's.
Public School; Methodist Church, undated Postally unused
Residential Street, 1914 Postmark:

Bethany Ill.
Nov 28 1914 7PM

Addressed to:

Miss Mary Rubel
Harvel Ill
R.R. No. 21-16099


Bethany Ill., Nov. 29, 14

Dear Friend:
This is the first time I have been to town in a long while. I expect to be home about the middle of next week.

Neither Mary Rubel nor Arthur have been identified.
Residential Street, undated Postally unused
Bethany bandstand Postmark:

Dalton City, Ill.
July 3 1909 9PM

Addressed to:

Mr. Sam Hennigh
Windsor Illinois


Sam, We are going to Bethany to the band concert thursday evening on a hay ride (Daltons treat). Mrs. Dalton said he knows you people. Would you rather wait and drive down there.
Valma J. Croy

Valma Croy (b. c. 1892) was the daughter of Samuel L. and Jennie M, and younger sister of Caroline M. In 1910, they lived in Decatur, though it's not clear whether, at the time this card was sent, they lived in Decatur or Dalton City.

Although there were a number of Hennigh families near Windsor on both sides of the Moultrie/Shelby line, I have not located Sam.

The Daltons were probably Walter S. and Margaret C. Dalton.
Railroad Bridge, 19xx Postmark:

Aug 22 19xx 7 PM
(year unreadable)

Addressed to:

Mrs. Harvey Milburn
629 S. Seminary
Princeton Ind


Hello Ethel:
I belive (sic) I'll stay in Illinois. am certainly enjoying every minute of the time. Always on the go.

Ethel Witherspoon (b Nov 1876, Indiana) was the wife of Harvey Felix Milburn (b.Aug 1872, Missouri) and the mother of Fanny Isabelle (b. Oct 1899, Indiana) and Ethyl Lucille (Jan 1902)

Nina has not been identified.