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Miscellaneous )


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Title Front Back Transcription/Comments
City Park Undated and unmailed

The style of this card closely matches that of the residential area (below), suggesting that these are of approximately the same age. (1907 - 1910)
Lines from Arthur Postmark:
Arthur Ill. Apr 11 1910 5PM

Addressed to:
Miss Carrie Thomas
Scotland Ind.

Dear Sister,

Will drop you a card this morning as I am very busy. Harve was here for dinner yesterday. How is Jessie, we heard she was sick. Let us know how you all are right away. from Sadie

(on the side) Hello for little Dude.

The sender was Mrs. Sadie Florence Thomas, nee Huber. Sadie had married Rolla Franklin Thomas, Carrie's brother, just three months earlier, on 1 Jan 1910. Therefore, though Sadie addresses Carrie as 'sister', they were actually sisters-in-law. Mentioned in the message is Harve and Jessie Thomas, Carrie and Rolla's siblings, who would later also marry into the Huber family.

This card was provided by Bob Brown.
Boys' Band Postmark:
Arthur July 5 1912 8 AM

Addressed to:
Mr. Will S. Irwin
6th and Laurel St.


Just to let you know I think of you when I am away. Having a good time. Hope you are.

William Irwin was the son of Lafayette L. and Minnie E. Irwin. E.L.D. has not been identified, though she (presumably a young woman, based on the tone of the text) must have had a local connection justifying her visit to Arthur.
Residential area Undated and unmailed

Addressed to:
Mr. Henry Kanitz (no address given)

Greetings for your birthday

Henry Kanitz was born in Douglas County, Illinois on 24 Jan 1861. By 1900, he had moved to Lowe Twp., Moultrie County, and by 1910, he was living in Labette County, Kansas.

Since this postcard was unmailed, it is probable that it was given to him directly. This is a divided back card, and so the first birthday on which it could have been presented was that of January 24, 1908, and -- unless this was given during a subsequent visit 'back home' -- would not have dated later than January 1910, since he was tallied as a Kansas resident in the April census.
Residential area Postmark:
Arthur Ill. Oct 20 1915

Addressed to:
Mr. James Thomas
Scotland Ind.

Sent seed Sat. we are all well. let us hear from you. haven't heard from you since we came home. what is the matter
Geo & Jess

This card was sent by George and Jessie Huber to James Thomas, Scotland, Indiana. George had married Jessie Thomas two months previously, on 28 Aug 1915 in Scotland, IN, but the couple had not heard from him since they returned to Arthur. This message is written in the hand of George S. Huber, grandfather of Bob Brown, who provided this card.
Arthur Cemetery Undated and unmailed

Printed on the front:
Photographed by C. F. Eberhardt, Arthur, Ill.

Christian F. Eberhardt, born c. 1866 in Switzerland, was a farmer in Lowe Township. His name appears on the front, probably not because he published post cards, but because -- at the time -- amateur photographers could have their photos printed on post cards for personal use.

This suggests that the man in the foreground, who appears to be about forty years old, was a family member (brother John or Frederick, or Christian himself), though no record of a family connection to the cemetery, perhaps as a sexton or trustee, has been discovered.

(For a card sent by Mr. Eberhardt's wife to their daughter Elsie, with additional family information, see 'Vine Street Looking South, 18 Aug 1909', under the category 'Vine Street'.)