1875 Moultrie County Plat

The 1875 Moultrie County Plat Book is probably the earliest comprehensive record of Moultrie County land ownership.


Unlike the other plats listed here, I have not provided images of the original, since they are already available at Eden Martin's wonderful Moultrie County site.  Instead, the materials here complement these originals with lists of property owners and landmarks.  You can click here to view Eden Martin's images in a separate browser window while you explore the names.


The names are available in two alphabetized formats: a consolidated list encompassing over 3000 entries, and separate lists by surname initial.  For those with a fast internet connection, the single list is preferable for searching, particularly if you are searching many names.  The individual lists are definitely faster for those with slower modem connections.


To review the consolidated list, click here


To select a list by surname, click on one of the surname initials below:


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Comments on the transcription:






The first example, where the addition is unqualified, indicates that the name matches the initials, and that there is additional corroborating evidence (e.g. I'm familiar with the family in question, or census data shows not only the name but that the person was a property owner in that township).


The second, less definite, example is that of a close, but not exact, match with census information.  Typically, ‘John' was the only Doe with a first name starting with J., and he either owned property, or – if young and unlanded in the 1870 census – was a young farmer who, by 1875, might have been expected to have started his own establishment.


The third represents a very tentatively established name;  these is listed only as a possible aid to future researchers.




Finally, I plead for corrections and additions: if you find an error or can provide more information about people or landmarks, please email me.