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Title: Moultrie County
Biography of
James HC Rodgers


Portrait of James HC Rodgers
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James HC Rodgers

Born on November 9, 1828 in Scipio, Jennings County, Indiana.

Died on May 6, 1865 in Little Rock, Arkansas

This biography is faithfully dedicated to my wife Karen and my children Ehrich and Kara. Without all your support all these years "looking for the dead people," nothing here would have been possible. Your love and support means the world to me.

Thank you.

-- Bruce Rodgers

Family Line
Joseph Wikerson, Scipio, and HC
Scotland Conty, Missouri
The Divorce
Don't Steal Turkeys!
James HC and Harriet Rodgers
Private James HC Rodgers, 10th Regiment, Indiana Infantry
The Death of Private James HC Rodgers
Breakup of a Family
Pension of James HC Rodgers
Investigation of Hariett's Claim
Investigation of John Ray Rodgers' Claim
Five Years Of Interviews
Nancy Jane and William Henry Rodgers
Boyle County Kentuckey
Harriet: RoundTwo
Lucinda Camlin Ridge Needham
Demira W. Rodgers
The Money
Pa Bill and Grammie
Nancy Jane Garrison and Robert Rodgers
Sally Demira John and Lizzie Rodgers
Hiram and Harriet Colvin
James HC Rodgers' Memorial Stone

Copyright 2007 by Bruce Rodgers