Moultrie Headstone
Title: Moultrie County
Souther Cemetery


The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete cemetery lists are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Birth dates inclosed in square brackets '[]' are calculated from the death date and the age at death. These may differ from the actual birth date.

Surname Given Birth Death Comment
(Bomhan) Nancy [6 May 1831] Dec, 28, 1858 Aged 27Y's. 7m. 22d's. The MCHGS lists her name as 'Horton', but I can't substantiate this. Census records suggest 'Bomhan', and the carving similarity to 'Hampton' is suggestive.
Beason Malissie A [20 May 1871] Dec. 17, 1874 Aged 3y's 6m. 27d.
Cunningham Elizabeth

Cunningham JL

Cunningham William H

Hampton Gilbert A.

Hampton James Austin [8 Jan 1841] July 29, 1890 Aged 49y. 6m. 21d.
Hampton John D.

Hampton Thomas J.

Harris Eliza Ann [14 Sep 1828] Nov. 9, 1853 Aged 25Y's 1M. 26D.
Harris George W. [28 Mar 1851] Dec. 17, 1853 Aged 2Yrs. 8Ms. 19Ds.
Horn Verne M. [25 Jun 1876] Aug. 2, 1876 Dau. of I. & B.A. Horn; Aged 1 Mo. & 8 Days.
Hudson Francis M.

Hudson John J. [30 Apr 1810] Jan. 3, 1875 Aged 64 Ys. 8Ms. 3Ds.
Hudson Susan G. [28 Oct 1827] Mar. 15. 1874 Aged 46Ys. 4Ms. 15Ds.
Jennings Eleanor
June 13, 1877 Wife of B.S. Jennings (Benjamin S.)
Michael Laura A. [6 Nov 1837] Mar. 30, 1871 Wife of J.M. Michael, Aged 33Y. 4M. 24D.
Minor Esther

Wife of E. Minor
Patterson John H.

Patterson Matilda C.
Nov. 26, 1860 Wife of A. Patterson, Aged 20ys. 2ms. 25ds.
Radcliff Jacob Kade
Sep. 10, 1855 Son of xxx Radcliff, Aged 2y. 10m. 6d.
Riley Margaret [11 Nov. 1834] April 11, 1857 Wife of L. Riley, Aged 22y. 5m.
Souther Barbara A.
Oct. 1, 1848 Wife of Jeremiah
Souther Jeremiah [6 Mar 1810] Mar. 11 1892 82Y. & 5D.
Souther Mary
Aug 1861
Warren David T.