Moultrie Headstone
Title: Moultrie County
Liberty Cemetery


The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete cemetery lists are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Birth dates inclosed in square brackets '[]' are calculated from the death date and the age at death. These may differ from the actual birth date.

Surname Given Birth Death Comment
CARTER Helen Louise 24 Mar 1928 25 Mar 1928
FREEMAN Jane Steele 24 Aug 1835 24 Mar 1916 d/o James and Frances A. Death date is not on stone.
(Photo by Paula Dorn)
JONES Amos 10 Mar 1835 11 Mar 1923 (Photo by Paula Dorn)
JONES Mary Ann (Steele) 5 Sep 1839 4 Nov 1916 (Photo by Paula Dorn)
JONES Samuel E. 25 June 1862 6 May 1898 s/o Amos and Mary Ann
(Photo by Paula Dorn)
STEELE Frances A. (Abbott) 15 Aug 1809 22 Apr 1865 (Photo by Paula Dorn)
STEELE James 23 Sep 1800 26 Apr 1873 (Photo by Paula Dorn)
29 Apr 1860 age 32 yrs; s/o James and Frances A.
(Photo by Paula Dorn)
STEELE Simeon A.

s/o James and Frances A. Stone is broken but he was born c. 1833
(Photo by Paula Dorn)