Moultrie Headstone
Title: Moultrie County
Cook / Thomason Cemetery


The entries here have been provided by volunteers. More complete cemetery lists are available from the Moultrie County Historical and Genealogical Society .

Birth dates inclosed in square brackets '[]' are calculated from the death date and the age at death. These may differ from the actual birth date.

Surname Given Birth Death Comment
BANKSON Eliza Jane (Thomason) @25y-10m-14d 25 Apr 1857 w/o Joseph
BLACK Joseph @26y-4m-11d 31 Jan 1852
BONE Elmina (Thomason) 1819 26 Oct 1847
BONE Thomas R. 1813 17 Nov 1848
BONE William T. 1838 19 Jun 1865
HILL James.

Co. F 62 Ill. Inf.
JAMES Jeremiah @23y-7m 24 Aug 1845
THOMASON John L. @10y-8d 10 Mar 1868 I believe that this stone has been misread, and that the age at death was 40y-8d
THOMASON Joseph @20y-7m-22d 12 Sep 1851 s/o G. & S.
THOMASON Lucy Ruah (Bankson) @68y-1m-23d 2 May 1869 w/o William
THOMASON Nancy @2y-6m-27d 12 Oct 1839 d/o G. & S.
THOMASON Richard L. @21y-5m-1d 12 Oct 1850 s/o G. & S.
THOMASON Sarena (Robb) @55y-4m-2d 28 Apr 1865 w/o George
THOMASON Welden L. @20y-8m-20d 23 Feb 1848 s/o G. & S.
THOMASON William @66y-1m-18d 4 Jan 1864