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All of the photographs on this page sent in by Janet Donner Related families are Dazey, Earp, Harbaugh, Pogue, Powell, Harbaugh, and Wright.

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Nelson E. Powell

Nelson E. Powell

Sergeant Nelson Erastus Powell served as a Sergeant in Co. B, 41st Illinois Infantry and in Co. G, 53rd Illinois Infantry. He later married Sarah Powell.

Nelson E. Powell Family, c. 1890

Nelson E. Powell Family, c. 1890

Front row: Nelson Powell, Mary Camaello (1882: Nelson and Elizabeth O.), Elizabeth Purvis Powell
Back Row: Elizabeth Agnes, William Moses (1867), Joseph H., and Ansel Purvis Powell (1870)

John Powell

John Powell

John was the husband of Sarah Harbaugh.

Sarah Harbaugh Powell

Sarah Harbaugh Powell

Sarah was the wife of John Powell.

Sarah Harbaugh Powell and Daughters

Sarah Harbaugh Powell and family

This picture of Sarah, her daughters, and two sons-in-law was taken in the 1890's after John's death in 1891.

Front row: Unspecified daughter (probably Mary), Sarah Harbaugh Powell, unspecified daughter (probably Elizabeth).
Back row: Angie Powell Wright, Samuel Wright, unspecified daughter (probably Mattie), and unspecified man (probably Mattie's husband, Charles T. Harris).

William R. Dazey

William R. Dazey

William Dazey was the husband of Elizabeth (Earp) Dazey

Elizabeth Earp Dazey

Elizabeth Earp Dazey

Elizabeth Earp Dazey was the wife of William R.

Their daughter Mildred married James M. Wright (seen below in the four-generation photo), and was the mother of Senator Samuel Wright. Mildred is seen in the five-generation photo below.

Family Of Samuel And Angie Wright, c. 1895

Family of Samuel and Angie Wright, c. 1895

Front row: Minnie, James, and Edward
Second row: Samuel, Fern, Homer, Samuel Jr, Angeline
Top row: Addah, Walter, and Carrie, (the submitter's great grandmother)

Samuel Jr. died in 1897

Addah O. Wright

Adda O. Wright

Addah O. Wright, daughter of of Samuel & Angie (Powell) Wright, and sister of Walter and Edward (above).

Four Generations Of Wrights

Four Wright generations

Counterclockwise from the left: (1) James M. Wright, (2) his grandson Walter, (3) Samuel W. Wright, Walter's father and son of james M., and (4) Walter's baby Linder.

Samuel was a senator from Illinois.

Linder was born in November 1902, so this photo was probably taken in 1903.

Minnie Mary Wright

Minnie Mary Wright

Minnie Mary Wright, another daughter of of Samuel & Angie Wright, is on the right; on the left is Cora Gauger.

Minnie married Tom Finley on 11 July 1911.

Edward Earl Wright

Edward Earl Wright

Edward Earl Wright, son of Samuel & Angie (Powell) Wright, and brother of Walter (above). This may be his high school graduation picture, from about 1903.

Five Generations Of Wrights

Five Wright generations

Counterclockwise, from lower left: Mildred (Dazey) Wright; her son, Senator Samuel W. Wright; Samuel Wright's daughter, Carrie (Wright) Ray; Carrie Ray's son, Truman Ray holding his son, Willard Ray Sr.
This picture was taken in 1913.

Three Generations Of Wrights

Samuel, Edward, Kinsman, and Harold Wright

Edward Wright, center, holding infant Harold. His father, Samuel, is on the right, and son Kinsman is in front. As Harold was born in 1915, this picture dates from late than year or 1916.

Family Of Samuel And Angie Wright, c. 1920

Family of Samuel and Angie Wright, c. 1920

Front row: Samuel Wright and wife Angeline (Powell) Wright
Second row: Fern, Carrie, Addah and Minnie
Back row: Walter, James, Edward and Homer

Samuel And Angie Wright, 1920's

Samuel and Angie Powell
Samuel and Angie are on the left.
Samuel and Angie Powell

Both of these photos were taken on the front porch of Samuel and Angie's Sullivan home.

Angie (Powell) Wright, about 1930

Angie Powell Wright

This was taken sometime after Samuel's death in 1926.

Children Of Samuel And Angie Wright, 1940's

Children of Samuel and Angie Wright, 1940's

First row: Carrie, Edward, and Addah
Second row: Homer, Fern, Walter, Minnie and James

Addah was the first to die, in 1946. The rest survived into the 1950's

Edna Purl Ray

Edna Purl Ray

Edna Purl Ray, daughter of of Carrie (Wright) Ray, and granddaughter of Samuel Wright (above).

Cassius M. Powell

Cassius M. Powell

Cassius M. (Cash) Powell, son of John and Sarah (Harbaugh) Powell.

He was born 11 Oct 1860 and died 4 Jan 1942.

Anna (Pogue) Powell (in youth)

Anna Pogue Powell: graduation

Anna (Pogue) Powell, wife of Cassius M. Powell.

She was born 18 Aug 1860, married Cash on 16 Oct 1883, and died in Mar 1932.

Cash and Anna are buried in Greenhill cemetery

Anna (Pogue)Powell (in later life)

Anna Pogue Powell: in later life

A later photo of Anna Pogue Powell.

Pearl Powell

Pearl Powell, c. 1889         Pearl Powell, c. 1896

Pearl Powell, Daughter of Cassius M. and Anna Powell. She was born in Feb 1886.
Left, about 1889; right, about 1896

Pearl Powell in a Buggy

Pearl Powell in a buggy

Pearl Powell, about 1901

Pearl Powell, c. 1901

Pearl Powell, Graduation Photograph

Pearl Powell

Pearl was a school teacher in both Sullivan and Decatur. At the time of her father's death, she taught at Roosevelt Junior High School.

Pearl Powell, about 1940

Pearl Powell, c. 1940

Sullivan High School class of 1893

Sullivan High School class of 1893

In the back row, second from the right is Ella Lowe Harbaugh, a teacher. Fourth from the right is Adda (Wright) Whitfield. William Whitfield, her husband, (fifth from the right, in profile) is behind her.

Nancy Monroe Family, late 1890's

Nancy Monroe Family, late 1890's

Front row: Chris Monroe, George Monroe, Claude Monroe, dog Dick
Back row: Beth Mitchell, Martha Ann Bragg, Pauline Monroe holding Herschel, Nancy Monroe, Billy Mitchell, Louis Bragg, and Ed Bragg.